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"We're hoping that keeping Lisa's name out there might somehow bring in some information. And I hope people listening to Lisa's Song will remember to keep themselves safe, to keep their family members safe if they can." ~ Joanne Young, Lisa's Mother

 Lisa Marie Young's Story - NWAC Storytelling - click here to read

Lisa Marie Young's life was taken from her in the early hours of Sunday, June 30, 2002. Lisa, who'd turned 21 that May 5, was murdered and the killers and accomplices in Nanaimo have not given her family opportunity to bury her body. This grievous tragedy continues to irreparably harm Lisa's family and loved ones and her community. There is no justice yet.

Lisa had gone out socializing on Saturday, June 29, a festive night in the midst of the Canada Day long weekend. After leaving a nightclub in downtown Nanaimo, B.C., Lisa had gone to a pair of house parties with companions - celebrating the birthday of a friend, Dallas Hulley. 

As Saturday evening became Sunday am, Lisa wanted to get a bite of food from an all-night shop or fast-food location and to go home. Chris(topher William) Adair, a man in his 20s whom Young, Hulley and friends had joined earlier at the nightclub, offered to drive Lisa in a burgundy Jaguar. But, CA, or, more exactly, CWA drove Lisa to another location. On her cell-phone Lisa Marie communicated to her friends back at the house party.

Hulley has recounted that final early am conversation: "Sure enough it's Lisa on her cell-phone. I call her back. She goes, "Dallas, I don't know what's going on - this guy won't bring me back! We're sitting in a driveway on Bowen Road and he won't bring me back'."

The car in which Lisa was taken from her friends was owned by Chris(topher William) Adair's grandmother - Geraldine Lorna Adair, a prominent member of the business community in Qualicum Beach (a Vancouver Island community not far from Nanaimo, BC). "Gerry" Adair, a realtor, subsequently sold the Jaguar, and threatened to sue over talk that could implicate her grandson in the disappearance. CWA's Grandfather, William "Bill" Kurtz, was a longtime island politician - and held the position of Alderman (1972-75) and Mayor (1976 - '81) of nearby Parksville, BC. (Kurtz passed away on June 12, 2003, one year after Lisa's death. "Gerry" Adair passed on June 9, 2011.)

When he encountered Young, Hulley and co. that 2002 weekend in Nanaimo, Christopher William Adair had a criminal record - convictions for assault, and unauthorized use of credit cards arising from crimes in Kamloops, BC and Edmonton, Alberta (places where Brenda Adair, his mother, and other family lived). Charges of fraud, theft (Kamloops, BC) and assaulting a peace officer (Yorkton, Saskatchewan) would soon follow.

"Where is Lisa?", a 2020 podcast series that's reignited information about Lisa's case,  tracked Chris William Adair to be currently residing in Japan.  (NB "Jag guy" Christopher William Adair - is not the same person as lives in Nanaimo, BC with a similar, but different name and character.) This recent investigative series can be heard on iTunes and Podbean (click these platform links @  https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/where-is-lisa-island-crime-season-1/id1513479877 and https://islandcrime.podbean.com/ ) 

In Lisa Marie Young's hometown police have failed to bring to justice those responsible for her murder / disappearance. Identities of those involved with Lisa's death, as wel as witnesses, even a local dubbed the "clean-up girl" are all known and discussed within - and beyond - the island community.

Based upon investigation, Joanne Young believed her daughter, Lisa Marie, was delivered to her death at the hands of WC, a member of the Nanaimo street / criminal underworld - a potential police informant, and associates. And even though the polygraph aka "lie detector" is "pseudo-science" - in Nanaimo it appears that results of a polygraph, and or a CVSA (Computer Voice Stress Analyzer) or similar rubbish that should never form part of a legitimate investigation, has been used by authorities to quash concern. The American Psychological Association states "although the idea of a lie detector may be comforting, the most practical advice is to remain skeptical about any conclusion wrung from a polygraph."

Nanaimo RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police)  told Lisa's Mother, Joanne, that WC had "passed" a lie-detector test - to which she responded: "He must be a really good liar!" Of course, real science shows us that lie detectors don't work as billed, so, even bad liars can "pass" them.

In December 2015 the government of Canada announced a National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls. It's hoped this may lead to a change in the official status of the investigation and outcome. Draft terms of reference, leaked online in July 2016, “do not go far enough in scope to look specifically at the effects indifferent or ineffective policing has had on families," says Sheila North Wilson, Grand Chief, Manitoba Keewatinowi Okimakanak (http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/mmiw-inquiry-violence-prevention-1.3686671)

Lisa Marie Young's case is profiled in Summer 2016, episode 26 of ‘Casefile’, an Australian+ true crime podcast featured in Rolling Stone and on iTunes. It can be heard desk-top via http://casefilepodcast.com/case-26-lisa-marie-young and on devices @ https://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/case-26-lisa-marie-young/id998568017?i=1000372988520&mt=2 and http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/casefile-true-crime-podcast/e/45496269 (+ numerous podcast-playing apps for, both, apple and android).

.Lisa Marie Young - Case File 26

“If anyone has info and wants to get in touch please do so at casefiletruecrime@gmail.com Will treat any info anonymously,” notes the international team behind ‘Casefile’. You can also email producers of the series c/o host@casefilepodcast.com and get in touch via direct private message on facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/casefile and the show’s website @ http://casefilepodcast.com

Lisa's kin and community continue to organize vigils and to conduct their own public calls for help. It is now 16 years since Lisa was with family and loved ones.

Joanne Young, a warrior for Lisa and her family, passed away on June 21, 2017. Ha-Shilth-Sa, Canada's oldest First Nation's newspaper, reported (click here to see full story) on Joanne:

“I try to think of different ways to keep my daughter’s memory alive so people don’t forget her…that’s my biggest worry,” she told Ha-Shilth-Sa in 2012.

At that time she shared that she suffered from serious health issues that were no doubt exacerbated by the stress and grief of not knowing what happened to her daughter.

Friends and family are gathering at Tyhistanis.

Joanne Young leaves behind her husband, Don, her sons Brian and Robin, her parents Moses Martin and Cecelia Arnet, siblings and many other family members.

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Please take time to click on the butterflies below and visit the website linked there to gather information in the ongoing search for Lisa.  NOTE - Though there is a form on this linked page where you are invited to provide info it's possible that the data access is no longer working. To be most sure of info being helpful - please contact newer addresses posted earlier on this page - and/or write management@allisoncrowe.com - we'll treat any contact in confidence.

Please remember Lisa and help any way you can to bring justice and closure to the Young family and loved ones. 


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Lisa's Song

A few months after the disappearance of Lisa, Allison Crowe and band recorded Lisa's Song - live "Inside Pandora's Box". Pandora's Box is a television studio in Victoria, B.C. - home to A-Channel television.

"Lisa's Song" written by Allison Crowe in 2002, was released on CD in 2003. Engineered & Produced by Seacoast Sound Studio's Rick Erickson. - with thanks to With thanks to Brad Edwards, Mel Cooper, their crew at Seacoast, CFAX and B107.3 Radio, together with the Pacific Music Industry Association for their caring and generous support.