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Tuesday, December 16 ~ Allison Crowe Joins Jewel's "Lyrics for Life" Auction



"It's too early to be sure, but I'll go out on a limb to say Allison Crowe will go down in history as the brightest northern star in music," says Toronto music reviewer Lorette Luzajic following a recent concert in that Canadian city.

Crowe, already internationally known as a supreme singer, songwriter and live performer, is now back in her homeland, dashing through the snow to Tidings concerts - annual shows to help raise awareness and funds for a wide range of community causes.

It's with pleasure she's invited to contribute to a "Lyrics for Life" auction organized and promoted by multi-platinum singer-songwriter Jewel and her team. The auction of handwritten lyrics from Jewel and friends is to aid Jewel's Project Clean Water Charity.

Jewel explains in her blog:

"My brother and I started a non profit organization several years ago called Project Clean Water. I had sick kidneys while I was homeless, and it opened my eyes to the global water crisis. This year, we've decided to hold a Lyric Auction to raise money for wells in impoverished countries. To date we've helped over 30 communities in 13 countries on 5 continents. (For more information, click on the Project Clean Water tab on the left) We hope to make this year our most beneficial yet. Please
visit  to bid on handwritten and autographed lyrics from some of my artist/song writer friends. We've gotten submissions from people all over the musical map! Katy Perry sent us I Kissed A Girl written on a box of Obama O's cereal. Marv Green sent in Amazed on a HUGE poster board. Gretchen Wilson gave us Redneck Woman in a gorgeous frame. Kevin Cronin from REO Speedwagon gave us Keep On Lovin You. I even sketched and wrote out the lyrics to some of my favorite songs. There are country songs, pop, rock, even scores from movies, so please check it out."

Allison Crowe has contributed lyrics to "Silence" - a song that's proved especially popular on her European tours in 2008, and, is now being heard in North American concert venues. Here's a direct link to this item

Here's a description from the kind folks on Jewel's team: "Allison Crowe has beautifully depicted the lyrics to her hit song, Silence on a sheet of white paper. Allison illustrated the sheet with flowers, moons and stars, in addition to writing the words to her hit song. Allison also included a copy of her 'This Little Bird' CD."

Allison Crowe Silence Lyrics - Jewel Auction #1      Allison Crowe Silence lyrics - Jewel auction #2      Allison Crowe autographed This Little Bird CD - Jewel auction #3

You can view and/or bid on this page, or via the main link to Jewel's auction. As well, here's some more info on Project Clean Water - founded in 1997. It is a non-profit charity foundation that is working to improve the quality of life for millions of people by helping to provide clean water on a global scale.

Project Clean Water targets villages around the world with clean water problems, and finds sustainable solutions to provide them with safe drinking water. Our aim is to work with communities and governments to protect clean water supplies while restoring contaminated sources. To learn more, visit Project Clean Water

Thank you! Best wishes of the Season!!



p.s. Jewel's inaugural 'Lyrics for Life' auction to raise funds for Project Clean Water was a fun success this holiday season. Jewel's handwritten and signed lyrics for her "You Were Meant for Me" drew a top bid of US $1,505.00 and dozens more lyric items from some of Nashville's finest, alongside some well-known folks from pop and rock music, helped fill the well.

Allison Crowe's delighted she could contribute with lyrics to her song, "Silence" which sold at auction for US $205.00. Others helping raise the banner for better water include: Katy Perry, whose "I Kissed A Girl" lyrics - written on an Obama O's cereal box - brought in $175.00; Pussycat Dolls "I Don't Need a Man" ($155.00); heartland-rocker John Mellencamp's "Longest Days" ($425.00); new country's Carrie Underwood's "So Small" ($795.00); Gretchen Wilson's "Redneck Woman" ($120.00); Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours" ($400.00); Josh Groban's "Remember When It Rained" ($100.00); and, fellow Canadian, David Foster's handwritten and signed music for "St. Elmo's Fire" ($60.00).

Collectively, over US $10,000 was raised for the cause in this unique way.


Jewel's Project Clean Water - Lyrics for Life Auction


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