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comments: I got to this site from the Jewel homepage and I was really taken by the song "midnight". It's wonderful and amazing. I love to hear real quality music....

date: 11:33:42 AM - October 07, 2002

comments: I haven't spent much time in Nanaimo since I left highschool, but exciting things were always mentioned to me about Allison and her music, so I looked for a website - and found it. You kick ass! Come play for us in Prince George, we'd love you.
date: 02:22:43 AM - October 07, 2002

comments: hey i saw u on mtv so i downloaded ur songs and they r really good!!!!!!!!!
date: 03:35:59 PM - October 06, 2002

comments: I want to join the mailing list, Thank You.
date: 06:46:23 PM - October 04, 2002

comments: hey guys, thanx again for inviting me on the 25th. i had a blast, and so did mom & jenn. anyways i konw you guys will do great. melissa
date: 09:37:38 PM - October 03, 2002

comments: I just wanted to wish you the best in all your musical pursuits and I am following all that goes on thanks to the e-mails I've been receiving from Adrian.

Bob Delion, Saltspring Island
date: 05:54:37 PM - October 03, 2002

date: 12:45:37 AM - October 03, 2002

comments: I love your music!
date: 03:04:46 AM - October 01, 2002

comments: Kev, Alley & Dave,

I had a wonderful time tonight at the VECC. What an intimate setting. Your concert was FABULOUS!

Love Aunty Cath xxx
date: 01:36:10 AM - September 29, 2002

comments: outstanding vocals and piano - incredible music - fantastic drums - sweeeeet bass - i've just been to a concert and listened to your CD 2x and read the lyrics on your website. THANK-YOU VERY VERY MUCH for some beautiful and haunting and inspiring enjoyment. you are all great! more more more! j.
date: 12:04:19 AM - September 28, 2002

comments: Hey Alison and Band! Great job!!!! This is one of terras students who she used to teach but now she is off to accomplish her dreams and same with you alison!! You guys have done so awsome. Good luck + have fun!!! Love Carly *not terras sister...haha* Ps..... Great performance here in kamloops BC!!
date: 08:53:14 AM - September 27, 2002

comments: Hi! I saw Allison perform some time ago in good old Sudbury, Ontario. I had never seen a singer/songwriter/pianist perform before, and seeing as this is what I do as well (yes, another member of the oh-so "played out" genre, as I've been told...), it was a real treat! Alley has such amazing stage presence. It was fabulous to see someone with such enthusiasm and love for their craft! I was in awe! Come back to Sudbury! ~Sara Rodrigues
date: 06:06:45 AM - September 26, 2002

comments: cant wait to see the performance tonight..... i've been excited all week. im sure it will be great as always! melissa
date: 11:17:55 AM - September 25, 2002

comments: Hey Allison, this is Moni. I haven't sent anything in email to Adrian or anything a bit and I was visitng the site again so I just disided to leave a thank you note here. I love your music, thanks for everything. You will go so far, and I'll always be a big fan!!

date: 08:59:52 AM - September 25, 2002

comments: Saw you at the Grapevine in Genoa Bay and can't wait to see you when you return to Duncan again.

You and the band are an absolute delight :o)

date: 07:59:59 PM - September 22, 2002

comments: HEY YOU! ya you know who im talking too.......hehehehe HI Alley! Its kristen....YOU ROCK!you and your band of yours....hehehehe Well the website looks great! sooooo mtv canada EH? cool, or should i say Swwweeeeetttt. Orlando Florida eh........maude eh....OK ok ill stop. Well i love ya:) <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
date: 09:06:09 PM - September 20, 2002

comments: Hey There, your music is awesome!!! I hope to see you in Halifax sometime;) Dinah
date: 07:20:04 PM - September 17, 2002

comments: Hi Allison, I need you to settle a bet. My girlfriend said she used to babysit you. Is there any truth to that? Her name is Susan Bright. She's lived many places out west such as Nanaimo and Gabriella Island and Victoria.

Do you remember her? Please respond to
date: 12:13:29 PM - September 16, 2002

comments: Hi Larry - and everyone!

there is a Vancouver concert upcoming - September 28 at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre, and LOTS of other news we'll get out before the end of this month...

