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Newfoundland Vinyl - TNL's 21-song-salute is a hit ~ July 29



Audiences and critics love "Newfoundland Vinyl" - Theatre Newfoundland and Labrador's 21-song-salute to the island's popular music which premiered at this Summer's Gros Morne Theatre Festival


Calling it a "superb musical tribute", travel/adventure bloggers Keith and Heather Nicol note the "talented Allison Crowe from Corner Brook does a fabulous job as musical director" and there's heapings of praise for the cast which "does an amazing job singing songs while playing a host of instruments", and credit to director Jeff Pitcher for bringing all together!


In this down-home video, enjoy NL Vinyl's talented cast performing "Don't Come Where We're To" (Stay Where You're At - what could be the unofficial, winking, anthem of island states everywhere!).



This rambunctious tune was a hit for Joan Morrissey - Newfoundland's "First Lady of Song" - on her giant 1973 album "Home Brew".


Newfoundland Vinyl runs until September 2, 2012.


NB Should you happen to notice a couple of characters in powder blue jackets that don't quite blend with the band as seamlessly, say, as Elwood and Jake Blues - that's Old Ed and Young Ed. It's ok, they're in the play. They didn't sneak past security onto the stage... or did they?





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