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July 1 - 4 ~ Canada Day + Independence Day beyond borders...

On a week when North Americans celebrate Canada Day - today, July 1 - and Independence Day - Friday, July 4 - it's wonderful to be able to share this video, that moves across borders, geographic, cultural and artistic.

This is the Baltimore Dance Center company (Baltimore Dance Attack) in performance June 22, 2008 at Goucher College. "In Dedication To..." a friend of the troupe, Leah, and, in post-humous tribute, her Father. Dancers are: Krissy Arthur, Katie Dobry, Lauren Knudsen, Lisa Pierorazio, Raynia Stokes, Joe Tudor, and Hope Whitaker. The singers are Chris Jehnert and Heather Elswick. "Music is Leonard Cohen's 'Hallelujah' in the style of Allison Crowe" (right down to the "Holy Ghost").

(This vid is posted by Dance Choreographer Joe Tudor. You can also view the vid as posted by singer/dancer Chris Jehnert - here!)

And, here's an encore performance by Allison herself - of Joni Mitchell's "A Case of You":

The image of Allison was captured at Buck Lake, Pender Island, Canada - by Billie Woods, who excels in natural and artistic photography. Fans of Allison will recognize Billie's marvelous photos from album covers, concert posters, videos.

Good things do, often, come in threes. 

Closing then, here's a song for which there's no video yet (not even of the still pic variety). Allison wrote this tune upon first visiting one of Canada's beautiful cities, in la belle province:


Spread your wings...


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