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comments: congrats on your great success. this island just seems to teem with talent ...great to hear you having such good exposure ...keep up the good work, superstar status is just around the corner

an old fan.....
date: 06:59:47 PM - February 08, 2003

comments: Love your music! Sent here by a pal who has just reaffirmed my judgement in his good taste. -Andrew
date: 06:08:43 PM - February 07, 2003

comments: As a fellow Islander, I wish to congratulate you , on your FUTURE success. From Ladysmith, E-mail:
date: 07:51:55 AM - February 07, 2003

comments: Hi Allison! Just wanted to say congratulations, and am having dinner with your folks tonight. I am Nick's sister, but it has been so long since we saw each other, I am sure you won't remember me. So good luck, and your Dad said I should send you a message. They are having a super time here in Maui. Love Viv Tokunaga
date: 02:42:00 PM - January 26, 2003

comments: Hi, a friend guided me to this site, so glad she did, it is wonderful. best wishes for the future continue making great music

date: 04:21:16 PM - January 25, 2003

comments: Laura S. - USA

You have a wonderful talent and have enjoyed listening to the downloads. I will be ordering your CD in the next 2 days. If you decide to tour and come to an area close to me, I will be getting tickets as fast as possible.
date: 12:24:26 PM - January 24, 2003

comments: Hi Allison,

I'm all the way from the UK I discovered you via the guest artist section on Jewel's website. Just a thought, but if you posted your songs in Vorbis Ogg format you could get a free mention on and also people could listen to your songs in realtime even on a modem. Also Vorbis Ogg is free unlike real player.

date: 03:37:52 AM - January 22, 2003

comments: Hey Allison, im allison whats up im really a big fan of your work!! ok bubi!
date: 09:46:40 AM - January 21, 2003

comments: thank you for writing the lovely song about Lisa. its a great song and it has touched Lisa's family much my brothers girl friend was extremely close to her. and hasnt heard the song yet. but im going to be sharing it with her tonight. thank you so very Much Allison. Keep singing beautiful songs.
date: 06:48:08 PM - January 11, 2003

comments: I enjoyed the song written in memory of Lisa Young.

date: 11:37:44 AM - January 09, 2003

comments: hey alley it's julie.. i just never sign anymore, but yeah.. I love your music, and i think you know that by now.. just thought i should post something here.. sorry i couldn't come over to the island for your benefit concerts.. i really wanted to go... :(
date: 05:14:35 PM - January 04, 2003

comments: a hoi hoi, jordan from vancouver again, sorry i forgot to leave my e-mail: once again cheers!
date: 02:40:15 PM - December 30, 2002

comments: hey allison, my name is jordan. i'm from vancouver, and i saw you on a tv talk show on the island. you amazed me. listening to your voice and the ivory was haunting. i can't wait to pick up your cd (the A&B sound near me is sold out). anyway hopefully i'll get the opportunity to see you live. all the best in the new year. cheers!
date: 02:37:47 PM - December 30, 2002

comments: Hi! I ordered your cd 6songs+ through maple music after hearing you on Pandora's Box. I am in love with your music! Can't wait to hear more from you:-) My favourite song on the cd is "Crayon and Ink" and I just downloaded all the lyrics so I can sing along! Wishing you success and luck in 2003! Jennifer West
date: 03:23:05 PM - December 29, 2002

comments: Merry Christmas guys! Jen : )
date: 02:40:43 PM - December 25, 2002

comments: hey guys, happy holidays! hope all is going well and you are well rested for the year to come. hope to be seeing u all in town sometime soon. melissa gaspari/johnson
date: 12:46:30 AM - December 25, 2002

comments: My wife and I saw you last night at "A Huron Carole" and I just wanted to send you a note to say you and your band were great! John and Dot H.
date: 11:36:11 AM - December 22, 2002

comments: Hi! Allison, Dave, and Kevin we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2003............Your a wonderful band to listen to and the your success came from the heart, with talent a given gift. Love ya all, keep up the great music and see you soon.
date: 11:55:17 PM - December 19, 2002

comments: Excellent music. =)
date: 02:28:26 PM - December 19, 2002

comments: Hi ! My name is rafael and Mathieu laberge sent me one of your mp3s, which was excellent !! It's not my kind of music , but I was totaly surprise to see that it was amazing !! Really I loved it !! I have to get your album! I wish you a big career !! Go for it !! you have a major talent :)

a new fan from montreal :)
date: 10:26:25 PM - December 15, 2002

comments: Hallo Allison,

your music is still great. I am really looking forward the complete album ;-)

best regards

date: 07:40:12 AM - December 15, 2002

comments: hey guys!! this is Booth, i play drums in shifted..

