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name: Sandi in Bellingham : )
comments: Hey girl (and all the guys!) It's Sandi just checking in to see what's going on with you all and check out some tunes I've not heard yet! Hope everyone is happy & healthy. We need to get you a show at the Mt. Baker Theater here in the 'ham... This town needs to know about Allison Crowe! I'm getting my photography "business" going so I've got that part covered ; ) Drop me a line when you have time! Sandi
date: 3:47 pm - Sunday,February 26, 2006
name: Elke Bon
comments: I am a fan of Joni Mitchell, now I am also a fan of Allison Crowe. From Germany with love!
date: 5:26 pm - Friday,February 24, 2006
name: Natasha
comments: Hey Ally! Just checking out your site...for the 100th TIME!! haha! I love it! I love your pics!! You're an awesome chick and it's so nice to have you in Newfoundland and have you as a new friend! YOU ROCK the ROCK! Keep Sining!!! XOXOXOX ~Tash
date: 8:27 pm - Monday,February 20, 2006
name: Jonatas Paganini
comments: hello allison... i dont speak english, i am brazilian.... i want talk with you.... you are pretty girl.... your songs is a good... talk to me.... you are cool!!! add me in msn messenger....
date: 1:09 pm - Sunday,February 19, 2006
name: Jayme
comments: So, impressed....and we really want to see you live! Club Passim in Harvard Square (Cambridge, Massachusetts -- right outside Boston) would be a perfect venue for you! Greats like Emm Gryner have played piano and sang there with a wonderful reception and great acoustics. Hope to see you!
date: 8:30 pm - Saturday,February 18, 2006
name: Jann Cornels
comments: Awesome... in everysense of the meaning...
date: 9:19 pm - Saturday,February 11, 2006
name: Jason J Tunin
comments: I have heard many versions of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah, but I love yours the most. I must have replayed it a 100 times.
date: 1:07 am - Saturday,February 11, 2006
name: ira max
comments: Hi allison, great site.... come visit us @, we are always looking for new talent for our tv show
date: 10:09 am - Wednesday,February 8, 2006
name: Eddie Crowe
comments: Hi Allison, I'm Eddie Crowe, I'm also a singer Songwriter, the bluesman...I havent heard your music yet but i will..You sure look like a crowe to me...same nose other features similar..I signed autographs as Russell Crowe In long beach ca. on the Queen Mary ship/ website keep rockin'
date: 2:42 pm - Tuesday,February 7, 2006
name: Melissa
comments: Beautiful ... you and your music Melissa Amelia Island, Fl
date: 11:03 pm - Monday,February 6, 2006
name: Anna Evsoja
comments: I would really like to see Allison playing in Finland!!
date: 4:51 pm - Sunday,January 29, 2006
name: Ad
comments: The lyrics to Hallelujah as performed by Allison Crowe are all, originally, by Leonard Cohen. (Though she does make one or two of her own word changes.) Cohen continued adding verses to the song - after he made his 1984 album, Various Positions. Artists covering the song have chosen which verses to perform, though, the more well-known versions tend to include the later Cohen lyrics chosen by Jeff Buckley, Rufus Wainwright, et al ~ and Allison in her recording. A terrific resource for Cohen info is The Leonard Cohen Files @
date: 11:29 pm - Saturday,January 28, 2006
name: circe
comments: just wanted to mention that your version of 'Hallelujah' is the Jeff Buckley version. the first two verses are from the Leonard Cohen version, but then Buckley had some different verses, which you sing. so you might want to give some props to him (Buckley) as well, heh.
date: 10:50 pm - Saturday,January 28, 2006
name: Cullen
comments: Saw Allison in Owen Sound in December. FELL IN LOVE!!!!!!!!!! Coming to Vancouver area in March. My wife and I hope to catch a concert or performance. Can you advise???????? An Ontarioian FAN Cullen
date: 8:52 am - Saturday,January 28, 2006
name: Fatima ALmeida
comments: Allison Crowe, I feel I am your biggest fan from Brazil! Heavens, I love your songs and I've playing them on the piano... Peace
date: 6:27 pm - Friday,January 27, 2006
name: Brad Coish
comments: --- WOW! ---
date: 0:49 am - Wednesday,January 18, 2006
name: Celeste Tober
comments: Your voice is amazing! I came across you when I was emailed your press release. Since then I have told everyone I know about your music! I would love to know if you will be comming to Cleveland Ohio ever. If you do, visit the Rock & Roll hall of fame it's cool. Hope to here you live some day. All my best Celeste
date: 12:12 am - Sunday,January 15, 2006
name: Bill
comments: Your rendition of River really touched my heart. This has long been one of my favortie songs. I have several versions including the original by Joni Mitchell. Seeing your face in the video really added to my enjoyment. I could see the emotion and feeling you put into singing the song as well as hear it. I love the images it creates. It's got to be the saddest love song ever. Maybe that's why I relate to it so strongly. Hearing you sing it made me feel and remember so many things. Thank you for performing this song. Thank you so much for making the video and the mp3 file available. BTW I loved being able to see the inside of the piano working as you as played. You filled a cold rainy Saturday with magic :)
date: 7:39 pm - Saturday,January 14, 2006
name: Maxi
comments: u r great
date: 7:20 am - Friday,January 13, 2006
name: Dan
comments: The song "What About You" -- Wow!
date: 4:32 pm - Monday,January 9, 2006

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