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comments: I have been a great fan of Jewel and her music for a long time now, and love that she continues to promote new and incredible talented artists. I was interestde to look and listen to some of the songs available for download, and having never heard your music before, I am greatly impressed. In Australia we are fairly well cut of from new forigen artists such as yourself, and therefore I greatly appreciate the opportunity to listne to you. And I eagerly await the opportunity to listen to your album in full when it is released. I hope also in the near future that you are able to tour here and I will then be able to enjoy what will undoubtably be an incredible live show. Again thank you.

John Ainley
date: 07:13:15 AM - April 06, 2002

comments: Joe says hi to

The Xtreme one
date: 10:37:16 PM - April 05, 2002

comments: Hey Alley, once again impressed and desperatley trying to find a way to your show in Ladysmith

But hopefully I'll see you there. Will I actually be able to talk to you or do I have to pelt through the Body guards like some crazed fan :) ha ha see you there

Tanya Kendrew
date: 10:33:38 PM - April 05, 2002

comments: awsome awsome awsome!! your song "philosophy" reminds me a lot of fiona apple. rock on, sista!! i will definately be recommending (and blasting) your music to everyone i know. thank you for being you. ~§heri Elizabeth
date: 09:47:44 PM - April 05, 2002

comments: Allison, I found your site through Bif Naked's links. I have downloaded some of your songs, and I'm so impressed! You've written such beautiful music. I'm going to recomend you to my friends! :o) Great site! ~Tara Toronto Ont.
date: 03:45:17 PM - April 04, 2002

comments: Hiya Allison & Co.,

I loved the music that I've heard so far.And I can't wait for the new album, Midnight Syrens. I so enjoyed Your melodious voice Allison that I've worn out my Windows Media on my pc. Thanks for all that you all do. A new fan from Virginia,

Tim Wilkenson PS my e-mail address is
date: 09:44:27 AM - April 03, 2002

comments: Yep another person from the Jewel link ;)
I couldnt resist seeing to what this "mega-talent in the making" was all about.
I have been going through your audio section and have been falling in luv w/ each song i hear.

i hope to see u all p(home of the big tower lay in toronto sometime soon :) ;))
Cameron Bay.
date: 10:33:40 PM - April 02, 2002

comments: Hello, I just wanted to say that I love your songs.. I would love to see you play live.. I live in the Richmond area of BC, so tell me when you have a show upcoming. I would love it soo soo much! I also totally need a cd... this is amazing!

*hugs* Julie

date: 06:02:22 PM - April 02, 2002

comments: Allison. Came across your name and pic at the Jewel website..A HUGE Jewel fan myself I take great interest in her personal featured guest artists. Seeing your pic and quick blurb...I linked over here...heard ALL your music..and I must buy your cd now. Thank you for sharing your beauty and thought...your fans from SUDBURY,ONTARIO hope to see you here soon!!! Goodluck dave, alison and affirm hope for us starvin student artists out there...Vistit Sudbury soon..Home of the BIG NICKEL..anticipating release of your new cd... Mackenzie Marshall
date: 10:06:16 PM - April 01, 2002

comments: Hey, alley cat.

Thought I'd sign your guestbook. Again. It's been a while though. I'm really excited about the new album and I'd like to assume this video will be available for purchase on vhs and/or dvd. Or at least somewhere down here in texas. I'm glad the video thing has all come together for you guys. It'll be cool. And you'll definately be one of the first to know if I see it on the College Television Network in the dining halls. hahaha. Goodluck, sweet pea. The voice of an angel and adorable nervous giggles to match. hehe

date: 08:59:26 AM - March 31, 2002

comments: Hi, I just read on the Pearl Jam board that you are the guest musician on Jewel's website. Congratulations! I wish you all the good fortune that comes your way in this life. Take care.
date: 10:15:43 PM - March 30, 2002

comments: nice site.

good luck with everything.

the unseen,from the p-j bbs.
date: 10:26:36 AM - March 30, 2002

comments: Hey Ali...I'm Nelam and I saw you perform at the MTV studio a couple weeks ago! You were sooooo great! You have such an amazing voice! I wish you so much success! Your website's great...keep on rockin NeLaM :)
date: 10:10:11 PM - March 29, 2002

comments: Hi Alley,

I just wanted to congratulate you on being up on Jewel's site - that rocks : )


Bye, Jen.
date: 02:56:22 PM - March 29, 2002

comments: Your singing and music is so beautifully genuine. Its been awhile since I've been SO moved by music and I missed the feeling. Thanks. I'll be back for your next Whistler show. Heather Kern, Bellingham WA
date: 05:11:28 PM - March 26, 2002

comments: hey you

so I hear you gonna make a video thats awesome, my poem looks good on your site :) he he

well look forward to seeing you

joe says hi

Tanya Kendrew
date: 10:00:52 PM - March 21, 2002

comments: Love your music and can't wait for you to hit the states.