great site.. lots of awsome photos and an easy to navigate layout. we should do a show sometime together dudes. ---(temp url)

your site is linked to mine, you can link mine if ya want... 4:20. p e a c e
date: 11:19:46 PM - December 13, 2002

comments: hey allison, congrats on all of your progress, you are doing really good... and i still always listen to your music.. your the best. i love ya,

date: 08:04:02 AM - December 13, 2002

comments: YAY!!!!!



okay, that's all I had to say : )

Love, Jen
date: 01:05:11 PM - December 12, 2002

comments: woooohooooo!

glad the site is working again!!!
date: 12:17:51 PM - December 12, 2002

comments: Saw you sunday night on Pandora's Box - great music, really enjoyed you. Dianne Rainhard
date: 12:05:17 PM - December 09, 2002

comments: thank you so much you are an inspiration to me...i am 16 and feel like I can relate to all your songs...thank you
date: 10:45:33 PM - December 08, 2002

comments: Just caught the tail end of the "Inside Pandora's Box" show on WI and loved what I heard! Looking forward to hearing more. You have a new fan, Vince in Windsor, ontario
date: 08:46:19 PM - December 08, 2002

comments: just heard you on Inside Pandora's Box-you have some new fans with goosebumps! Keep it up!
date: 08:38:27 PM - December 08, 2002

comments: I just heard (and saw) you for the first time on 'Pandora's Box'...absolutely amazing. I called every friend I have that enjoys similar music and told them to listen (and watch)! I will be buying your music as soon as I can...and for years to come I am sure! You really sound like Tori Amos meets Counting Crowes meets Pearl Jam meets Ani deFranco. Wishing you every success in the future. Jennifer West-Northern Ontario, Canada or
date: 08:33:41 PM - December 08, 2002

comments: Just finished listening to you on Inside Pandoras have definitely made a new fan....your music and lyrics are incredibly!!!!not often that a new band can give you goose bumps. Thanks.....Trinity P.S. I am ordering your cd and autographed lyrics book....I'm sure you'll make it to the top!!!
date: 08:28:41 PM - December 08, 2002

comments: Hey Allison,

I just caught your performance on Pandora's Box. All I can say is WOW! You are incredible! I'm also a huge Tori Amos fan and I can't wait to run out and get the cd. I look forward to hearing more of your incredible music!

You're beautiful inside and out. You made a new fan today.

Shawn in Ottawa
date: 08:28:41 PM - December 08, 2002

comments: was flicking through my channels and I heard your voice, Seriousally amazing you have alot of talent and I think you can go very far with it. Im gonna keep listining :) ~melissa
date: 08:13:59 PM - December 08, 2002

comments: I saw you on the 'morning show' and was exremely impressed with your talent. I predict you will quickly go to the top of your profession! I'm sure David Foster would be exited to hear you! Congratulations for making $50 mil. in the next 2 yrs. !! -Keith Johnston- in Delta,BC ( made this old man cry with your talent!)
date: 09:40:07 AM - December 06, 2002

comments: Hi, just wanted to say how much I appreciated and enjoyed your concert at camosun. I think you guys did a spectacular job. Samina
date: 02:55:31 PM - November 27, 2002

comments: Gary & Rose Ward

We wish you had a list of some of your older songs & names of some of your cd's. Trying to come up with a list of your songs to put on a Christmas List.
date: 09:20:40 PM - November 22, 2002

comments: Hello, My name is Shawn Frazer and I am a manager for a singing trio called Prestige. I was actually searching the internet to find band members to rehearse with them. Then I came across your site. I realize you are already fairly established so I guess I am just to hear to say that I enjoyed being a guest on this page. Good job.

Shawn Frazer
date: 11:38:21 PM - November 17, 2002

date: 02:07:45 AM - November 16, 2002

comments: Andrew Wellstead, Dorset, England. ( I loved the music that I heard just wish I could get hold of some!
date: 02:10:26 PM - November 15, 2002

comments: Hey Allison, Just want you to know that you're the greatest artist to take the Port Theatre stage. You and your band rocked it like never before! Have a great tour and career.

date: 02:10:26 PM - November 09, 2002

comments: Hey this is Allison Crowe and i just wanted to say that this is not The Allison Crowe but a fan and i think your music is awsome. I also am a singer and you have convinced me to shoot for my dreams. Thank you soo much and i hope to hear your next album!!
date: 11:56:19 AM - November 03, 2002

comments: Katie Davidson

i am going to your coancert @ the Port Theatre! You are a good singer from what I have heard!

i g2g now cus i am going witha friend and I am going 2 your concert right now!

