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"Heavy Graces" out now  ~ October 15


“It seems our favorite independent singer-songwriter is more determined than ever to forge her own path. I predict we’ll be seeing Allison Crowe not once but twice on our best of the year list,” says music blogger Muruch in a review of Allison’s new album, “Heavy Graces”, (and referencing “Newfoundland Vinyl”, her LP/album out earlier this year):


The new album, "Heavy Graces", is now out - and more music videos are coming.


 Here's Allison Crowe's Pearl Jam cover - "Better Man" - with a scene from D.W. Griffith's silent film classic "Broken Blossoms".



Allison's newest song collection is released today - and is available online @ Bandcamp (Allison's own music shop), iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon DE - and pretty much any digital music site of your choice.


Here's links to a few of the many options (click on any to find the music): - Allison @ Bandcamp - facebook music page - CD Baby - iTunes - Amazon DE - Amazon UK - Amazon US






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