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Joy &  Thanks!! ~ October 19



 It's a wrap - in the Harz Mountain region of Germany!!! Allison Crowe's "Spiral" Europa Tour 2010 rung its final note this weekend in the Blasiikirche of Quedlinburg - an UNESCO designated World Heritage site. 


Quedlinburg - Grand Finale - Allison Crowe tour - 16.10.2010 - photo by Sabrina Finger


Front (l - r): Camille Schmah, Sabrina Finger, & Ines Finger; Back (l - r): Evelyn Kunz, Juliane Hesse, Billie Rocha-Woods & Allison Crowe :)


Above is a pic of Allison, musician-photographer Billie Rocha-Woods, and, Road Manager, Camille Schmah, celebrating the moment with members of Quedlinburg's fabulous cultural team.


Over 350 people came together for this event, the tour's grand finale - so many bodies they spilled out of the Blasiikirche. The fire marshall was in attendance, and no one more was able to get inside, so, folks stood outside the church and listened :)


Allison Crowe - Live in Quedlinburg - Sabine Bah▀ photo


There are more pictures to come - from all the tour locations - Frankfurt, Nijmegen, Aachen, Gentilly - Paris, Vienna, Florence, Berlin and Quedlinburg - to be posted once the travellers have reached their respective homes, rested, and check in online again.


And, of course, there are stories from everywhere and everyone on this tour!!! Music and memories to last a lifetime.

For now, the piano stands quietly - awaiting the next notes...

The top image above is kindly provided by Sabrina Finger; the middle foto is from Press Officer Sabine Bah▀; and this pic below, by music-lover and concert promoter Andreas.

Prost! Gezondheid! SantÚ! Zum Wohl! Salute! Cheers! Thank you :)



Quedlinburg - Blasiikirche piano - Allison Crowe 2010 - photo by Andreas



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