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comments: I was flipping channels like usual, and normally wouldn't have stopped where I did, but your voice was so fresh and vibrant. It was amazing. There is so much crap floating around on air and Im wondering why you, allison, aren;t the one making millions. You voice is beautiful. Your songs are entertaining and original. (Im assuming Lisa's song is about a loss you had, and I recently had a few freinds pass away, all under 25) and I could never have imagined something so fitting to write, Im not sure what your circumstances were, but those lyrics were fitting for mine. I wish you success and happiness. And I am not one to buy CD's, but I am gonna put some effort into finding yours. Oh, I also got hooked when you said Pearl Jam was one of your favourite bands, I can hear Eddie Vedders influence in one of your songs. (Ive only heard a few). Thank you for your music. Sarah from Vancouver
date: 11:19:48 PM - August 07, 2003

comments: Just saw you folks on The New VI! You are great! I'm a new convert :)

Cheers, Dale
date: 11:01:33 PM - August 07, 2003

comments: I read about the launch of your new label in the NY post and decided to check out the website. I'm impressed! JB
date: 08:12:58 AM - July 27, 2003

comments: Allison and sound great. Wonderful to see a rising star from here on the island. Allison your voice is beautiful....sent shivers all over me when you sang Lisa's song at her gathering. Made me feel so safe in that room when you sang it. Keep up on that CD and keep making beautiful music. Best of luck..:) Becki Young, Lantzville~
date: 11:36:22 PM - July 26, 2003

comments: Hi, my name is Arthur from the Netherlands. I would like to share my compliments about the great music Allison and her band makes. Like Jewel says: Allison creates beautiful piano-based music of transcendental quality !


date: 06:58:36 AM - July 23, 2003

comments: Just saw you on tv and so checked out your website. I'm hugely impressed by your material. I'm looking forward to picking up a cd. Perhaps we'll get a chance to record or perform together sometime. Dean Reorda Vancouver
date: 10:42:36 PM - July 20, 2003

comments: i'm having a horrible day and i just downloaded dark's left me beautiful thanks
date: 07:24:03 PM - July 14, 2003

comments: Hi! My name is Shawn and I've created a fanlisting for Allison Crowe called Crayon & Ink Please feel free to join! :D
date: 11:36:19 AM - July 07, 2003

comments: Happy Canada Day!!
date: 11:37:25 PM - July 01, 2003

comments: Hi! We are very happy for you all, and congratulations on your success. A special group who believe in each other and take their own talents to the top as one. I asked Stephen to give you a kiss on the cheek for me Allison. Love you Aunty Brenda Nanaimo, B.C.
date: 01:37:37 AM - June 28, 2003

comments: Hi! You will have a great summer, and very happy for you all. Allison you are a special gift, and thank you for being the wonderful person you are. I asked Stephen to give you a kiss on the cheek for me. We love your music and songs, keep up the great work and send our love. Aunty Brenda and Uncle Ron
date: 12:45:52 AM - June 28, 2003

comments: Hey allie...and band. its kristen. hope your having an awsome time in new york, allison. you guys are going to make it far:) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>love always, kristen<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
date: 11:41:59 PM - June 21, 2003

comments: Alley, I saw you on A Channel News in Calgary and I just had to record it. I mean, I knew you were good, but you blew me away. If you're ever this way again let me know. Good luck Babe. Aim high, you'll make it!
date: 10:52:49 PM - June 19, 2003

comments: Allison,

I just wanted you to know that your music is very inspiring. It brings me chills. Lisa's song is especially beautiful. Thanks for singing like you do!

Courtney McCuaig (another survivor of WSS)
date: 05:53:39 PM - June 18, 2003

comments: Good luck , wish you every success. Jazir Teja (Akbar Shamji's Nephew)
date: 10:22:23 AM - June 15, 2003

comments: Hey Allison! Congrats on the Record Deal! You earned it. I'm so proud of you! I'm hoping you'll stop at Nelson for your next tour. It's a pretty music oriented city full of art and music students and I'm sure you could pack any venue here. Anyway, I'm sure I'll be hearing your music on Radio and T.V. soon. Take Care, Erin, fellow survivor of Woodlands Secondary.
date: 11:16:26 AM - June 01, 2003

comments: Hey guys : )

it's been aaaaaages since I've posted here!

And Alley, it's been just as long since I've chatted with you... how's everything going?

Great, I hope!

