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Dancing Days - Canada's Royal Winnipeg Ballet ~ May 4



Here's the first back-stage look into "The Doorway - Scenes from Leonard Cohen". Says Allison: "I think this is more half yoga than ballet - regardless, the pants are entirely RWB ;) in the spirit of things".


"I wish you could all see this - what a beautiful experience - the RWB is amazing!" (Allison's tweet/post following first rehearsal with all the musicians and dancers.)



Allison Crowe - Canada's Royal Winnipeg Ballet - "The Doorway - Scenes from Leonard Cohen" - first rehearsal


Canada's Royal Winnipeg Ballet, the first organization to present a theatrical or dance production of the works of Leonard Cohen, (1970s "The Shining People of Leonard Cohen"), this May, 2012, presents the World Premiere of "The Doorway - Scenes from Leonard Cohen", a contemporary dance piece based on the words and music of Cohen, choreographed by Jorden Morris. Musician Allison Crowe performs "Hallelujah" live on-stage (voice, piano) in this new ballet.




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