Katie Davidson
date: 06:32:12 PM - November 01, 2002

comments: Hi, My name is Dean i'm from Australia. I got to this page through the pearl jam synergy site. You are a real talent and your lyrics are fantastic. Hope to see you in Oz soon. cheers, Dean
date: 06:18:06 PM - October 30, 2002

comments: Hi, I heard you play on Salt Spring Island in 1999. You were great then, and I believe you are just as, if not more, enjoyable to listen to now. Keep it up. The world needs more people like you! Blessings - Sonja
date: 01:57:54 PM - October 29, 2002

comments: Hey Alley it's Julie... just wanted to thank you for the lovely bootlegs!!! I love Montreal so much!! Just waiting for that killer CC cover.. damn girl!!! :P

date: 07:41:09 AM - October 29, 2002

comments: Crayon and Ink is blessed. I like the tone (combined Osborne and MacLachlan). Nice Voice. Terry Barratt
date: 06:20:44 PM - October 28, 2002

comments: hi my name is casi julie told me about ya'all -- i really like the song midnight-- keep up the great singing and songwriting!1 always casi

Casi Owens

have a super day :-)
date: 10:20:42 PM - October 27, 2002

comments: Hey, do you wanna know something so cool?! (it's cool to me...) since I got FrontPage I can see all the pretty fonts on your site, Alley! Everything looks different now, LOL!

date: 06:53:59 PM - October 25, 2002

comments: Hey Guys....It's Marc Morin! I was Mackenzie Marshall's friend from Sudbury. Just checking out your site with all the show pictures. Hope you guys are well & keep us in touch with any good news. Hope to see you all soon. Take Care & Peace

Marc Morin
date: 05:31:55 PM - October 25, 2002

comments: Fraea Wilkinson hey, i saw u guys when u played in duncan, off gibbons rd ish area, (i had pink/ black hair lots of peircings, striped stalings, whoor-ish boots) but i though u guys were kick ass, allison u seem like such a wonderful person u just lit up the room, u are such an amazing singer. Dave and Kevin you guys are hard core, like extrordinary , very talented. i love ur music so much. cant wait to see u again. love, ur fan fraea
date: 07:33:31 PM - October 23, 2002

comments: Colin & Karen Flett taking a look see.
date: 03:42:27 PM - October 23, 2002

comments: LOL...

I have to admit to me being a bit stupid, I thought Halloween was on October 20 which is tomorrow in Canada. We don't really celebrate Halloween in Australia so yeeeees, I got it wrong.

Let's just say I'm wishing everyone a great Halloween in advance, : )


yep, Bye again!

I'm going now! for good!

date: 01:58:09 AM - October 20, 2002

comments: Oh! I can't forget, Happy Halloween everyone,

I know it's your favourite holiday, Alley, hehehehe

or should I say mua ha ha!!!!!!!

I vant to suck your blood...

: )

date: 01:44:51 AM - October 20, 2002

comments: Howdy : )

Just wanted to drop in, say Howdy and wish Alley and the guys the best of luck with everything. This probably seems like a weird point in time to be posting such a message, I don't think it's a particularly significant moment, but I think it's nice to let you know that I'm thinking of you : )

I guess there's a lot of crazy things happening in the world and it's good to have a constant thing...and that, needless to say, is your music! : )

I listened to 6 Songs for the 120th, 121st and 122nd times today (that's not to say I have counted how many times I have heard it, LOL)

At the moment I'm loving Lisa's Song and Montreal ; ) aren't we all...

See ya 'round, Jen
date: 01:44:51 AM - October 20, 2002

comments: hey guys and girl love what you do and love seeing you do it ..........yours truly the sound guy.....heehe......:@)
date: 06:23:51 PM - October 18, 2002

comments: Rodney Campeu, I like your music very much and looking forward to buying your CD as soon as it comes out. If you would like to you can e-me at, with any news about your band
date: 10:16:57 AM - October 17, 2002

comments: Happy Thanksgiving, ya'll.
date: 04:53:07 PM - October 14, 2002

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