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Kidney Research = A Wienerful Cause ~ October 21 - 31


 Each year The Kidney Foundation of Canada mounts an unique fundraiser for kidney research - "A Brush of Hope". Canadian celebrities from a range of spheres - arts, sports, politics and more - pick up paint and brushes to create one-of-a-kind works which are then auctioned on eBay.


Allison Crowe is always happy to contribute, and, this year joins poet and singer-songwriter, Leonard Cohen, ice-hockey player John Tavares, fiddler Natalie McMaster and a score of others - lending an artistic hand to the cause.


Allison's painting this year is of "Link" - her dasch-und-ing canine companion.


Link - Allison Crowe painting - A Brush of Hope - Kidney Foundation of Canada 2010 campaign


click on the image to see larger view


For the next 10 days, until October 31, the Foundation’s eBay gallery displays more than 100 paintings -all proceeds from the sale of which benefit kidney research in Canada.


Click here to view Allison's portrait of Link on eBay. To bid on this or any of the paintings visit the full eBay gallery (click here). And, on facebook - visit A Brush of Hope - Celebrity Paintings for Kidney Research (click here)



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