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"Una grande artista" ~ March 31





Allison Crowe performs her first concert in Italia - at Firenze's Teatro del Sale - in 2010. There's more to come as fans from the top to the tip of 'the boot' join join audiences across Europe and fall in love with Allison and her musica.


The team at Italy's Life Style Radio, headed by Fabio Rango Mazzarella and Vladimiro Guindani, now present a video advert featuring Allison Crowe ~ "Quanto c'č di unico al mondo?"





Here is an English-language version of the ad ~ "The best like you!"



Presto! Take in the cosmos, earth's great seas, skies, the pyramids of Egypt, Mahatma Ghandi, and Allison Crowe, "una grande artista". The musical excerpt is from "Lisa's Song".


Molto buono!!


Ciao for now :)





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