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comments: HI GUYS!!!!!!! its kristen here, just hoping you guys are putting on some ROCKING shows! I miss you allie but i hope you BREAK A LEG(hahahah)all the same. best wishes on the road....i hope you guys dont kill each other. well i see ya when you get back Allison. love ya:)
date: 03:06:23 PM - July 04, 2002

comments: great article on all of you in the Globe and Mail from last week... I look forward to picking up your EP this week, and the release of "...Syren".

I wanted to mention how comfortable the three of you look together - there's a rhythm I pick up in the gallery - like you have a long history together, and that's what is intuitive about some musicians together... I am really looking forward to seeing you live asap.

Here's the weird thing for me... it appears karma is more in tune than my timing ... I work in television in Vancouver - you'd think I would have run across you by now. I'll just sit here a little stumped by that hahahaha, and try harder, okay?

Kevin - I would hope that you would take this as a compliment. my partner Michael and I think you're damn cute. we're at odds over the longer or shorter goatee has more of a "woof" factor. yes, we're a queer couple; again, please take it as a compliment.

my email is:

and *hugz&tugz* to you all!
date: 06:20:34 AM - July 02, 2002

comments: ooops - that URL is actually

peace and cheers, Ad

gtg Axel (Dollheiser - pro driver) is pulling out of here, and we're onto the next town
date: 11:53:53 AM - June 29, 2002

comments: hi everyone -

Terra (Grimard - the cool jazz/pop/rock artist joining us on this tour), Reena (Kudhail - our fab roadie), Alley and I are sitting in Wired, a cyber cafe in downtown Calgary! We just had breakfast at the Arden Diner, which is owned and operated by Jann Arden and her bro', Ritchie - great brunch and fine style. We were busted this morning for too many of us showering at Canada's largest truck stop - but it's not a federal offence so on we travel to Lethbridge for tonight's show at Hugo's. There's a big article in today's Globe and Mail newspaper ( - which is lots of fun, and we hope will introduce the band to folks across Canada on this "Crying in a Rainstorm" tour. So far, we're experiencing plenty of rainstorms, but, fortunately, no tears.

Happy Canada Day weekend to you Canucks!

peace to all,

cheers, Adrian
date: 11:35:52 AM - June 29, 2002

comments: Hey band ;P Just wanted to wish you the best of luck tonite in Calgary and for the rest of your tour. Wish I could have gone with :( ah well maybe one year I'll meet you guys in some other country. yay. Last nite Amy and I went to the Queens and heard a band called "Orchird Highway". They were opening for StarCollector and we were one of the few people there that they didn't now out of about 15 of their friends.:) They were cool and thanked us for coming. ha ha. I talked to the band and gave the drummer your little tour pamphlet thing and compared you to Tori Amos :) They're cool. Always a novel with me. Have fun guys :) and best of luck. Can't wait to hear all about it :) Love ya Allison :) **Fanifau
date: 12:36:16 PM - June 28, 2002

comments: wonderful site. you are a great talent. i wish you much success . may all your days be happy ones.
date: 06:15:36 AM - June 28, 2002

comments: Great Show at the McPherson Playhouse! The audience loved it I think. There should have been an encore!!! Those people wanted more! Awesome. Good luck on the rest of the tour guys! John MacMillan
date: 11:01:16 AM - June 25, 2002


hehe - um, yay, the tour has started...I wonder if anyone will be reading this for a while, but I hope that the tour goes *very well* and that you all stay safe and healthy and that you can all stand each other's company for 2 and a half weeks


have fun!

And Alley, I've already told you before, but sing your heart out! be yourself! and that way you'll do brilliantly.

Peace, Love and yee-hah!

Jen (from Oz)

p.s. when you go to Alberta you should try and pick up some of those funky cowboy/cowgirl/cowperson hats!


ciao : )
date: 04:41:14 PM - June 22, 2002

comments: I discovered your music because of it being featured on the Jewel website. Though I have not yet been able to listen to you own songs, what I heard from your cover songs was amazing. You are extremely talented and I know you will go far. I plan on getting you cd very soon. Good luck in all of your endeavors and I hope you will get a chance to tour through Virginia at some point.

