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Happy Valentine's ~ February 9



There is love in the air - as there should always be! Here, now, is some vintage emotion from Allison Crowe.



This is the version of "I Never Loved a Man (The Way I Love You)" from Allison's "This Little Bird" album. It's the song which brought Aretha Franklin to a big audience 44 years ago. And two hearts still beat as one :)


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Allison Crowe Music Notes



Love Connection ~ February 9



Fabio Mazzarella, Vladimiro Guindani and their team at Italy's Life Style Radio have a musical Valentine for everyone.


Love Connection Volume 1 - Life Style Radio - Allison Crowe


 It's a free digital music compilation and includes Allison Crowe's much-loved song "What About You". Allison joins Hungry Lucy, The Dada Weathermen and others in this modern romantic music mix.


Fitting, no doubt, that St. Valentine was a Roman. Click on the album cover above, to reach the Life Style site where you can download the music and artwork of "Love Connection: Vol. 1" and share the amore!!



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