Best wishes to everyone for NY and beyond! Peace, Jen
date: 11:31:21 AM - May 26, 2003

comments: hi guys, hope all is going well in NY. im sure its working out better than anticipated. and that everyone there will love your music as much as we all do here at home. you guys are a great inspiration to nanaimo & canada. keep up the great work. melissa johnson
date: 09:12:41 PM - May 21, 2003

comments: Hey good luck in NYC! I don't think you're gonna need it, though! The talent will shine through. BCNU when y'all come back! -John the AudioArchivist
date: 01:06:33 PM - May 18, 2003

comments: Privet (means "Hello" in Russian), Allison. I like your music very much. It will be nice to see in concert someday. As your manager knows you have fans in Ukraine and also here in Iowa, United States. I look forward in keeping in touch with your up dates. Take care. Are you looking forward to Sarah's new CD? You biggest fan in Iowa, Sincerely Rodney.
date: 12:13:09 AM - May 18, 2003

comments: Just sufin' thru. Great site!
date: 07:27:47 AM - May 12, 2003

comments: I guess I should enter my email address...

Jeff Strand Seattle, WA USA
date: 05:25:56 PM - May 11, 2003

comments: Will you be, or have you ever played in the Seattle, WA area?
date: 05:24:16 PM - May 11, 2003

comments: louisa blondin Niagara Falls good luck in the future with your band
date: 03:04:46 PM - May 11, 2003

comments: your music is beautiful. i got here in a very round-about way but i plan on purchasing the CD soon.
date: 05:54:11 PM - May 08, 2003

comments: Only days until art thou depart for NYC . . . *waves hanky* *tears up* Dinsdale says have fun.
date: 01:44:17 PM - May 03, 2003

comments: rock and roll!
date: 11:32:44 AM - May 03, 2003

comments: GOD BLESS YOU...God has given you a beautiful voice, and He is to be praised for all the wonders of this world. In all you do, may you never forget that " is by GRACE that we have been saved, not of works, lest anyone should boast".....Jesus Loves You.....
date: 12:09:51 AM - May 03, 2003

comments: I'm glad you wrote Fade Away. I'm sure there are other girls who needed to hear that.
date: 12:51:12 PM - April 27, 2003

comments: just saw your vitv spot on the weekend (04/21/03) and found your music very inspiring. look forward to hear more!

date: 11:15:33 PM - April 24, 2003

comments: Hi Alley,

I was back in Nanaimo this weekend and caught your interview on Inside Pandora's Box. Wow! You sound amazing. From the days of watching you at the Christensens to now, I'm absolutely blown away girl! You look so happy. Good luck with everything. Take care. Terra (
date: 05:50:26 PM - April 21, 2003

comments: Thank you Allison, Dave and Kevin for performing at Dover Bay School in Nanaimo. I know that everyone that came to see you enjoyed the concert very much. It seems that all the music stores I phone have sold out on your CD. I'll keep looking. Thank you very much again. Your music touched me and many others. Keep it going.
date: 01:35:50 PM - April 21, 2003

comments: hi allison

wow!! your music career has really taken off since highschool. I wish you guys all the best.......stick with it, u truely are awesome -kat klockow
date: 12:29:09 AM - April 21, 2003

comments: Im really impressed with your music! Really refreshing to here a good Female Piano artist. Vocals in Philosophy is my favorite so far.

Turtle rocks. I live in White Rock.

Ill find you on the road
date: 12:25:50 AM - April 21, 2003

comments: Saw you on VI tonight and was pleasantly refreshed. Remember your roots.

I wrote "Falls Friend" and poem after a terrible loss in my life in my mid-twenties.

Falls Friend

It is getting cold. With autumn’s intoxicating aromas the gradual shortening of the day’s blush the mighty maple tree and its deciduous kin. Such an array of sublime colour demands a worshipful glance upward to God in adoration. With the gently sweeping of His breath over the land humbly the trees cast their foliage to the ground. Once again in the abasement of barrenness, limbs extended to the heavens entreat God for grace and endurance for the impending season of winter. Born in the grave, strengthened by their roots reaching in, their journey towards Him is honoured.

A man stands alone - mind prodded by nostalgic utterances of his soul. Easing through the avenue of time he glimpses the yesteryears and their seasons. Careful to avoid recollections of pain, he skims cream from the top of his memories and softly glows, warmed by their sweetness. Then, mystically drawn from thought to thought, his heart lapses to muse on the highlight of his life. One year in the fall his sun set. This autumn chill wounded him. He too felt the breath of God sweeping... gently sweeping over his land. In response he too casts his foliage to the ground - pride. With soul naked before God, reaching to the heavens, he seeks Gods grace for winter. The light of God then casts its beams of love on the man’s soul. In delightful expectancy, embracing the gifts of faith and grace, roots extending - his inner man anchors, trusting in another.

O, fellow creatures here on earth; For Christ to give you heavenly birth - First must you shed within your soul; A life for self to make you whole. Lay down your life of pride and sin; And ask the saviour to come in. When hearts eye looks upon His face; He’ll look to you and give His grace. Then for your gaze up to His throne; He’ll give celestial worlds unknown. Dear sinner would that you could see; That no man here does hold the key. ‘Tis with my Jesus, He can free; And give you life eternally. So in the autumn of that year; When unto Him is brought the tear; And unto you appears the end; ‘Twould do for you to find Falls Friend.

