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"Absolutely fabulous" Royal Winnipeg Ballet ~ November 13


Musician Allison Crowe in the dressing room at the lovely Imperial Theatre, Saint John, New Brunswick, on the final night of touring with Canada's Royal Winnipeg Ballet - performing in "The Doorway: Scenes from Leonard Cohen".


Allison says her friend, photographer, and fellow-musician Billie Woods took a photo like this a few years back, when Alley, Billie and band were on tour. So, she's trying it out here :)


Allison Crowe - Imperial Theatre, Saint John, New Brunswick - RWB Maritime Tour 2012


The view from backstage - Allison's piano and bench is bathed in blue light so you don't see it out front...


Allison Crowe - blue piano room - Imperial Theatre, NB - November 12, 2012


"Absolutely fabulous" - this description by writer and educator Lori Mayne neatly sums up the Royal Winnipeg Ballet's Maritime Tour. "Had chills during theselection set to Leonard Cohen's words and music."


Royal Winnipeg Ballet family portrait - Allison Crowe - November 12, 2012

Here's a family portrait of the RWB on the road! (photo by Ingrid Kottke)
NB The people in this picture are having the time of their lives. You can, too :)





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