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name: Tracy Kolenchuk
comments: I have posted photos from the Yardbird Suite, and they can be seen at: enjoy, tracy
date: 7:35 pm - Friday,May 19, 2006
name: Thorsten
comments: Hi Allison, beautyful voice, especially on "Halleluja" from L.Cohen. Keep singing and god bless! Thorsten
date: 11:22 am - Saturday,May 13, 2006
name: Trevor Pott
comments: Hey Allison! Wonderful singing on the train. Good luck on the tour, and hope everything goes well. See you in Edmonton!
date: 11:35 am - Thursday,May 11, 2006
name: Luciano
comments: Allison, You are an excellent interpreter with a very particular voice and a great skill in the piano. Thanks to share your music. Of they fan from Argentina. Best regards.
date: 5:55 pm - Sunday,May 7, 2006
name: Elaine Clarke
comments: Hi Allison: Just wanted to say good luck to you on your tour. Angus told me you're leaving Monday. I'm so disappointed I didn't ever get to hear you in a little jam session at Gitano's :-). I'm worried we won't be able to lure you back this way again - totally selfish on my part I know .... Anyway, best of luck, and I truly believe you have nothing but great things in your future. Take good care of yourself. Hugs Elaine
date: 4:39 pm - Sunday,April 30, 2006
name: Paul Farnham
comments: Wow! What a set of pipes! I think I'm in love. Fraternally, Paul
date: 4:49 pm - Friday,April 28, 2006
name: Lisabeth
comments: Thank you for sharing your music. I love _River_. I wish you all the best.
date: 4:45 pm - Tuesday,April 18, 2006
name: Janine
comments: Hi Allsion, I didnīt knew your website, till I got a member of The Georgie Forum from Austria. Then I checkes the member list, because I wanted to know, where the Users come from. And so I saw, that there is al link to your Website and now: Here I am, to take a look! I have to say, your site lokks very professional and the music is amazing! Perhaps you would like to visit my website too? Its a german site, because I am from Germany, but my guestbook also prefers english words^^ So I would like you to have a nice week in wonderful canada! Many nicely greetings from Germany, Janine (website:
date: 3:06 pm - Tuesday,April 18, 2006
name: isabelle
comments: Allison's performance of Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen) is profoundly beautiful and touching. I wish Allison all the best on the journey of exploring music, and life. Isabelle
date: 9:56 pm - Saturday,April 8, 2006
name: Brian Rudichuk
comments: Allison, what a wonderful gift and you share it so well. I particularly love Lisa's Song and only discovered its broken beginnings by spending time on your site. I hope some day you make to Tulsa, Ok. Ill be front and center if you get anywhere near here.
date: 1:26 am - Friday,March 31, 2006
name: Evani
comments: Just heard me and bobby mcgee .. wonderfull
date: 7:59 am - Thursday,March 30, 2006
name: Evani Keshav
comments: The Voice is just Amazing, it elevates you to a plane where all your worries are lost. A fan's request from india - would want to hear cemetery gates by pantera in your voice. It is a lovely song.. will be divine with your voice..
date: 7:44 am - Wednesday,March 29, 2006
name: Pam
comments: Better know as Chaos on the net but u meet me as Pam, Tasha's cousin!! HAHAHA Well I finally got around to seeing what type of music u play, lmao. So not the girl I was laughing and jking with but still wonderful just the same. Best Of Luck On Your Tour !!!
date: 3:44 pm - Sunday,March 26, 2006
name: dave johnson
comments: gripping. you know music.
date: 11:31 am - Sunday,March 26, 2006
date: 8:31 pm - Thursday,March 23, 2006
name: Mark
comments: I discovered your music at WOW. You will have a bunch of new fans here in Knoxville, TN! Really lovely stuff. Keep up the good work. Mark
date: 10:28 am - Sunday,March 19, 2006
name: carla
comments: Hey Are You A Lesbian?
date: 10:08 pm - Saturday,March 18, 2006
name: Elaine Clarke
comments: Hi Allison: I met you at Gitano's last Friday night (March 3rd) - I was singing with Louis McDonald. I had to let you know you that I've had a chance now to listen to some of your music on your website and I think you're fabulous! Somewhere down the road I will definitely be saying ---"I knew you when". You not only have the talent to do something really wonderful, but you obviously know how and what it takes to get there. I'm looking forward to hearing your new CD and I'll be first in line to buy my "autographed" copy. I can guarantee you that Louis and Mike will do a fantastic job with whatever aspects of the recording they're involved in. Still looking forward to hearing you play, or just practice, down at Gitano's sometime soon. Hugs Elaine
date: 6:16 pm - Monday,March 6, 2006
name: Peter Spencer
comments: Hey Allison, just thought I would drop you a quick note to let you know that we are thinking about you. We , Becker and I, are gearing up for Musical Theatre auditions which always brings you to mind. I am very proud of you and all of your success. All the best, and keep in touch. Spencer.
date: 6:24 pm - Friday,March 3, 2006
name: MDG
comments: Just checking things out - considering a couple of Allison songs for my next podcast (each one has a bonus track at the end of the show). A really beautiful voice! -MDG
date: 5:27 pm - Thursday,March 2, 2006

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