Josh Carpenter Omaha, NE
date: 09:13:12 AM - March 20, 2002

comments: HEY ALLY!! 'go ally go ally eh eh go ally!' yeah anyways... met you at the mtv studios on monday march 18th... and i was the guy who came up to you and said 'great voice' or something like that... nice website... great talent... have keep on singing girl!
date: 08:45:52 PM - March 19, 2002

comments: Allison,Dave, & Kevin; good luck on the recording. u guys r awesome. u all deserve the success that is coming your way. cant wait to see you live down at the queens again. Melissa Gaspari
date: 10:56:23 PM - March 14, 2002

comments: Hey there. Congarats on your great success. I wish the best to you all for your wonderful rise to the top. Allison, don't forget to sleep on a pea!!

date: 10:59:24 PM - March 08, 2002

comments: your music is beautiful
date: 11:27:35 PM - March 06, 2002

comments: Very Cool Site :) I like your sound, very nice.
date: 01:42:59 PM - March 05, 2002

comments: hi, i'm listening to fade away right now, this is amazing ... make's me want to cry

greetings from belgium


"i'm no fuckin' messiah " E.V.
date: 09:40:32 AM - March 03, 2002

comments: YAY for good music!

It's so great that all the recording stuff is going well, and it means that soon there'll be a new addition to the collection of CDs you guys already have!

woo hoo : )

something to look forward to amidst all of the work that there is to be done!

oh, and this has to be made public - Happy Birthday, Ad!!

have fun recording : )

Jen. (d'you think that's enough exclamation marks?!)
date: 02:02:11 AM - February 16, 2002

comments: nasty comment?!?

who the hell would write a nasty comment here? bah no matter.

I finally got your cd today! *it took three weeks*

I've listened to it twice so far. I'm loving it. Come to Toronto so I can see you live!!

anywho I had better go before I take up too much space!

just some bitter twenty year old Tim aka Timbit aka Timberly aka Autotomy aka me

PS.. Pearl Jam?!? only with Neil Young! thank you =)
date: 05:22:03 PM - February 15, 2002

comments: HOORAAAAAY!!!! I finally got off my lazy butt to visit your newly renovated website and it is FAAAAABTACULOUS!!!!! ...actually, I've only read one of your diary entries and your guestbook but it's all good man :) How GREAT this all is!! It's soo nice to see all of the great comments about you guys! So many positive people loving what you guys do. It's great:) Im soo proud of how you guys are developing and it TOTALLY shows in EVERYTHING you guys do. I can't wait to see your success flourish in to something even more and Im sure you guys are excited about that too. It's all going to happen for you guys and YOU guys are doing it :) Keep up all the awesome work and I'll see you on the cover of the 'Rolling Stone' :) P.S. Allison, "Play some slayer!". Kevin, we want a MASS drum solo because you Kick @ss!:) Dave, well, let's just say you'll never be a dancer for Janet Jackson but we all love you anyway (ha ha), and Adrian, SIT DOWN!! :P Have fun recording guys. I'll be waiting to hear the masterpiece :)

Love Fau @}---
date: 04:56:27 PM - February 12, 2002

comments: Great job. Good luck!!!!!!! Tracy Stevens
date: 10:24:10 PM - February 08, 2002

comments: awesome.
date: 12:37:16 PM - February 08, 2002

comments: Just saw you on the Vicki Gabereau show and I think you have an excellent voice! Just a little disappointed that I`m not going to be able to pick up your CD today....Cheryl Hather(Ontario)
date: 08:14:01 AM - January 28, 2002

comments: great songs in the download section. love the indifference cover!
date: 11:52:59 PM - January 26, 2002

date: 08:55:46 PM - January 24, 2002

comments: "i am the walrus.. i am the eggman.."

date: 02:07:29 AM - January 24, 2002

comments: very cool. pretty soon i'm probably going to start bombarding my friends with your music. awesome stuff - the music and the site.

~adrienne http://www/
date: 03:44:51 PM - January 22, 2002

comments: and now... happy martin luther king jr. day :)
date: 10:28:18 PM - January 21, 2002

comments: hi :) this is me seeing if me fixed the problem...
date: 10:26:45 PM - January 21, 2002

comments: January 21

2:09 p.m.

Martin Luther King, Jr. day

comments: Hey I love the song "Midnight", you got some beautiful music. I wish you luck...great stuff *winks* I love the voice (I am a singer...and well I listen to a lot of diff singers) heheh take care out there - Carrie in San Diego, CA (US)

comments: Hi there. I'm Cody. I just found about you because I was doing work experience with this newspaper (youthink) and they sent me to review your show, and yeah, I just wanted to say that it was an amazing experience, and that I didn't mind that your back was to me. I stupidly gave the review to the editors without keeping a copy, but when it gets published, I can send you a copy, or re-type it somewhere here. Okey-dokey. Buh-bye! -Cody e-mail:

comments: i am the walrus.. i am the eggman..

comments: Semolina Pilchard climbing up the Eiffel Tower...

comments: Hey darlin'

Hope you're well, I know you are keeping quite busy, I get recent updates. All is well in Chilliwack "ville". My band is keeping busy, always learning new material, as we are mainly a dance band, music for season is fast approaching and we are getting some requests for gigs already. Thanks for a great gig "A night without borders" was fab!! Great comments all around, we actually raised more money than any other event! Even the Chilliwack Symphony's combined 2 night concert couldn't match our $ 4500.00. What a great feelin' that is! In total this little town raised nearly $ 60,000 for starving kids a world away. Recent updates are available at a day by day journal. Thanks again Allison, we really did make a difference. So onwards...

