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May 8 ~ Boys for Pele - 'We Write Lists' Part Three



Part three in a six-parter of guest blogs from Allison Crowe is now posted by UK-based culture blog We Write Lists which notes:

"Over the last couple weeks we've had the pleasure of bringing you the first two entries in a series of musician and singer-songwriter Allison Crowe's guest-posts for We Write Lists. We'd asked her to write about her six favourite albums, which was admittedly a cruel challenge to set. Instead, Allison chose six albums that held her heart, and influenced her significantly, during the formative years of her musical life. And, kindly, she sent us so much on each album that they warranted serialisation - the third excerpt of which you may enjoy now..."


Tori Amos - Boys for Pele - We Write Lists presents six albums with Allison Crowe


Click on the album cover above to see this latest series installment.



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