Sincerely, Jessica Gould (hanover, Virginia)

date: 01:09:43 PM - June 22, 2002

comments: Hi my Name is Leo, email I'm from the Island and think Allison has a great sound. Some other Island girls you might like to hear yourself are Melissa Barton, and Jennifer Shires, they're both about your age. I have yet to see you in concert Allison, but am looking forward to it soon! Keep on singing and good luck...not that you'll need it!
date: 12:50:19 PM - June 21, 2002

comments: hey, i was just wondering where the link to the journal went?

*hugs* Julie
date: 12:50:19 PM - June 21, 2002

comments: hello!

I love your music
date: 07:57:03 PM - June 19, 2002

comments: Your music's great. I particularly enjoyed 'Fade Away' and would really love to get my hands on 6 Songs. I'm wondering if Midnight Syren will be released in Singapore?

Regards, rainbow_fizz
date: 05:37:11 AM - June 17, 2002

comments: JJP

I love the site!!! I don't think I can tell you how much using mere words.
date: 02:44:58 PM - June 13, 2002

comments: I saw your show in Whistler in March and loved it. thanks for creating such great music and keep up the good work, good luck with everything.

Elise Cappuccitti
date: 11:34:56 AM - June 08, 2002

comments: You have a wonderful sound... it's the kind of music I can listen to all day and never tire of. I listen to Jewel, Mazzy Star, and Sarah McClaughen (i probably spelled that wrong!) and you create that same soothing effect that they do. I can't wait to tell others about you.

Marie Doperak
date: 08:21:29 PM - June 07, 2002

comments: Just listened to philosophy... Beautiful... I can't wait to see what comes next. And I am definitely buying Six Songs!!!

Samuel McAlpine Anchorage, AK

P.S. When are you coming to Alaska to play? Please send an e-mail if you get up this way. I wouldn't want to miss it!
date: 08:21:29 PM - June 07, 2002

comments: Hi - I'm Alley's manager, Adrian - and I know we have a lot of fans in Vancouver and the mainland region 'cause I'm fielding emails asking why there's no tour date for that locale. And, in answer to those queries, and this question on the guestbook, here's what's up: our next show for Vancouver is being designed as a combination video release party (for the cast and crew of Allison's video as well as fans) AND concert. Logistical issues - we have to find a night when most of the crew are not busy shooting tv shows or movies, and the right venue - with concert stage and projection/screen room etc. - have proven complicated. It was not feasible to mount this special event the right way before the end of June, so, it's been postponed 'til we're back from the cross-Canada tour. At that time I'll focus on making it happen, on the right night in the right building. If I can do that, Allison and her band will come to Vancouver for a stand-alone event sometime in the summer.

Several of our concert dates on the upcoming tour came about as a result of suggestions from fans across the country - so, if you folks in Vancouver or thereabouts, have any good ideas as to where we should hold the video/party concert, I'd welcome hearing from you ( :

cheers, Adrian
date: 12:16:59 AM - June 06, 2002

comments: hi. whem are you coming to vancouver??
date: 07:05:11 PM - June 05, 2002

comments: I wish you'd get down to Atlanta soon! Have fun finishing the recording of "midnight syren", and good luck in all your endeavors.

LeeAnn Lickteig
date: 10:33:36 PM - June 04, 2002

comments: I absolutely love your music. I got it off the Jewek webpage (goin to see her in a couple weeks). I am a singer myself...and play a few chords of guitar. I only have sung for myself and friends, and am ready to perform for others...any tips on how to get started? Thanks :) christina
date: 12:13:27 PM - June 04, 2002

comments: i need 2hear some of your songs as im in spain and cannot find any of your songs, is my address!!
date: 10:56:19 AM - May 28, 2002

comments: Hi, Allison! I just surfed in to your page and I´m kinda amazed, cuz your a really, truly artist and the way that you make your voice express is great!! You remind me, a lil´, of Sarah McLahan, Tori Amos, Susanne Vega... but with your style, of course. Pls, if you won´t release your Cd in Mexico, could you inform it on your page?! Because I´m from Cancún and I really wish you can! Wishing you the best, Gabby Barocio.
date: 12:19:44 PM - May 24, 2002

comments: Hi,

I had never heard of you before, and i just accidentally stumbled across you while on the net. Anyway, i'm a huge fan of female singer/songwriters/musicians like Sarah McLachlan, Heather Nova, Sheryl Crow and Alanis Morissette, and your music sounds as though it's just my type of thing.

