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name: asrai
comments: Pain Unspoken, Julie's fansite (, has a ton of downloads on it, you might want to check there. :)
date: 6:47 am - Thursday,August 28, 2003
name: Melissa
comments: Hello guys & gals, i love the new site... its so relaxing! though i do wonder what happened to the other songs that we were able to download from the old site. i just love the song montreal. anyways i hope everything is going excellent for all of you. when is the next time you will be doing a concert here at home? i played your music for soem of my friends and you have a few new fans. take care.... Melissa
date: 2:36 am - Wednesday,August 27, 2003
name: chad falk
comments: Come to Peoria, Illinois. There are a couple places to play, Peoria Civic Center and Theater. Actually one place that people love to play is the Madison Theater. It's an old theater with mostly standing room only. I've seen anyone from Sevendust to Robert Cray to Smashing Pumpkins to Shannon Curfman. It's great accoustically and many bands keep coming back just to play the Madison.
date: 8:13 pm - Tuesday,August 26, 2003
name: Casi
comments: hey allison your music rocks!
date: 10:34 pm - Monday,August 25, 2003
name: Shawn
comments: Hey guys!! Just dropped in to let you guys know about all the fans that are joining the fanlisting! Still waiting to see Allison in concert! Cant wait till she gets to California! Bye for now! P.S. Love the new layout! It is soooo fabulous! It has inspired me! I think I revamp Crayon & Ink!
date: 10:38 pm - Sunday,August 24, 2003
name: aron
comments: the site looks good
date: 10:18 pm - Saturday,August 23, 2003
name: Cathy B
comments: Hi All, Love your new web site!!! It looks fabulous. Can't wait to hear you again in concert. Keep up the hard work..... Cathy B.
date: 4:14 pm - Thursday,August 21, 2003
name: md
comments: the new site looks great. wish you were here in hawaii.
date: 1:25 am - Thursday,August 21, 2003
name: sharon
comments: it was such an amazing treat to see you perform in toronto really looking forward to your upcoming release come back and play out here again for us!! beautiful site
date: 10:21 pm - Wednesday,August 20, 2003
name: Lori-Anne
comments: hey alley & friends i hope you guys can come to CONCERTFEST. It'll be tons of fun. I hope you all are well. I miss you. we need to get together again soon The new site rocks by the way... xox, Lori-Anne
date: 9:36 pm - Wednesday,August 20, 2003
name: Terra
comments: wow!!! your new site is so beautiful... well done!! very professional!! i REALLY REALLY hope I get to see you guys again soon, I am just overwhelmed by how much you have accomplished! you are my role models, and inspire me to work hard as an artist. crying in a rainstorm tour will always be in my heart. i hope our music will meet again soon, which reminds me that i may see you at Lori-Anne's concert fest!? i plan to be there. i send you lots of love and best wishes, peace terra
date: 8:26 pm - Wednesday,August 20, 2003
name: Dan (Lov2rok)
comments: Love the new site alley!!! Can't wait to hear the new music and hopefully get to see you here in minneapolis someday. We have a lot of great music venues around here,plus were the home of soul asylum,the replacements,bob dylan,prince,husker du,semisonic,jonny lang and a few i'm sure i'm leaving out. So you know that we have a great music scene for incubating band's here.Get yer butt up here soon!!! Dan
date: 7:12 pm - Wednesday,August 20, 2003
name: Jen
comments: hello everyone!!! yay! a new look for the site : ) this is definitely a fresh start, isn't it : ) Best wishes, Alley, Dave and Kevin for your upcoming ventures back in B.C. : ) Maybe you'll be in Australia before too long! yay! cya ~ Jen
date: 6:51 pm - Wednesday,August 20, 2003
name: condor
comments: hey now: Just got news bout the nyc adventure and what's come to pass. Guess i'm first to c the new web setup, looks great. Hope all's well with everyone, new songs have been created, and onward and forward Hey Kev- is Hailey walking and talking yet, must be getting big now...
date: 1:57 pm - Wednesday,August 20, 2003
name: Reena
comments: Spiffyness abounds! Yee-hoo!
date: 4:31 am - Wednesday,August 20, 2003

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