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Freedom Fighters Rock Relay for Life 2012 ~ June 3



Allison Crowe and team-mates, Lil Alexander, Louise Brake, Linda Bursey, Debbie Callahan, Mary Cashin, Sharon Fifield, Janine Gillis, Veronica Hunt, Judy Scott, and Captain Joanne Fiander, the “Freedom Fighters”, came together for the 2012 Relay for Life in Corner Brook, Newfoundland.



It’s a celebration – walking, running, dancing, and more. This year the team raised $1,754.00 in contributions to the fight against cancer. Thanks to everyone who donated – and, in Allison’s support, cheers to Jeff, Fiona & Jack, to Cathie, and to Dad, Mom, Lea, Jane, Ross for your care and generosity :)



Here’s some images of the day’s colour, including a sign even bigger than the cookie Allison baked for the occasion…



(btw, the recipe for this cookie - which can be made gluten-free – comes from Chocolate-Covered Katie’s Liebster Award-winning healthy dessert blog:  NB this is no Kenner Easy-Bake Oven-top pictured here with the cookie more-than-covering one grill. It’s a regulation size CB mod-con, so’s you knows.)





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