I look foward to getting your album! (Please release it in the UK!)

date: 08:23:23 AM - May 24, 2002

comments: Allison -- you are simply AMAZING. I have downloaded all your songs and can't wait till Midnight Syren comes out! It's artists like you that inspire me even more. Thank you for being so real and creating such amazing music. You rock!

xoxo, Krista
date: 12:51:24 PM - May 22, 2002

comments: hi congrats from n.z. to kevin and heather(my lil sis) on the arrival of hailey! also looking forward to hearing the new album whenever it makes it's way down here. - love chrisitne
date: 06:07:29 PM - May 20, 2002

comments: Hi all,

I miss you! I'm back on the west coast. Hope to see you soon. Congratulations to Kevin and Heather :) Can't wait to see the video, good luck with the recording! Ad I will e-mail you soon, it's been so long I know.... but that's what I get for buying a laptop computer that was made in the stoneage... at least I'm back home now where my computer doesn't take 4 5 minutes to send an e-mail.

Lots of Love, Miss ya tons, Lori-Anne
date: 07:42:55 PM - May 19, 2002

comments: Hi to my Great Neice Hayley. Congratulations Heather and Kevin!!! Looking forward to meeting your daughter. Love Aunt Beth
date: 10:24:47 PM - May 15, 2002

comments: hi there....just heard your stuff for the first time today on the Vicki G. show - must have been a rerun. I LOVED IT! Great sound, fantastic playing, amazing music (I know I am just a little enthusiastic....laughter). Phoned A&B Sound and HMV and no I thought I would try the internet.....

I'm gonna call Lyles Place now.....

Looking forward to hearing more!!!

date: 04:05:08 PM - May 13, 2002

comments: Congratulations on the new baby Kevin & Heather :)

Love Aunty Cath

P.S. I guess that is Great Aunty Cath..... my goodness that sounds old :)
date: 02:26:15 PM - May 13, 2002

comments: Katie Betts, singer/songwriter also

I really really like your stuff. I would love to drop everything and just write and perform all the time, too...You inspire me to do so.
date: 02:26:15 PM - May 09, 2002

comments: hi

I followed you from the Rufus board. When can we see your video?

Best wishes on everything you do!

date: 12:26:49 PM - May 09, 2002

comments: Hi there! Hollerin at ya from Skidmore College in upstate NY. Howz about playin a concert r two in Raleigh, North Carolina (home sweet home) during the summer, or in Albany, NY during the school year? :) i found you on Jewel's website, and she was right about you. Good luck on your tour and i can't wait to hear more things from you. When is the video gonna be released? Emma
date: 12:07:57 AM - May 09, 2002

comments: The name's Katie Stewart, I'm Reena's friend accompanied her to the show in Chilliwack and in the city. I really do think that you'll succeed--you've got talent and the charisma (I hate that word). Next time you're in the "wak I'll have to take some photographs of you so I can be come rich and famous in my photo career. Have a good one you animals you. ~k
date: 09:22:26 AM - May 08, 2002

comments: Midnightsyren, good luck with everything! Deb Guinn (GWYN)
date: 07:19:24 PM - May 05, 2002

comments: Hey! i found your website through the Jewel one and i was automatically hooked! when are you gonna start touring and will you be coming to the US? if thats a possibility, i think it would be awesome if you had a show a the Webster Theater in Hartford, CT and i would definitely go! so please keep me updated and email me at, my name is Lindsay and you are incredible!
date: 02:13:47 PM - May 04, 2002

comments: HEATHER IS DUE TODAY!!!! :oD
date: 01:07:57 PM - May 02, 2002

comments: this is neil,

great stuff, like it a lot. Very peaceful for me, not sure why but it makes me feel easy.

