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date: 13:47:22 - 07 Oct 2001

comments: HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEVIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
date: 09:56:17 - 06 Oct 2001

comments: Hi Gang Nice job at the launch party of the New VI. Loved your show. Craig
date: 22:05:06 - 04 Oct 2001

comments: Hey there Alley, I just got a Birthday package from Adrian, (and let me say, this is now officially the BEST Birthday I've ever had hehe) - and thank you for signing the CD cover, that makes this B'day even more special : )

Thanks, keep rocking, Jen from Oz : )
date: 00:25:13 - 27 Sep 2001

comments: hey allison your songs are amazing hopefully one day they will be released down under. You have an amazing talent thanks for sharing your music with us. signed Big pearl jam fan Dean
date: 01:32:10 - 26 Sep 2001

comments: Hey Alley,

the new look of your site, and all the new lyrics, photos and links are really cool...yay!

Anyway, that's all I have to say right now.

Bye, from Jen
date: 00:05:11 - 26 Sep 2001

comments: my girlfriend in spain just gave me this link, and i think these songs are fabulous, and honestly i can't stop playing philosophy. it's beautiful. so, good luck with the record. you're gonna be a star, baby! deborah
date: 12:17:46 - 24 Sep 2001

comments: Hello :) Great site!!!
date: 19:13:06 - 23 Sep 2001

comments: Hi Alley, It's Jen here... I've had a copy of your new CD for a while and I adore it and was wondering if you'd be posting the lyrics to the new tracks on your site soon?

Also, being all the way over here in Australia I obviously don't get to go to your concerts, so it would be cool to see some photos and other new things so that I don't feel AS jealous of other people who do get to see you perform : )

Anyway, keep rocking on! Best Wishes, Jen
date: 00:38:32 - 14 Sep 2001

comments: Hey I was going to email ya, but I decided this would be easier. I just wanted to say congrats on everything happening for ya! I remember a few months back I was in Vancouver and I saw just a wall full of posters with you on it. I almost killed my friend when I screamed saying I knew you from h.s. I'm gonna keep this short so keep up the great work, I'll be coming back here often. Janine -
date: 02:42:00 - 08 Sep 2001

comments: lol, triple post! so... if you ever tire of your site's current layout (just a random what-if question...) I'd love to make one up. with spliced images, css, frames, rollovers - no, really, I'm actually good at it. drop me a line sometime please!

date: 22:51:55 - 07 Sep 2001

comments: Forgot to post my email - it's

date: 22:42:18 - 07 Sep 2001

comments: Hi Allison, I doubt you'll remember me, my name is Laura Rodgers and you were my pianist one year in the Music Festival. I think you have a really, really great sound - this world needs far more musicians like you and your band, and far less pre-processed pop "artists". I expect to see you as the next worldwide super-success story from VI soon!
date: 22:40:39 - 07 Sep 2001

comments: Hey Alley, Adrian, Dave and Kevin, I figure it's about damn time I signed the guestbook. I'm a horrible procrastinator, which I suppose means I'm actually quite good at it. ~:oP Thanks for the cd's and all that jazz. I hope to bring even more friends with me to future shows. Y'all rock the world and let me know if you need anything, okay? Thanks again for everything. Take care, Reena
date: 20:38:55 - 25 Aug 2001

comments: we love you!
date: 13:58:20 - 25 Aug 2001

comments: Event Profile: "The Nanaimo singer and the rest of her trio grace the Railway stage."
date: 09:26:11 - 23 Aug 2001

comments: hey alli howsit going eh!!!wishing you and your crew the best!!!say hi to your the TOE
date: 23:15:26 - 19 Aug 2001

comments: Hey....I live in North Vancouver and one day I thought I'd type my own name into the net and voila there you were........Hi Allison Crowe my name is Allison Crowe too!!! Loved seeing my name on a poster - I scooped one and have it here at home. I actually really like your tunes and will probably come see you play if I can get the time what with kids, home, husband and work.......I was thinking that some people that see your posters might think your me (that know me) and I'd be proud!!!!! TTFN Allison...........................................
date: 14:18:06 - 19 Aug 2001

comments: It's me Sandi : )
date: 13:13:04 - 12 Aug 2001

comments: Allison;

Great sound. Expect to see near/at the top soon.
date: 17:22:01 - 05 Aug 2001

comments: ardy was here.. with love and best wishes to you all :) "remembering seattle...july 26-30, 2001"
date: 21:29:33 - 04 Aug 2001

comments: Dear Allison,

My name is Arone. I am not sure if you remember me, as you were quite young, when I went to school with your brother Russell. I also played badminton with your bassist you guys have done well! All the best in the future.

Arone Pabbies
date: 13:11:18 - 03 Aug 2001

comments: Hiya Allison,

Just thought I would submit a :) and a "well done". Got the link from 13throwcentre's place (Come Jam with Me) - great music - keep it coming :)

date: 07:58:30 - 30 Jul 2001

comments: I'm visitor # 4200!
date: 13:57:51 - 23 Jul 2001

comments: hey Allison it's Steve Jackman.

