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name: Aunty Brenda
comments: Hey Allison go girl go and never let go of your are the magic of your own light love your music hon. Have a great summer and enjoy the sunshine. xxoo
date: 7:10 pm - Saturday,August 12, 2006
name: Bradley Gailey
comments: We just added your cd through CdBaby’s Digital Distribution Deal. Now your supporters can purchase your mp3’s right from our site. We have also included a link to your physical cd on CdBaby. Keep up the good work and have a great independent music day! Sincerely, Bradley Gailey
date: 2:39 pm - Monday,August 7, 2006
name: PJlover
comments: this woman is the best female singer ever!
date: 11:16 am - Monday,July 31, 2006
name: mathieu
comments: I am french and speak english bad. But, please, Miss Crowe, come visit France! Please...
date: 3:16 pm - Monday,July 24, 2006
name: Nathaniel Christopher
comments: Hey Allison, It's great to hear your voice again! I was in the same grade as you at Woodlands some eleven years ago and I remember my brother remarking "This girl has a lot of talent" after one of your performances at. He predicted that you'd be "big" some day. I'm glad he was right! Although you are no longer on this fair coast your music lives on in my ipod.. and your dad's fine dentistry lives on in the many fillings he gave me! Kind regards, -Nathaniel
date: 3:32 am - Monday,July 24, 2006
name: Matthew Meredith
comments: Hey Allison! So I just found out that I can get audio on your website, so that's how I'm spending my day today. I don't know if you remember me; I just graduated from Woodlands, and I played at the Christmas Concert at the church downtown last year. Anyways, I was watching a video of Skeletons and Secrets and I decided that I was going to learn it. I can get the opening riff, but I can't figure out the chord progression for the pre-chorus and chorus. Care to give me a little help? Thanks a lot, and keep up the amazing work! Bye for now!
date: 6:41 pm - Friday,July 21, 2006
name: John K
comments: I didn't know who you were until I found a video on youtube with you singing Pearl Jam's "Release" It sounded so emotional and beautiful. Thank you, john
date: 5:40 pm - Sunday,July 16, 2006
name: robert tucker
comments: Hi Allison, just a quick note to let you know you are featured on indizoo's myspace page at: Regards, Robert
date: 7:07 pm - Saturday,July 8, 2006
name: Doug Kerr
comments: I just heard Allison's song "running" on the podcast "Phedippidations", by Steve Runner and I loved it.What an original voice.I am buying her cds. Thanks Doug
date: 1:09 pm - Wednesday,July 5, 2006
name: arden
comments: I am a Leonard Cohen fan. I know all his songs & covers. I am ashame to tell you I never heard of you untill I found you through Leonrd Cohen Links. Nobody ever did his cover, that I liked, Untill I heard Hallelujah by you. WOW gave shiver you are great! I love you, your tallent, your voice, your music, your face, everything. Now I am your fan forever. love, Arden U.S
date: 11:54 am - Wednesday,July 5, 2006
name: Lauren
comments: Beautiful. Any chances in making a visit to New Jersey? It's just south of NYC... I'd love to see you. There are a lot of venues that would be perfect for you. Please come!
date: 10:58 am - Monday,July 3, 2006
name: Spencer Wilson
comments: Wow. Just wow.
date: 11:52 pm - Friday,June 30, 2006
name: Gregg Bolger
comments: Hello Allison, The website looks great! The CD is Fantastic, very easy to listen too! Was very nice to meet you. Best of Luck!
date: 12:11 am - Tuesday,June 27, 2006
name: Jacob from
comments: Hello. I'm the guy that put your music to a podcast. So I figured I'd put a blurb here and hopefully get some subscribers. Oh! I even did the videos. Add this in iTunes to Advanced and then Subscribe to Podcast Great tunes!
date: 1:02 am - Wednesday,June 21, 2006
name: Lori
comments: I love your music. I have seen you a number of times in concert. I think it's exciting that your brother works(ed) at the music store here in Nanaimo. If he tells you about any crazy fans I am one of them ! He even called you once for me ! I love you and your music. Thank You ! Lori J
date: 0:46 am - Tuesday,June 20, 2006
name: allison
comments: happy summer everyone!
