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Friday, October 26 ~ Help! Vote for the John Lennon Northern Lights Festival

If you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao, you ain't gonna make it with anyone anyhow... Any time at all, though, you support the John Lennon Northern Lights Festival, I've got a feeling you'll know it's only love, and that is all.

Move over Ms. L, this unique happening that's come together, in Durness, Scotland, is nominated as "Best New Festival" and "Fan Friendly Festival" in the UK Festival Awards.

Please, please me, and, especially, Festival Coordinator Mike Merritt and his team. All together now. Power to the people!

So, remember, the Fifth of November - and, by this Sunday, October 28, cast your ballots for the cultural revolution @

John Lennon Northern Lights Festival - Winner!!! Best New Festival - UK Festival Awards

Across the universe, don't let me down ( :

Bless You!

And, while watching the wheels go round, here's the word today from the 'Cover Lay Down' blog's Covered in Folk series:

"Songwriter and mistress of coversongs Allison Crowe beat out Johnny Cash, Ben Lee, Chantal Kreviazuk and Shawn Colvin covers of 'In My Life' at the last minute. Buy or download all Crowe's albums via Rubenesque - her own label - and you'll know why this Canadian youngster is one to watch for the next half-century."

In My Life

Dig it ( :



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