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"The Pardon" website rolling ~ December 19


 Makers of "The Pardon", a dramatic movie starring Jaime King and John Hawkes, earlier this month revealed their selection of Allison Crowe's "Hallelujah" recording as soundtrack for the film's trailer.


Now, the movie's website - - is growing richer with regular additions of: images - from the film's narrative, as well as historical clippings; a blog; news items; - and music is coming. You can read about the talented cast and crew - and meet the husband-and-wife director-writer team, Tom Anton and Sandi Russell (who previously paired up to create 2005's "At Last" - a romance set in pre-Katrina Louisiana). The News section is enjoying a bumper week, as John Hawkes, already an Oscar nominee (for "Winter's Bone"), is garnering recognition via Best Actor nominations from the Golden Globes, the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and IFC Independent Spirit Awards - all for his role in "The Sessions".


To catch Allison's "Tidings" take on Leonard Cohen's much-loved song, you can watch "The Pardon" trailer via the official movie site, and, as well, it's on YouTube, and packing a wallop, @


The Pardon - Jaime King, John Hawkes - movie still


Jaime King (as Toni Jo Henry) and John Hawkes ('Arkie' Burks) in a scene from "The Pardon"



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