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"Man of Steel" Set Pics ~ June 28



Allison Crowe Zack Snyder - Man of Steel - film set - Clay Enos / Warner Bros.


Allison Crowe on the set of "Man of Steel" with Director Zack Snyder.


A dream come true


Allison Crowe - Man of Steel Cassidy location - photo Clay Enos / Warner Bros.


Another image premiered on the Superman Homepage - here's a still of Allison Crowe from the movie scene in "Man of Steel" in which... you have to see the movie!! It's a wonderful, exciting, and uplifting film feast!


Allison Crowe Beer - Man of Steel Cassidy set pics - Clay Enos / Warner Bros.


Just off the Island Highway, between Ladysmith and Nanaimo, BC, Canada is the Cassidy Inn. The fabulous cast, crew, and team creating the movie "Man of Steel" dropped into the Cassidy to make magic - and Allison Crowe joined in the fun.


Here's a pic shot on location by MoS Unit photographer Clay Enos - whose wide-ranging portraits and other images can be seen @


This brings it all back home


Image premiered on the Superman Homepage - cheers to Super Steve Younis!



Photos courtesy Clay Enos / Warner Bros.


IMDb - Allison Crowe - Internet Movie Database - Man of Steel +



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