thanks neil
date: 05:57:25 PM - May 01, 2002

date: 10:19:59 AM - May 01, 2002

comments: I just wanted to say that I found your website via Jewel's. I am from Victoria so I thought that was really awesome to see someone from our island featured. I lived in Nanaimo for a year and went to NDSS :0) You go girlfriend :0) You voice is truly beautiful :0) Kim Friesen, Victoria, BC.
date: 10:50:00 PM - April 23, 2002

comments: Hey Alley,Adrian & all... John MacMillan (friend of CONDOR) How's the Sarah Mclachlan Tape? Heard any good Zep boots lately? Come visit my collection this summer... Denman Island - Kaleidoscope Market Made wicked tape Collectables @Ladysmith Will have E-mail late may call CONDOR ...something living with me ... gotta lift spirits for all good things happening 2 me in Vancouver Tony levin Band Show news recording events gotta go
date: 09:21:53 AM - April 23, 2002

comments: you guys rock! i hope black ball records or somewhere else here in town has your cd midnight syren when it comes out. cant wait to see u live again back at home in nanaimo. love & well wishes Melissa Gaspari Johnson.
date: 12:13:30 AM - April 18, 2002

comments: Hi. When I first saw Allison on MTV Select I was so happy, because she looked like someone that would be a good friend. Down to earth, not all worried about how perfect she looked. She was cute and fun and she had an awesome voice. Allison if you read this your the best. I am a big fan. Come to Sault Ste Marie. E-mail me You are so my 1# fave female singer now! Monica
date: 07:50:46 AM - April 17, 2002

comments: Hello there what an awesome site. Very talented.I will be back to visit again. Vicki Searle
date: 07:19:52 PM - April 14, 2002

comments: Hello. I discovered your website from Jewel's official website and it's so good to hear good music again. Lately I don't listen to the radio because everything is a puppet dance guided by digital puppeteers. I appreciate your music. Thanks Ivory Fromm
date: 04:25:19 PM - April 13, 2002

comments: Saw the news article and decided to visit your site. I listened to your Six Songs and was very impressed. Vancouver Island seems to be a creative place to be raised. Good luck!
date: 10:48:58 AM - April 13, 2002

comments: its Tim.. just checkin back in that's all

I'm still in love with 6 songs
date: 07:29:27 PM - April 11, 2002

comments: I found your site because of Jewel's site, Jewel is amazing, unfortunately, I cannot listen to your songs because my computer doesn't have sound, but you look like a genuine person who smiles a lot and yet has depth and blues and all the other shit us mortals have to deal with. Good luck to you, can't wait to hear you on the air!
date: 03:51:38 PM - April 11, 2002

comments: ...seeing as the question has been asked so politely and discreetly, I'll note, in reply, that Dave does not currently have a girlfriend; he does, however, have a vintage VW van - and that can be a pretty serious attachment ( :


it's nice that people care about each other

cheers, Ad
date: 02:13:36 AM - April 11, 2002

comments: alleeeeeeyyyyyyy . . . update the diiiiiiiiary sectioooooooooon . . . . or faaaaate will twist yooooou into a little pretzeeellllll . . . at leeeeast you will be yummyyyyyyy . . .
date: 12:04:33 AM - April 11, 2002

comments: Just a curious fan wondering if Dave has a girlfriend... Maybe none of my business, but still, wouldn't mind knowing ; )
date: 06:51:12 PM - April 10, 2002

comments: I just want to let everyone in the band know that they put on an amazing show this weekend at the Collectibles Cafe. I'm sure you hear it enough, but you guys are all so very talented. I can't wait to see you all perform again. Allison, your voice gives me shivers! : ) (and that's a good thing) -a fan for life, Liz
date: 01:18:29 PM - April 08, 2002

comments: hey, your lyrics and music rock... very talented. :)
date: 06:47:06 PM - April 06, 2002

comments: Listening to "Fade Away" right now and it is great. You really have some tallent. I hope to see you when you go on tour. Come to Michigan. What a great voice I love you r upper register. You float .... man ......

Keep up the great work,

date: 02:14:55 PM - April 06, 2002

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