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Sounds Like Canada ~ July 25



To quote Brad Pitt - "technology rocks!"


It does when you come across a fun interview and can share it... Here's Allison Crowe, performing on Canada's national public radio, CBC, and chatting with "Sounds Like Canada" host Shelagh Rogers. This show marks the first-ever performance by Allison of Joni Mitchell's "A Case of You" - just before her first-ever European concert tour!



In Summer 2005, CBC Radio, Canada's public broadcaster, (akin to BBC Radio in the UK, NPR in the US +), endured a lock-out.

Broadcaster Shelagh Rogers, host of the national news and arts program "Sounds Like Canada", along with two of her show producers, Sue Campbell and Natasha Aziz, during this hiatus embarked on a Caravan trek across this vast land.


Allison Crowe met the Caravan on the Pacific coast, and performed a public concert in support of the locked out radio workers - on a busy thoroughfare in the city of Victoria, British Columbia.

Once the lockout ended, the delighted and delightful host of Sounds Like Canada invited the bi-coastal musician to join her on the air - and, fittingly, Allison performed live-in-the-studio, for the very first time, "A Case of You" - Joni Mitchell's most Canadian of songs.


The broadcast began just after 6 am with the earliest of birds up - and this one singing. Should you wish to hear what Allison Crowe sounds like before most of us wake – this is it. Sounds like Canada.

NB Screech!, referred to in the interview by Shelagh Rogers, is the legendary rum (and associated customs) of Newfoundland, a province on Canada's Atlantic shore. Since this first performance of the song on SLC, Allison has recorded it for her album/CD, "This Little Bird".






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