Isaiah 43:1 "..Fear not: For I have redeemed thee, I have called thee by thy name; thou art mine."
date: 11:08:23 PM - April 20, 2003

comments: :)
date: 08:15:09 PM - April 20, 2003

comments: hey it's not eight fifteen p
date: 08:14:42 PM - April 20, 2003

comments: right on right on rock on rock on all of you are quality musicians it's good stuff
date: 08:13:14 PM - April 20, 2003

comments: Hi Allison, While flipping the channels Sunday night, I came across the "Pandora's Box" show. I think you are really talented and your music stirred up emotions in me that I haven't felt for awhile! I hope I can get a hold of a c.d somehow! Keep up the good work:) Sarah email:
date: 08:12:14 PM - April 20, 2003

comments: Wow! I caught the end of your performance tonight on Pandoras Box by accedent and I'm so glad I did. It was awesome. I've been waiting for some more good refreshing talent, thank you! Can't wait for your CD. Hope you hit Toronto soon. Again wow. I'm definately a new fan. Keep up the hard work!
date: 08:03:51 PM - April 20, 2003

comments: Hey Guys, sounds like things are really starting to take off for you. That's so great! Good luck in New York, not that you need it. I'm sure only the best will happen to all of you. Luv, Melissa Johnson
date: 11:50:08 AM - April 15, 2003

comments: Brittany Knievel

Hey your like my fav. Your coming to our school Dover Bay soon i'm garanteed to be there wit my friends. Anyways me and this girl that i don't really like are doin a french project on you, were advertizing for the concert anyways talk to you later.

Brittany Knievevl P.S yes i am related to evil Knievel he's my dad's brother
date: 11:50:08 AM - April 05, 2003

comments: hi just trying to visit
date: 12:45:35 AM - April 05, 2003

comments: One of the most amazing voices ive ever heard... When are you coming back to Victoria??
date: 07:28:25 PM - March 28, 2003

comments: i been at the 'concert' 2 years ago in nanaimo, found it absolutely wonderfull, thanx for sharing free!
date: 05:35:29 AM - March 28, 2003

comments: Hi Allison!!!

Talked to your Dad last night & heard that things are really heating up for you. I'm happy for you, Sweetheart!! Fight the good fight and keep grounded. Love, Kelly.
date: 04:05:07 PM - March 27, 2003

comments: Hello Allison, I saw you perfom on Bowen Island this past summer, front row in this little church, the last place I would have ever thought to encounter a talent as magnificient as yours. Your encore song was Sarah Mclachlan's "Angel", I told you then that your would make Sarah proud, and you would. I pray that you find the right people to help you launch your have more than a talent, you have a "gift", and the world needs to experience it. I wish the best to you and your crew...I hope to see you again someday.....Leisa in Kelowna
date: 09:49:39 PM - March 23, 2003

comments: hey allison i love your music!! you rock!! keep on singing!!

lots o' love, Casi
date: 09:29:41 PM - March 18, 2003

comments: I love your style and sound and hope to hear more of your work in the future. I am now and will remain a devoted fan. Thank you, Roger Rock
date: 11:44:32 AM - March 11, 2003

comments: Your music is inspiring, really reaches to the depths of the soul... Just wanted to say HI! and I just discovered your music, but I love it~ (Come perform in Boston! College kids love this stuff~~)

date: 08:48:01 AM - March 04, 2003

comments: Your music is Beautiful! ---- Pendar from FOP
date: 07:03:56 PM - February 28, 2003

comments: hey dear Allison,

Here is Fatima Almeida from Brazil, and I just want to say, I`m a fan of your music!!! yeah, I love alll songs that I have in my comp... example: on the air.. philosophy... you have a great voice, play the piano very well and better: you write great songs... I`m a literature student and by it I work with poetry, language etc; and I can say you know what is put poetry in music. Congratulations! I try to be a song writer and a singer too... I just sing in University camp (yet) if you wanna know hoe is my work I can show you... \Peace (we need!)

fatima Almeida
date: 08:34:58 AM - February 26, 2003

comments: I really love what you're doing! great Job! I am a musician and a composer also and it's wonderful to hear your music. Feel free to visit Us at we also appreciate comments on our music :) Raphaël
date: 09:29:25 PM - February 25, 2003

comments: I got here through 'A Dent in the Tori Amos Net Universe'. I love your version of Tori's 'Playboy Mommy'. And I really really love your other stuff as well. I would love to see you in Chicago when you tour! Add me to your mailing list!!!... *~Becky~*
date: 01:43:24 AM - February 20, 2003

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