Yah, long time. Looks like your doing really well to say the least. Dad told me about the concert at Lucky Bar. Would have gone but was managing across the street at the Wharfside Eatery. Tell your dad i'll be in soon. Stop by if you feel and say hey to Russell and your Mom for me.
date: 02:08:52 - 23 Jul 2001

comments: Hi Allison

The website looks great. I couldnt download any of the music but i have heard you before so Im sure Im missing out big time. :) The site looks great Ill check back when i stop the dial up and go to cable like regular folks such as wilfred brimley :) (I'm weird like all ns folk)PS I told a few friends on icq about your new look site:)

Paul aka FieldsofGold
date: 11:09:28 - 22 Jul 2001

comments: hhehehe.. ALLISooooonooo oh no.. my oooooooo button is sticking.. grrrr. this is just rebecca saying hello! See you later :)
date: 11:08:15 - 13 Jul 2001

comments: Well, I just finished downloading all of your stuff with my lightning-fast 56k ; ) ...and I have to say, it blows me away. Lyrically AND musically; bands like that are becoming increasingly hard to find nowadays, but you guys have something going for you! Best of luck getting signed (with those songs, it's only a matter of time), and I'll try to make it out to some shows if you guys ever come to the east coast : )

date: 08:49:14 - 12 Jul 2001

comments: hello , its me camille from nanaimo...just finished rocking out at the lamplighter in gastown and thought we would check out your site ...AGAIN...great work adrian...great work ali and playing with you guys...philosophy is my most fav tune...take camille
date: 03:00:08 - 07 Jul 2001

comments: Hey Allison


Love always and forever,

Sandeep Parhar
date: 16:25:22 - 03 Jul 2001

comments: ooops... that' me falling asleep and accidentally submitting (nothing!)

thank you for your music ( : ~ and everything/anything else

date: 23:13:56 - 28 Jun 2001

comments: Hey Allison... It's Extreme Joe again... just wanted you to know my email if you wanna contact me about doin an interview on TV or Radio... just let me know alright??? cool man!!! catchya later!!! :o)

Extreme Joe Cooper
date: 19:24:24 - 23 Jun 2001

comments: Allison!!! I can't believe how big you are right now!!! (big as in famous!) lol ok I just wanted to say that you are the Coolest!!!! Keep doin what you're doin!!! I'll see ya in Hollywood!!!

date: 19:17:28 - 23 Jun 2001

comments: well if I don't sign it who will. It's Dave figured I'd take a look finally.
date: 12:27:28 - 16 Jun 2001

comments: wow - i got the link from synergy

this is really beautiful - you be goin' places

and great site!!! - come to toronto :)

and thanks for the music

date: 20:50:23 - 12 Jun 2001

comments: Hey guys are amazing!!! Very talented band...keep making that awesome music! Jesse (McCreadysStrat on synergy).
date: 19:33:03 - 12 Jun 2001

comments: brandon mittermeyer,

sounds great, all music appreciated
date: 18:33:21 - 12 Jun 2001

comments: Laura again... ReleaseMe528 on the Synergy Board.
date: 16:29:52 - 12 Jun 2001

comments: p.s. its me Laura again i forgot to tell you that im ReleaseMe528 on the Synergy Board.
date: 16:27:00 - 12 Jun 2001

comments: Amazing! I just downloaded "disease" cause everyone has been talking about it on the Jam Board, and I've got to say that it is an awesome song. kudos to ya' i cant wait to download more songs. hope ya'll get signed soon and head down to Texas cause i will defenitley be there. :)

date: 16:25:07 - 12 Jun 2001

comments: I love your site. I wish y'all the best of luck.

Laura/chewdawg from Synergy
date: 06:48:41 - 11 Jun 2001

comments: hey allison.... i love these songs.... "on the air" is my favourite so far..... good luck with everything.... these songs deserve to be heard.....


date: 18:31:26 - 10 Jun 2001

comments: hey allison.... i love these songs.... "on the air" is my favourite so far..... good luck with everything.... these songs deserve to be heard.....


date: 18:31:26 - 10 Jun 2001

comments: Alison...........WOW! is like all I can come up with at this time......your style/sound/talent are all sooooo unique......."hat's off" to ya girl!!! I'm officially addicted to Disease in particular, love the bass/percussion/piano mix there! Just Rocks!! I saw your post about that label looking at you on the PJ board--I really hope you get signed!!! Best of Luck to you and keep jammin'!! ------Take Care--Jennifer (jlfinhiding---on the board)
date: 11:24:43 - 10 Jun 2001

comments: I love your music. I saw your post on synergy about the Universal thing. Good luck with that. I'm also trying to build a Northwest Rock site, which basically would include new and old bands/artists that originated in the Northwest. I believe you said that you were from the Vancouver area. I'm assuming you wouldn't mind if I put a link to here on my site. If you want to have any photos on the site, please feel free to email them to me at The site is not up yet, still majorly underconstruction, but as soon as it's up, I'll be sure to send you a link. Again, good luck with Universal and where ever else your music may take you.

