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Be Cos'... Talent Will Out ~ December 13


 American DJ and radio personality Robby Bridges introduced Allison Crowe to his audience last night and, again, today on "The Variety Hour" originating on Cumulus Media's WEBE 108 in Connecticut. Bridges' hugely popular, syndicated, US program's wide array of guests has included: journalist Bob Woodward (of Watergate fame); soul-singer Ben E King ("Stand By Me"); and Jewel ("Who Will Save Your Soul").

Robby Bridges played five songs from Allison's albums - with a big selection, naturally, from Tidings - and an interview for a total of 33 minutes with on air with the remarkably independent artist. The amiable host, who discovered Allison online, tells us this is "the most airtime any guest has ever gotten in 109 shows but Bill Cosby was a close second at 31!"

Hey, hey, hey... it's a joy and honour to debut on major American radio with Robby Bridges - alongside this week's other guests: television and film actress Amy Smart; and journalist Richard Wolffe (longtime MSNBC commentator and Newsweek's Senior White House Correspondent).



In media news from the great white North - Canadian writer, podcaster and producer Kevin McGowan features music by Allison Crowe all this week as his "Track of the Day". The series begins today with Allison's cover of Joni Mitchell's "River" (click here to visit).





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