see y'all at the show(s), and hope you enjoy the new music that'll soon be heard - Allison has been focussed on writing these past couple of months; now, the songs are about to be performed publicly ( :

peace and cheers, Adrian (Allison Crowe Band Management)
date: 10:20:38 AM - September 15, 2002

comments: Hi Allison,I was checking Maple Music musicians,I do like songs with piano and good singing is a plus.Seems to be the music-songs you do.Perhaps I'll buy your Cd from mm.>>Gender Poem-Boys and girls,woman and men,go together like birds and feathers-tis great theirs two genders.>>Canadiana List-RCMP, National Railway,CFL,Montreal Canadians hockey team,Traditional Family-mom, dad and kids,CBC,Christianity,National Post newspaper,Canada's Vast Size, Monarchy,Authors,Musicians,First PM John A Macdonald.*Allison best to you,please do a concert at the Vancouver area.From-Larry,Burnaby,B.C.,Canada.
date: 03:14:04 AM - September 09, 2002

date: 02:54:22 AM - September 02, 2002

comments: I went to the Jewel Concert at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre tonight with my two daughters, it was amazing to all. I was handed your flyer, and decided to come to your web site. I am very interested in seeing you perform at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre at the end of the month. What Jewel and her mother have done, by bringing this great gift to anyone who has something to say, do and be is incredible. So, I'll be there rooting you on. God Bless Peace Love and Be Happy. Karen Clayton of Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canda

date: 01:43:25 AM - September 02, 2002

comments: Alley,

I met you at Lori's "Backyard Concert" and i just wanted to say that u really are an amazing singer/songwriter and i know for a fact that ur gonna be HUGE!!!!

Good Luck with everything you do...and thanks for signing my cd.

Jessie (
date: 11:58:13 PM - September 01, 2002

comments: hey guys your site look great. Congrats' on the tour Hope to see you all soon. Best Wishes, your biggest fan. Stacy
date: 07:02:42 AM - August 28, 2002

comments: What a very distinct, beautiful voice! With her piano playing skills, and writing talent, this young lady will definitely have a large, exciting future ahead of her!! Mollie Kemmerling
date: 12:39:25 PM - August 26, 2002

comments: Hello! My name is Rose. I got a couple of your songs downloaded from Jewel's website and I loved them! So I came to this site to see if I could find any more. I love them all! Your work is awesome. I hope to buy your CD if I can find it. Thanks a lot for the downloads.. like I said.. they're great! My email is
date: 12:30:38 PM - August 25, 2002

comments: Hey Alley, it's Jen here - I'm in my photography lesson at school...not doing school work, lol

I just put your sun image on the desktop of this computer : )


Love your work, hehehehehe Bye, Jen
date: 07:17:56 PM - August 21, 2002

comments: Hey Alley just wanted to say HI, and keep rocking like you do!

*hugs* Julie

All your hard work will pay off!
date: 04:35:10 PM - August 18, 2002

comments: Hey again, Allie it's Monica, the one who told you, you should play a concert in the Soo and well you did. How was it? I am your biggest fan. You are an inspiration. You don't half to be a waif and you dont half to be all weird to make it, I mean truly you did and you give girls around the world a name to have self esteem for. Anywayz, thanks so much for everything I talk to your manager alot and he is a great guy. I'd love it if maybe you can send me something!? Your biggest fan, all the luck and love, Monica
date: 10:22:36 AM - August 17, 2002

comments: hey i just wanted to say that your page is coolies!! i found through julie dumonts site!! love always casi owens
date: 08:12:56 PM - August 12, 2002

comments: To whom this may concern; I was recommended this site by a very good friend of mine, by the name of Jenny Waterhouse, jenny if very good friends with Adrian and Allison herself, And and id just like to say i cant wait to get your cd's here in Australia!, Well i hope Allison the cd your putting together at the moment goes the way you want it!?
date: 04:04:36 AM - August 12, 2002

comments: Hello Allison...

I'm Fatima Almeida from Brazil and I met u thank Jewel... I wanna say that your voice is excellent, and u have one more fan (me), is a shame I don't know how I can get your musics (cd etc), if you can send some explication ... please contact me:

Fatima Almeida e-mail: if u can vivit my page:

date: 10:09:07 AM - August 11, 2002

comments: Hi Allison, caught your Kamloops show - you have an amazing sound and stage presence; look forward to hearing more from you. Carmen Morris:
date: 11:42:09 AM - August 09, 2002

comments: hehehehehe, that was meant to say "talent" - but you're special, so you have talenty : )

- jen
date: 12:06:54 AM - August 08, 2002

comments: You and your talenty is truly incredible, Alley


Peace and Love, Jen
date: 12:00:49 AM - August 08, 2002

comments: carmen rogerson, nanaimo, b.c.
date: 09:09:50 PM - August 05, 2002

comments: AJ :LEF&LR" LOGAN

thanks so Much Sign the "poster" on thursday Night made the Whole Evening hope in this month Try get a Cd if I can

Volunteer bc summer games aj lef & lr logan
date: 10:47:32 AM - August 04, 2002

comments: my mail, I forgot to write. Laura (spain);
date: 08:31:51 AM - August 04, 2002

comments: Hi there. I'm Laura from barcelona (Spain), a little far maybe, but at least music arrives everywhere. I haven't listened to Allison's music yet, it's not in spain, but I'm always looking for new music, I love folk music, and singers such as Jewel, that's how I get here! Even this kind of music doesn't hit high on my country, I'm also trying to make some good music :) If someone would like to be in contact with me to change that kind of music and talk hell. don't doubt in write me. See you all. P.s: Can't wait to hear allison's music!
date: 08:30:13 AM - August 04, 2002

comments: I just saw Allison's performance at the 2002 BC summer games in Nanaimo and I thought she was terrific. It was the first time I've ever heard of her and I'm glad I did. I'll be keeping my eyes and ears open for more of her.

