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name: Adrian
comments: hi Jen ( : thanks for writing - in Nanaimo, you can find Allison's CDs at BlackBall Records, Fascinating Rhythm, Lobelia's Lair, Andrea Bertram Studios and, some, even, at A&B Sound (I think!) best wishes on your drumming!!! and thanks, everyone, for all the kind words posted here; Alley and the band appreciate your support! - Happy New Year!!! Adrian (manager)
date: 1:15 am - Friday,January 16, 2004
name: Jen
comments: Dear Allison Crowe and people of this message board: I really really love your music I watched it on the new VI and it was awesome. I think your rummer is kik a$$ I'm also a drummre I'm 13 and I go to wellington high school and I'm almost obeeesed with jazz! I dunno where to fing your c-d:( I wish i could see u perform at the port theatre but I just found out about it a was not ble to get tickets i'm sooo mad;( So I look forword to listening 2 your c-d if i find it...Your my hero! Luv your fan! -jen p.s. she probably won't get this lmao
date: 1:04 am - Friday,January 16, 2004
name: ross lemay
comments: i heard silent night on the truck radio; WOW, nice voice
date: 9:39 pm - Thursday,January 8, 2004
name: Danielle
comments: Hey Saw your show! Good job! I always loved hallelujah and I think you and rufus both rock at that song(rufus is god). You are a goddess! Keep rockin(singin') and eat sushi! Ciao!
date: 3:58 am - Tuesday,December 30, 2003
name: Kim Hamilton
comments: Saw your special on t.v. was really impressed. I just printed off the form to order your recording of tidings. Your voice is awesome...I also grew up with the love of music...which I got from my Mom and Dad...they both sang.Music is an incredible thing and I can't imagine life without it. Keep up the great work!!!! Kim
date: 11:24 pm - Friday,December 26, 2003
name: Lauren
comments: Hey!! A friend of mine sent me to the site to download "Hallelujah," and it gave me chills. I really like the songs I've heard, and I'd love for you guys to make a stop in Boston on your next tour. There's a ton of small clubs around here to play, and with all the colleges around here, you're sure to draw a decent crowd. ;)
date: 6:49 pm - Friday,December 26, 2003
name: dim
comments: Hi there... :)... I don't know exactly how I found out about Allison Crowe.. but I'm glad I did... :)... Just wanted to tell you that this guy from Holland, Europe really enjoys your music... I saw something about a debut album?? Looking forward to it :)... DIM!
date: 5:46 pm - Friday,December 26, 2003
name: kevin holte
comments: have never heard your music before...turned on the tv last night (christmas night) and heard your rendition of Hallejuah and what child is this and loved it. you sure have a gift, and I love your unique personalization of the songs (Hallejuah specifically). thanks.
date: 3:48 pm - Friday,December 26, 2003
name: Kelly Thompson
comments: Just wanted to say way to go to Allison and the Band. I have seen you guys a couple times on SaltSpring Island and I loved you. Your voice is amazing and I do wish you the best of luck. Thanks for the gift of your voice. Kelly
date: 2:58 pm - Friday,December 26, 2003
name: michelle
comments: It is xmas night here in Nova Scotia.I just happened to put it on a channel to see what was on before i went to bed for the night.I am so happy i listened to your music.I would love to have you guys perform here.It seems as though every song i listen to of yours,it brings tears to my eyes.I haven't heard of you before,but i'm never going to forget you.
date: 0:30 am - Friday,December 26, 2003
name: Caroline
comments: Just saw you on TV and thought your voice was fantastic.
date: 1:30 am - Wednesday,December 24, 2003
name: John MacMillan
comments: Hi everybody! Hoping all is well, good times are being had, and more are on the way. I'm wishing I coulda seen the gig today. Hope it went ok. I guess I won't get a chance to see a show until next year (ugh!) so have a merry early festive season! Maybe I'll be sending presents for you soon.
date: 10:07 am - Sunday,November 23, 2003
name: Jen
comments: Happy Birthday Alley!!! Have fun! best wishes for your year as a 22 year-old : ) **hugs** Jen
date: 5:52 pm - Sunday,November 16, 2003
name: Julie
comments: Hey Alley & Co. I really want you to come to Montreal to play for me... I also really really want the new cd. E-mail me about what songs are on it :) Right... keep playing music because I love it!
