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February 19 ~  One Heck of a Writer


Folks seeking the joys of illuminating, (often, hilarious, and, equally, poignant), commentary on Leonard Cohen's music and all manner of related and unrelated happenings, know to visit the site of 1 Heck of a Guy


 That's home to psychiatrist Allan Showalter's "pastiche of posts, featuring song, dance, snappy chatter plus notes on prose, poesy, love, lust, life, and beyond."


We are delighted that the erudite, mysterious, DrHGuy, has discovered Allison Crowe, and, as well as penning "essays on broomcorn and proposals for a county seal featuring Dick Tracy" he shares his appreciation of her art and artistry with the online community.


Earlier writings have focused on Allison's songs, including "Wedding Song" and covers of "Darling Be Home Soon" as well as "Me and Bobby McGee". Last year, when her much-loved version of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" was favored by Hollywood director Zack Snyder to feature in a much-discussed love-scene in The Watchmen movie, Showalter's blog posts on the subject became web blockbusters.

The good doctor's current, and coming, attraction chronicles the course of Allison's newest album, the musical creation of which completed this past weekend, when producer, orchestrator and arranger Kayla Schmah delivered the final mixes.


It is, he notes, "the true story of the making of Spiral, featuring Allison Crowe, her best friend, her best friend’s wedding, her business manager, a baby, a deal, and music, all of which appear to have not only survived a plot premised on coincidence but to have thrived as a result."


A regular dose of 1 Heck of a Guy is as therapeutic a prescription as Goodhart, Hoffman & Sigler noting that Everything Stops for Tea (and oranges...).




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