What a voice!

- Aaron (
date: 01:40:54 PM - August 03, 2002

comments: Melissa Barton I really like Dark Blue. I've recorded a cd too...well when I was 15. Your voice is so cool Allison, so rich. I sing pretty low too..only more manly (barenaked ladies..hehe). It's cool that someone REAL like you is making a name for herself. I hope to do the same in Vancouver..atleast sing..hell..I'll always sing. Keep up the awesome singing, and break a leg. Cheers Melissa Barton
date: 12:36:52 PM - August 03, 2002

comments: P.S. My email address is in case you wanted to reach me. But who knows if you'll even see this.

date: 12:36:52 PM - August 02, 2002

comments: Your songs are so much like what has gone on and what is going on in my life. I don't know if we've gone through the same situations or what, but your music is amazing. "Fade Away" especially spoke of my past.

You should come to Chicago and preform at the Rosemont Theatre...or even the Tweeter Center. To be honest, however, I have no idea where you can, could, or should preform, but those are some ideas.

Thanks for doing the things that you didn't know you were even doing in the first place.


date: 08:04:15 PM - August 02, 2002

comments: The tour was amazing, I've never been so inspired... I felt nothing but positive energy from all of you and watching you play every night was an honor. I wish you all the best in your future endevours and I will be following your career!! I miss all of you already! Peace, Terra Grimard
date: 11:53:46 AM - July 19, 2002

comments: Hi ( :

The Crying In a Rainstorm tour was wonderful and successful - in all ways. Today is the first time since returning home that I feel "almost here"! Now I will have a little time to reply to emails and messages, and start booking more tour dates!

Thank you for your support and love of Allison and the band's music.

peace and cheers,

Adrian (Allison Crowe Band Management)
date: 11:00:11 AM - July 19, 2002

comments: Adrian... could you please get on the other side of the camera for once? :o) Sorry for all of the crap I accidentally left on the MoHo. Out of convenience, I'll just blame Dave. Dinsdale says thanks for returning me safely. He may be happy but I'm pretty bored. :oP Miss ya'll!
date: 11:23:03 PM - July 17, 2002

comments: Hi Allison, Kevin and Dave,

We really enjoyed your concert in Kamloops despite the 39 C heat! We didn't get a chance to talk to you at the concert, Kevin, but we did talk with Stephen during one of the breaks. Good luck and see you at the family reunion! Jody and Alison
date: 08:48:01 AM - July 16, 2002

comments: Thankyou for signing my CD. Allison life is beautiful, and sharing it with the people who you love the most is the best gift forever. Love Auntie Brenda
date: 12:16:42 AM - July 16, 2002

comments: Rachel Smith me i have been a jewel fan for years and i got to your site from hers i have downloaded midnight and i love it i think that it will go far that you for being you and an artist
date: 03:20:49 PM - July 15, 2002

comments: hi there. musician hailing from sudbury heard a lot of cool and groovy things about your stuff, neat web fun. cheeers,Sacha
date: 11:41:47 AM - July 14, 2002

comments: Hi Kevin, Ally & Dave,

Hope all has gone well with your tour. Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back.

Love Aunty Cath :)

P.S. Hi Steve
date: 04:24:47 PM - July 12, 2002

comments: hello allison, dave, and kevin,

just a quick note to say you guys ROCK!!! i was so impressed with your performance in sudbury, (and toronto), i quickly plastered your name all over the soul city cafe' message board and trust you'll get a few extra hits at the site as a result. when mackenzie and i met, she talked about you guys with such passion and now i know why!!! you're all very talented and play together so well it's really a treat to hear you perform. that's all for now, i look forward to catching you guys in the states in the future. best of fortune to you all...

tj ;)
date: 04:24:47 PM - July 09, 2002

comments: Hey Ally and Kev! Fellow Woodlands grad here. Well, I hope you guys are having a great time, I just saw the flyer for the tour. Hope Toronto is treating you well. I'm really happy to hear that things are going so great. I wish you all the best and am glad to have known you.

Keep on rocking in the free world.

Mike Klemak
date: 01:10:00 AM - July 06, 2002

comments: Hi guys,

It's me again :) I hope touring is going well. I hope there have been no more motorhome mishaps. Can't wait to see you all, 1 week!! 1 week! Talk to you soon.

Lori :)
date: 12:15:08 PM - July 05, 2002

comments: Hi guys,

It's me again :) I hope touring is going well. I hope there have been no more motorhome mishaps. Can't wait to see you all, 1 week!! 1 week! Talk to you soon.

Lori :)
date: 12:15:08 PM - July 05, 2002

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