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Tidings concert-and-more documentary coming ~ February 26


With snow falling on both of Canada's coasts, those places Allison Crowe calls home, in drifts word - and a few screen caps - from an upcoming video-documentary on "Tidings". Newfoundland-based film-maker Peter Buckle helms the production which focuses on Allison's melding of the sacred and secular in “songs of the season”. PB Productions' crew filmed Allison in concert at the First United Church in Corner Brook, NL. Graciously supported with a grant from the Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council, this concert-and-more doc promises naturalness and authenticity, hallmarks of the musician at its centre, and a context, both, Canadian and universal.


Tidings documentary - Allison Crowe - screen cap - Corner Brook

Here's Corner Brook, Newfoundland, under a dusting of snow *


"Allison Crowe’s resonant, rich, gorgeous voice seems as much a manifestation of Christmas as an instrument for singing holiday songs," notes 1 Heck of a Guy's Allan Showalter in "It's Beginning to Sound a Lot Like Allison Crowe" @ And, Stephen Smysnuik, writing in Whistler, BC's The Pique, offers an alpine view: "Crowe's voice is as much a manifestation of Christmas spirit today as Bing Crosby's was in 1942. It's as warm as an open fire; as gorgeous as snow-frosted evergreens; as tender as that hug you give your mother on Christmas day."


Tidings documentary - Allison Crowe - screen cap - performance

Allison Crowe delivers music for the season and all-time *


It's months still in the making, but, once unwrapped, the Tidings documentary looks to bring more joy to the world, year-round.


* Screen-caps from upcoming "Tidings" doc - currently being produced by film-maker Peter Buckle.




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