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Lights, Cameras, Christmas ~ December 19


There are some bright lights shining for Allison Crowe - and, not just on the Christmas tree. Don Bradshaw of NTV, Canada's Superstation, caught up with the amazing musician as she enjoyed a little piano-time outside Santa's workshop, in the North Pole (aka the Corner Brook Arts and Culture Centre).


Now Allison's concert year has wrapped, come join her, along with friends and neighbours, for World Premiere television screenings of Peter Buckle's charming documentary film, "A Corner Brook Tidings" (for broadcast times/dates - click here). Fun for all ages, share in the warmth and meaning of Christmas, and all things we celebrate, in our hearts, in this season, and year-round.


Allison Crowe - Corner Brook Tidings 2012 - NTV's Don Bradshaw


To enjoy Allison's chat with Don Bradshaw of NTV - click here -  




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