~Melanie (a.k.a. peacefulness on Synergy) (my personal site)
date: 17:37:26 - 07 Jun 2001

comments: Hello i saw your show last night at the Backstage Lounge in Granville Island and was totally blown away. I've never heard anyone sing like that before. All the best in the future and thanks for signing my CD. I'll definitely be at your next Vancouver show. If you have an email list, please put me on it at Thanks again, Tim
date: 10:51:18 - 01 Jun 2001

comments: Visit my site soon moving off of geocities when i buy my domain and server. I have everything ready just need time.
date: 19:08:59 - 31 May 2001

comments: Hi Alley,

The new demos are great! Congratulations on those and all your recent success, and best of luck for your upcoming shows. I wish I could come and see you at one of them.

Jen (Aust.)
date: 00:27:49 - 21 May 2001

comments: Hi Alley,

The new demos are great! Congratulations on those and all your recent success, and best of luck for your upcoming shows. I wish I could come and see you at one of them.

Jen (Aust.)
date: 00:27:49 - 21 May 2001

comments: Hi Ally kevin here . just thought I'd say hi. So hi and I will see you at next rehearsal.Bye
date: 15:43:39 - 11 May 2001

comments: Hi Allison , I'm glad i could could catch your act at myles of beans, i've listened to the cd that you signed for my daughter stephanie in ontario, i think she will like it, also you played your new song with no name last night, it sounded like it has potential. have fun and keep up the great work, also your band is very tight in music terms, looking forward to seeing you on the charts. Joe Hebert.
date: 11:05:56 - 06 May 2001

comments: To my dearest Allison..........I love you and wish you the best of luck! Also, best of luck at the SOLD OUT show! you rock, and i talk to you when you come always Kristen:)
date: 20:43:08 - 29 Apr 2001

comments: Hi honey. This is mom Clevette. Nice website. I'm at Amy's on her fancy computer. I love you and your cat. Kick butt this weekend. I wish I could be there but it's prom weekend so first priorty. Hope to come to your next island show. Love Momxoxoxo Super job done. I love your website. Keep sending me updates. Love Aunty Amy. xo
date: 22:10:45 - 25 Apr 2001

comments: Hey, so i found this site, just surfaing, and well, yeah! so I'm in the middle of downloading a song right now... um 22% completed actually... haha, glass half full eh! well, i'm sure this will be a good song, and so I'm going to say keep up the great work... because that's the kind of person I am, and yeah! :) Take care... Have a good day! Melissa
date: 11:56:20 - 19 Apr 2001

comments: Hi Allison,

I first saw you sing on Salt Spring Island opening for Tara Maclean and I was absolutely blown away! You are such an amazing talent :) I was singing (trying to sing ...I lost my voice two days before and it was just starting to com back) at the Women Rock concert and I managed to sneak my 18 year old self into the club for a little bit so I got to hear a bit of your set but I had to leave early because I had school the next day :( But I'm looking forward to opening at your shows next month. I can't wait to see you again. Take care, Lori :)
date: 10:58:25 - 15 Apr 2001

comments: Hello Allison.I'm just writing to say I love your voice!Personally I think your voice is similar to Fiona Apple and Amanda Marshall. When is your cd being released?Will it be available in the U.K?(As I'm from Wales) Keep up the good work&believe in yourself and your dreams will come true. From
date: 09:35:50 - 14 Apr 2001

comments: Glen Parkin
date: 23:17:44 - 12 Apr 2001

comments: Hey Allison. This is Uncle Glen(kristens uncle) I was talking to her mom and she was going to get a hold of you to see what the chances would be to get you down to the Rocky Creek Pub in Ladysmith for an evening. Let me know what your rates are . But since I am kristen's uncle and my daughter Julie is good friends with kevin's sister I thought you might be able to cut me a deal. Let me know.
date: 23:16:17 - 12 Apr 2001

comments: Hi there Love the site.Im really eager to hear some of Allison's music,im from England so i expect it will take a while before we get it over here.i look forward to it,im sures its fantastic.....Good luck with everything!! Kate McLaughlin
date: 04:25:42 - 09 Apr 2001

comments: Hey, I found this place from a link your manager guy put in a Sarah M site (I'm a HUGE sarah fan :)

Anyway, I followed the link and ended up here. The mention of Fiona Apple and Jeff Buckley in the guestbook got my attention (I agree about J.B - Grace).

So I'm listening to On the Air now, and am damn impressed. Nice work indeed. One day I'm gonna head over there and see a Sarah concert, at which time I can hopefully go to one of yours too!

Good luck! Sven. (australia, wishing he was in Canada :)
date: 23:50:13 - 07 Apr 2001

comments: Hey Alli!

Congrads on all of your resent sucess! i saw your spot on the womens day breakfast show (had to tape it. It was on way to early for me!). You continue to blow me away with your artistic growth and presence! your poetry is amazing to.There's a CD I think you would like by Jeff Buckley( also a scorpio) called "GRACE". Its really intense which I love. PS_ Your cat looks just like mine!

date: 16:51:29 - 02 Apr 2001

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