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Aimer la différence - Gentilly, Paris, France ~ October 8



Making train tracks to Paris...


Paris, France... the Seine - Allison Crowe photo



Allison Crowe and the "A Team" roll into Paris - lovingly welcomed and cared for by musician Emily B. Green, her partner Helen, and a purring+ menagerie! 


The spectacle here is nurtured by Jacques LeForestier, "animateur de l'atelier theatre du centre communal d'action social de Gentilly". The magic is in the musique.



Billie Rocha-Woods, Camille Schmah - Auditorium du Conservatoire - Gentilly, France - photo by Allison Crowe



Musician and photographer Billie Rocha-Woods (l) et "Spiral" Tour Road Manager Camille Schmah (r) take in the performance of Emily B. Green - concert night at the Auditorium du Conservatoire à Gentilly.


C'est si bon, si bon.


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