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Friday, May 15 ~  From those Hollywood Hills to the Scottish Highlands

Music Connection Magazine

In the new issue of Music Connection Magazine, veteran music industry scribe Tom Kidd recounts:

"Canada's own Allison Crowe got mad props from Hollywood director Zack Snyder for helping inspire his current release The Watchmen. In fact, two of her recordings were originally in the film, though ultimately her music proved too beautiful for a scene in which leather/latex fetishism of costumed crime-fighting conquers male impotence. "I originally had a different version of 'Hallelujah' on that scene - it was the version by Allison Crowe, and it was really beautiful," he explains to the Boston Phoenix. "Too beautiful, as it turned out, because when I showed it to my buddies, they were like, 'Wow, you really mean this, this love scene.' So I was like, okay, that didn't work." Undaunted, Crowe is preparing a tour of Canada and Europe."

Moose - Newfoundland - photo by Billie Woods

Indeed. The tour has launched with two smashing shows in Newfoundland, Canada. Allison and her band have been out, spotting 16 moose, four caribou and one baby seal just this weekend. They now prepare for a few days journey in the Scottish Highlands, from Inverness to Lochinver, and, then, the concerts resume... see the Tour page for details.

baby seal - Newfoundland - photo by Billie Woods



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