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name: Carly
comments: Oh my goodness. I came across Allison's music just this morning and WOW!!!! I listened to her cover of Tori's 1000 Oceans and bawled my eyes out. I am off to the store to buy her albums now, I cannto believe I have come across such a wonder of a voice. Just brilliant.
date: 9:18 pm - Thursday,January 5, 2006
name: Anne Ehret
comments: Greetings, Just wanted you to know that I received your CD "Tidings" from my husband for Christmas and I truly love it. Your voice gives me chills! Although I like all the songs on it, already my favourites are...A Bleak Mid Winter, and In My Life. You do more than justice to both songs. Thank you for this. Anne Ehret in Agassiz
date: 9:04 pm - Tuesday,January 3, 2006
name: Robert Sorensen
comments: My wife and I were overwhelmed by the Nov. concert in London. please keep us informed of Allisons next visit to England as we'll want to be there. Also, any info on joining the fanclub would be appreciated. Best Regards, Robert Sorensen
date: 3:13 pm - Friday,December 30, 2005
name: T. Johnson
comments: What are you waiting for girl,your better than most of them out there right now.And PLEASEEE hurry and get a CD of Xmas Carrols out there.Thanks.
date: 4:47 pm - Monday,December 26, 2005
name: Gary C
comments: I just heard the end of the Tidings special on Tv ad I was moved. Nothing else needs to be said. I'm a new fan.
date: 0:42 am - Sunday,December 25, 2005
name: Oliver Santa-Ana
comments: Just listened to 'Live at Wood Hall'. Beautifully intense, and intensely beautiful.
date: 1:51 am - Saturday,December 24, 2005
name: Reid
comments: Allison...I'm just someone out there in Canada, but I think you are making a difference and a awesome statement with your music ! Please keep singing.
date: 10:10 am - Friday,December 23, 2005
name: Jan
comments: Hi i just watch your christmas special and really like your voice, i think you have lots of potential. I hope to see you visiting the maritimes when your touring next year, especially Moncton,because i know many people will attend.
date: 0:35 am - Friday,December 23, 2005
name: Heather
comments: Merry Christmas, allison!!! Hope you have a wonderful new year. I sure you will. Love you, Heather and wee hailey.xxoo
date: 5:56 pm - Thursday,December 15, 2005
name: mark shark
comments: keep on rockin in the free world!
date: 4:26 am - Monday,December 12, 2005
name: Angus
comments: Wow..continually amazed..Someone suggested I google my name..56 000 sites. 1 of which applied to me.. I googled your name and got over 1 million(Oy vey!!) hits. and there all about you!! congratulations on your great tour from your biggest fan. Angus
date: 0:34 am - Friday,December 9, 2005
name: Ross Hocker
comments: I saw Allison at Bowling Green State University,Bowling Green, Ohio on December 6th, 2005. It was the most honest, heartfelt, and directly intimate concert in my entire life. I have been to hundreds of concerts of all sorts of music, but nothing like Allison Crowe! She is fantastico! and so very sweet and marvelous to behold. She brought a singer with her named Billie Woods. She was excellent! Allison has a special gift that is so very rare in musicians today. She is true to her mind, heart and spirit. She also has a most wonderful humor which envelops her audience. Thank you for being on this earth, dear Allison Crowe.
date: 12:06 am - Thursday,December 8, 2005
name: Jim Ansell Patti Smith
comments: WOW! We just caught your show at the Knox United Church in Owen Sound. Fabulous! Your performance of "A Case of You" had me holding back tears. Joni herself would be proud. Patti had goosebumps and bought 2 CDs. There were not nearly enough of us lucky souls in attendance tonight. You blessed us with your gift and transcendental talents. Peace and light to you Allison! Jim & Patti
date: 1:05 am - Saturday,December 3, 2005
name: Aunty Brenda
comments: Hi Allison, wishing you a beautiful Christmas, and thankyou for sharing your talent, which is a wonderful Christmas present to us, who enjoy your singing. Happy New year hon, love ya. Aunty Brenda
date: 3:17 am - Friday,December 2, 2005
name: Mayra
comments: Hey Allison, Was great to see you in Amsterdam! Loved your performance, and Billy's too of course! Hope to see you back here some day! Enjoy the rest of the tour and then take a well deserved break! Untilsoon!
date: 12:13 am - Wednesday,November 30, 2005
name: Melinda
comments: Hi Allison ! your music is great keep it up!! Happy Hoidays!
date: 11:26 pm - Sunday,November 27, 2005
name: Torsten
comments: Hi Allison, i hear your interview with Simone on monday at Radio Dachboden. It was funny. Wednesday i saw you in the concert in Frankfurt(Germany). WOOOOOOW. Your voice is stunning. It was great. You are a very great singer and musician. I and the other members at Radio Dachboden hope to see you again next year.
date: 9:46 am - Saturday,November 26, 2005
name: foe
comments: when you are in Germany don't forget to grrrrab the rrrrabbit. It will pump you up :) I love you lots! Beef the Boat and all that jazz. p.s. Im crazy. p.p.s. you are too. Love you :) Have fun!
date: 4:46 pm - Saturday,November 19, 2005
name: foe
comments: when you are in Germany don't forget to grrrrab the rrrrabbit. It will pump you up :) I love you lots! Beef the Boat and all that jazz. p.s. Im crazy. p.p.s. you are too. Love you :) Have fun!
date: 4:46 pm - Saturday,November 19, 2005

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