date: 3:02 pm - Monday,June 19, 2006
name: Brian from Tulsa
comments: I echo my friend from Austin Texas Allison. Please come to the southern states and experience some southern hospitality. I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma but would gladly drive to Austin to watch you live. Whaddayasay??
date: 0:33 am - Sunday,June 18, 2006
name: Brian Rudichuk
comments: Hey again. I want to echo my friend from Austin Texas. Come visit us here Stateside at Austin City Limits. And please email if your actually gonna come. I live in Oklahoma but I'll drive to Austin to watch you perform, although I did email your management and ask them to check out the Cain's ballroom here in Tulsa.
date: 0:29 am - Sunday,June 18, 2006
name: Attila Izabela Gereb
comments: Dear Allison, We listened to your secrets CD today first time. I am wery happy we "discovered" your music. I usualy do not write fan mail (this is my first one) however I felt I wanted to let you know, that we liked your voice a lot. With love Attila and Izabela, Port Alberni, BC, Canada e-mail:
date: 9:11 pm - Saturday,June 17, 2006
name: John MacMillan
comments: Congrats on tour and recording (and moving)! I saw one of the TV spots. Cool. I heard from Condor. Still teaching in Asia. Sounds like he's doing ok! I'm still on Denman Island. Lotsa changes here. My bro sold the store. I'm floating solo. Still recording for myself. I will do the Denman Hall mixdown before summer's gone! It's a good show. My computer melted down for months! Now up and running and so am I! Hope to see Y'all soon!
date: 7:28 am - Saturday,June 17, 2006
name: steven sommerfeld
comments: You are amazing. Cant say anymore without sounding creepy. Keep up the good work steve
date: 0:17 am - Thursday,June 15, 2006
name: Lindsay
comments: Allison, please come play in Austin, TX, USA. We have the pianos, accostics and audience you seek. Bring your peace, joy and love of music to the Live Music Capital of the World. I need to sit and hear you live, you fill my heart.
date: 11:34 am - Wednesday,June 14, 2006
name: A.A.
comments: Lookin' & soundin' real good- keep up the kickass work! Good to meet you and Adrian. Take care.
date: 11:16 pm - Sunday,June 11, 2006
name: Mike
comments: I love your music. Kudos
date: 8:55 am - Tuesday,June 6, 2006
name: katey
comments: hi allison! you just came to my school today,on june 1st 2006 in halifax,nova scotia. my school is fairveiw heights elementary. i thought you were sooooooooo good!! (you came for pizza and piano)
date: 4:25 pm - Thursday,June 1, 2006
name: Phyllis Roy
comments: Looking forward to seeing you in Halifax. Love your version of Alleluia
date: 12:57 am - Monday,May 29, 2006
name: Miriam Mas
comments: Dear Allison, I would like to let the world know what an amazing voice you have and what a wonderful piano player you are. We very much enjoyed the concert on Sat. May 27th.. It was great to have had the chance to meet with you in person and your manager who is so kind. My daughter and I could not wait and on our drive home from the concert we listen to one of your CDs. We played your music again the following morning. Janet's already familiar with some of the lyrics and now our little Kate and I are catching up to them too. I also want to thank you for your support to our charity, Canines with a Cause! All the best with your tour and hope our lives cross again some day. Miriam Mas
date: 7:30 am - Monday,May 29, 2006
name: Catherine
comments: Hi Alison I just want to write to you and say that i love your voice and i hope to hear some more songs in the upcoming future .. and i am in love wit your version of hallelujah.. it is just breat taking.. from ur new fan.. Catherine
date: 2:51 am - Monday,May 29, 2006
name: anna cortello
comments: I like your songs
date: 9:06 am - Sunday,May 28, 2006
name: Kevin Kirsten
comments: .... and we thought Chantal Kreviazuk was 'it'. Just saw you on A Channel in London. Hoping to see you at Aeolian Hall tomorrow night. As Kirsten (my daughter) said in her early years.... (removing sucking thumb from mouth with a loud noise)... "Way kewl babe!"
date: 9:01 am - Wednesday,May 24, 2006
name: regina nadeau
comments: hi i ordered a cd and received it and then today i received another one. do you want me to send it back please let me know thanks also i have written some poems and didnt know if you would be interested in any of them to put to music? thanks regina
date: 1:15 pm - Saturday,May 20, 2006

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