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"We're hoping that keeping Lisa's name out there might somehow bring in some information. And I hope people listening to Lisa's Song will remember to keep themselves safe, to keep their family members safe if they can." ~ Joanne Young, Lisa's Mother

Lisa Marie Young's life was taken from her in the early hours of Sunday, June 30, 2002. "Officially" Lisa's murder is referred to as a "missing" persons case. Further to this horrific tragedy, the life of Lisa's family and loved ones has been grievously harmed by perpetrators who've yet to be brought to justice. There is no closure - yet.

Lisa had gone out socializing on Saturday, June 30, a festive night in the midst of Canada Day long weekend. After leaving a nightclub in downtown Nanaimo, B.C., Lisa had gone to a pair of house parties with companions - additionally celebrating the birthday of a friend, Dallas Hulley. 

As Saturday evening became Sunday am, Lisa wanted to get a bite of food from an all-night shop or fast-food location and to go home. Chris Adair, a man in his 20s whom Young, Hulley and friends had met earlier at the nightclub, offered to drive Lisa in a burgundy Jaguar. But, Adair drove Lisa to another location. On her cell-phone Lisa Marie communicated to her friends back at the earlier house party - expressing concern about what was happening. She has not been seen since. 

The car in which Lisa was taken from the house-party was owned by Chris Adair's grandmother - Geraldine Lorna Adair, a prominent member of the business community in Qualicum Beach (a Vancouver Island community not far from Nanaimo, BC). "Gerry" Adair, a realtor, subsequently sold the Jaguar, and threatened to sue over talk that could implicate her grandson in the disappearance. (She passed away in 2011.)

When he met Young, Hulley and co. that 2002 weekend in Nanaimo, Christopher William Adair had a criminal record - convictions for assault, and unauthorized use of credit cards arising from crimes in Kamloops, BC and Edmonton, Alberta (places where Brenda Adair, his mother, and other family lived). Charges of fraud, theft (Kamloops, BC) and assaulting a peace officer (Yorkton, Saskatchewan) would soon follow.

In Lisa Marie Young's hometown - police efforts have failed to bring to justice those responsible for her murder and disappearance. The identities of Lisa's killers, witnesses, even the local accomplice dubbed the "clean-up girl" are all known and discussed within - and beyond - the community of Nanaimo. No charges have yet been made in connection with this terrible crime.

In December 2015 the government of Canada announced a National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls. It's hoped this may lead to a change in the official status of the investigation and outcome.

Lisa's kin and community continue to organize vigils and to conduct their own public calls for help. It is now 14 years since Lisa was with family and loved ones.

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Please take time to click on the butterflies below and visit the website linked there to gather information in the ongoing search for Lisa.  Should you have any information that could help in any way, there is a form online which will let you provide info

Please remember Lisa and help any way you can to bring her home to family and loved ones. 


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Lisa's Song

A few months after the disappearance of Lisa, Allison Crowe and band recorded Lisa's Song - live "Inside Pandora's Box". Pandora's Box is a television studio in Victoria, B.C. - home to A-Channel television.

"Lisa's Song" written by Allison Crowe in 2002, was released on CD in 2003. Engineered & Produced by Seacoast Sound Studio's Rick Erickson. - with thanks to With thanks to Brad Edwards, Mel Cooper, their crew at Seacoast, CFAX and B107.3 Radio, together with the Pacific Music Industry Association for their caring and generous support.