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Chocolodka at the dance ~ May 13



Today is the final performance of the debut run of "The Doorway - Scenes from Leonard Cohen" and the season finale for Canada's Royal Winnipeg Ballet. Following this Mother's Day performance of "Pure Ballet" we salute music, dance, motherhood, you and me, a dog named Boo, and all else, with this special elixir - Chocolodka. Na zdrowie! Sláinte!

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Dishwasher Safe, Dishwasher Dependent Formulation
For The Ultimate Solvent Of Anxiety, Woe, & Inhibitions,
The Good Time-Enhancing, Courage-Bolstering,
Someone’s Gonna Get Lucky Tonight-Assuring
Quintessential Chocolate Vodka:

And, for the instructional inspirational:

How To Make The Original Chocolodka – The Video

NB pictured in this post is Chocolodka: Travellers Edition - the creation of which, in an hotel room, requires some variance from the traditional methodology - though the ingredients remain true to the original recipe, and, according to all involved, optimal standards for Chocolodka have been maintained. Furthermore, no one was harmed in the making of this product. In fact, quite the contrary :)






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