Luvin' Ya! Louie
date: 18:48:09 - January 14, 2002

comments: Looking forward to meeting Allison today for our interview. Awesome website by the way! Cheers, Kait Burgan, Go! Magazine, Channel 6
date: 11:13:46 - 03 Jan 2002

comments: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!
date: 03:42:43 - 01 Jan 2002

comments: Hello this is Sarah, Rebecca's friend,

your web site is really cool, I am coming to watch you at the Queens next week

smell ya later Sarah
date: 23:22:38 - 30 Dec 2001

comments: Awesome website! Almost as awesome as you guys are. I had the pleasure to see you at the Bailey Theatre. Great evening, continue success to you guys. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. Linda
date: 16:13:23 - 23 Dec 2001

comments: there's a new pic of Kevin in the concert performance archives!
date: 23:23:09 - 12 Dec 2001

comments: I LOVE KEVIN HE'S SEXY!!!

date: 17:08:59 - 12 Dec 2001

comments: Tassie Cameron
date: 08:48:04 - 05 Dec 2001

comments: nice site alley...i finally got a chance to come see it.

as for suggesting cities for your tour...i will be very upset if you dont come down here to seattle!!

did you ever get a copy of the video of your performance at the convergence?? amazing....

love, shaley....aka menane...aka Saney
date: 16:38:49 - 04 Dec 2001

comments: Great sounds. Love to see you up here in the mountains of Canmore.

Terry Clarke
date: 00:14:13 - 01 Dec 2001

comments: Good morning Allison. This is Mom aand Dad Clevette.As you can see we are now on line. Email Love you lots. Bye Bye. P.S. If Stephen's sitting beside you pinch him gently for me. HaHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
date: 08:58:33 - 30 Nov 2001

comments: Wow, I love the glad I heard about you! Thanks for the tunes too otherwise I would not have had a chance to hear you yet. Keep doing what you love to shows! Kevin. (Fellow Canuck)
date: 04:16:23 - 30 Nov 2001

comments: hey allison nice site

sean vance :)
date: 12:38:45 - 24 Nov 2001

comments: Hey Ally! I got the CD...many thanks! I love it (of course)! I looked through your photos and I saw me :) I have some nice pics from Seattle that I should send ya.

When are you going to play somewhere near here so I can go????

bazzi aka jill
date: 20:45:01 - 20 Nov 2001

comments: happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alley!!
date: 00:16:34 - 16 Nov 2001

comments: Hi Allison, I just wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday, and continued success.

Have a great day,

from, Jen : )
date: 21:41:26 - 15 Nov 2001

comments: I'm new at this ... don't know if you got a copy of this or not.. I'm a fellow singer/songwriter. Looking forward to hearing you live... NICE WEBSITE... YOU GO GIRL...!!!!!
date: 21:10:12 - 20 Oct 2001

comments: Hi there, I'm a fellow songer/songwriter. I'm looking forward to hearing you live. Nice website. YOU GO GIRL!!
date: 21:08:24 - 20 Oct 2001

comments: Dear Allison, This is a beautiful website! I recently saw you perform at the opening of the new VI tv station and I was so impressed with your voice. I was hoping to see you perform next weekend, but I heard that all the tickets have been sold out. Maybe another time then. Liz (
date: 16:43:16 - 20 Oct 2001

comments: my e-mail is Tanya ( joe's girl )

Tell Jim Bennet Tanya says Hi, I'm his old A&W buddy huh Jim worked at a burger joint :) spread that one around you guys are great
date: 16:13:24 - 20 Oct 2001

comments: Hey Allison you were great at A&B sound, I enjoy your music you kinda have a sound like Sarah Machl whatever you who i'm talking about, well best wishes to you

Tanya ( joe's girlfriend )
date: 15:52:52 - 20 Oct 2001

comments: hi ( :

there's been a second show added at the Bailey Studio ~ after the first one sold out; this encore performance will be Saturday, October 27, so everyone can enjoy Allison Crowe and friends...

cheers, Adrian
date: 10:43:36 - 19 Oct 2001

comments: Really enjoyed your show this summer at Bathtub weekend and the VI launch party. I have tickets for your Nanaimo Show but - sold out - so I have to give them to my daughter and her fiend. They were initially unable to make it due to Dover'Bay's talent show but was has been rescheduled because of your concert - do you feel important. Hope to catch you Saturday at A & B Sound
date: 12:37:00 - 18 Oct 2001

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