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July 16 ~ Allison Crowe's Rolling Wonder Revue

Allison Crowe, already renowned for her peerless concert performances, amazing voice and rock and roll piano chops, continues to earn widening appreciation for her music.

"Canada's finest songwriter" is how UK culture blog, 'We Write Lists', tagged Crowe upon release of her newest album, "Spiral" this Spring. And while the musician herself is not one to seek plaudits, it's true that the singular quality, consistency and diversity of her creations over a decade of song recordings is increasingly appreciated. Her repertoire of original songs, such as "Effortless", "Whether I'm Wrong", "Disease", "Skeletons and Spirits", "Wedding Song" and plenty more, combined with her supreme delivery of interpretations is, as one reviewer put it, a mighty force.


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"Spiral", new album from Allison Crowe, features original paintings by Tara Thelen

On, Australasia's largest online store, (Down Under's counterpart to, "Spiral" has been the second top-selling CD in the weeks following its release. Helping reach people on this side of the globe is Crowe's much-loved cover of "Throw Your Arms Around Me" - the Hunters and Collectors song which is an anthem to folks in Australia and New Zealand. In the Singer-Songwriter category, "Spiral" remains in the top ten, alongside albums from such artists as Carole King and James Taylor, Laura Marling, Jack Johnson, Natalie Merchant, Anika Moa and Leonard Cohen.

"When I listen to it, I think 'This is real music, real singing', it has the power, it's natural, not artificial and calculated like many songs  nowadays," says Lukasz Garbol, podcaster with Poland's popular Radio Swidnik - playing Crowe's song "Now".

Allison Crowe's appeal to international audiences, regardless of language or other differences, is explained by Jeffrey Pitcher, Artistic Director of Theatre Newfoundland: "No matter where she is in this world, that voice, that conviction, it crosses all borders. She's one of those rare artists that fits into any culture, any community because she is who she is - an incredible talent."

"I hear so much music these days, too much for one person really," says US-based music blogger Muruch. "I'm inundated with such a flood of sounds both good and bad that I sometimes forget what it feels like when a song literally produces chills on your arms. Then I hear Allison Crowe sing, and
I remember the effect music is supposed to have on you. That awe-inspired rush, that indescribable feeling of communion between artist and audience. The gratitude that someone gifted has expressed through their art an emotion you personally lack the talent to articulate."

Muruch, a trail-blazer in online music communities - creating Audiogasms ('02-04) on Livejournal which evolved into Audiography (2004) - has just celebrated its tenth anniversary. The blog, which for a decade has introduced its audience to a rich array of arts and entertainment, in music, film and literature, considers "Allison Crowe to be Muruch's true musical mascot" - noting: "Her extraordinarily emotive way of singing and the subtle beauty of her songs stand out from just about any other artist ever."

Allison Crowe - Upcoming Canadian "Spiral" Concerts


July 30:  Sechelt, BC - Sunshine Coast Arts Centre - Sechelt Festival of the Arts
Aug. 6:  Salt Spring Island, BC - ArtSpring Theatre - for SSI BCSPCA
Aug. 7:  Victoria, BC - Fairfield United Church - in the Garden City
Aug. 13:  Nanaimo, BC - St. Andrew's United Church - "Catch the Spirit" campaign
Aug. 15:  Duncan, BC Canada - Providence Farms - "Special Woodstock"

Fuller details will be announced next week on Allison's Tour Page



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