date: 3:13 am - Sunday,November 16, 2003
name: Corinne
comments: Hi Trogdor Happy Birthday!! Have a good one :) Corinne
date: 2:44 am - Sunday,November 16, 2003
name: Ryan McMahon
comments: just heard about the New York thang. I'm all for the decision to come back and regroup. The music industry is a murkey body of water and those of us lucky enough to be good swimmers must be constantly on guard. I'm glad you opted to protect your music and yourselves. You know that i appreciate your talent, and that I wish you all the best. good work. Rye
date: 5:26 pm - Wednesday,November 5, 2003
name: Sarah
comments: Hi Allison I heard of this site through melissa bartons. you guys are both pretty talented. I think Dave is a wicked bass player and being a drum dirl myself, I've got to give "props" out to kevin! Awesome tunes!
date: 7:45 pm - Thursday,October 30, 2003
name: Brooklyn
comments: If you plan to tour Ohio here are some cool venues that I often visit to catch a great live show! Canal Street Tavern Dayton, Ohio (There are several colleges near by including: University of Dayton, Wright State University, Antioch, Wittenberg, Sinclair, etc.) Skully's Music-Diner Columbus, Ohio (Near Ohio State University)
date: 10:05 am - Monday,October 27, 2003
name: haley
comments: my sisters name is allison crowe
date: 6:11 pm - Friday,October 10, 2003
name: Malia
comments: Alli (Ophelia), It's been ages and glad to see you're page is finally no longer under construction...As I've tried many times to see it under those conditions lol.Any way I wanted to say that it's amazing how much you've grown from the days of PPC you're less Ophelia and more Alli the Empath.Finally,for you I'm sure.You held me in awe back then but now I am amazed by you and your talents..Hope ypu found YOUR path and how to get there with joyful lessons.. Dirty Deity aka Malia
date: 0:54 am - Friday,October 10, 2003
name: Ashleigh
comments: Hi! Heather Annan's cousin here... my aunt gave me your CD and I love it! Coming to Calgary anytime soon?? Wish you guys SO much happiness and success... Ashleigh
date: 2:23 am - Sunday,October 5, 2003
name: pud fluff
comments: What's up guys....I saw the address for your webpage the other day so, I have to at least let youz guys know I've been here...sorry we couldn't hook up in NY Ali, but I had an issue or two and had to come home early...anyway....if your in Nanaimo around the end of can come up to the college and watch me do some shakespeare!!! seriously..... keep up the good work/music/times...hope to see you guys around sometime...good luck with everything....nice website! peace.. -Jake
date: 4:01 pm - Friday,September 26, 2003
name: Alisha
comments: You guys are great it was awesome having you at the Verve and I can't wait till you come back!
date: 2:10 pm - Friday,September 26, 2003
name: krystal moore
comments: I just wanted to say hi to my cousin kevin. You've come a long way since we were younger. The whole family is proud of you. You inspired me to play the drums...keep it up kev. way to go!
date: 2:08 pm - Thursday,September 25, 2003
name: David Berkheimer
comments: i love your music. you are all very gifted.
date: 10:50 am - Tuesday,September 23, 2003
name: David Berkheimer
comments: i love your music. you are all very gifted.
date: 10:50 am - Tuesday,September 23, 2003
name: David Berkheimer
comments: i love your music. you are all very gifted.
date: 10:50 am - Tuesday,September 23, 2003
name: Brenda Veasey
comments: Hi! hey Allison, Dave, and kevin your beautiful people, and your music inspires all what each of you became inside to believe in each other. (Best friends) Thankyou for a shining star in my life-love your music and most of all I love you. Love your Aunty Brenda (One of Kind)
date: 11:45 pm - Tuesday,September 16, 2003
name: Adam dOliveira
comments: This is for Dave Baird... If you don't remember me you gave me bass lessons about 2 years ago. I had the white Dean bass, and I was in the Band program at Wellington with Carmella. Anyway I just thought I would say hi, I'm in a band now called The Dastardlies we have a few shows lined up in October at Dizzy's Bar and slowly making a name. Anyway Take Care
date: 1:33 am - Friday,September 12, 2003
name: Scott B
comments: I saw her on TV. I fell in love with her instantly.
date: 5:15 pm - Sunday,August 31, 2003

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