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Giving credit - where credit is due ~ May 11



Here's a page from the program for "Pure Ballet" - noting the credits for "The Doorway - Scenes from Leonard Cohen". Since Allison Crowe is performing onstage - well, she's not in position to take photos! So, we'll look for other artifacts, such as this one, to bring us all to the dance...


The Doorway - Scenes from Leonard Cohen - Credits Program - Royal Winnipeg Ballet


Credits - click on image


I'm just back from trekking half-way 'cross Canada and back, to be present for the public debut of "The Doorway - Scenes from Leonard Cohen". This new dance piece is exciting and inspiring, and part of a brilliant mixed program, "Pure Ballet" presented by Canada's Royal Winnipeg Ballet.


After unpacking, and sitting back down at my home computer, I came upon a sour review of the art and entertainment in a newspaper item. As it did not reflect the experience shared by thousands of people this week in Winnipeg, it, and some friendly encouragement by a fellow forum member, I've put my hand to at least trying to offer a glimpse into what it's like... amazing, wonderful, magic... read on, if it be your will :)


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