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name: foe
comments: when you are in Germany don't forget to grrrrab the rrrrabbit. It will pump you up :) I love you lots! Beef the Boat and all that jazz. p.s. Im crazy. p.p.s. you are too. Love you :) Have fun!
date: 4:46 pm - Saturday,November 19, 2005
name: Craig
comments: I just found Allison on the Internet and bought some songs. She is HOT! pleae come to Portland Oregon! Love the way you sing O Holy Night!
date: 2:10 pm - Friday,November 18, 2005
name: Angus
comments: Waiting for authorization? what kind of regime is this? lol come on with the ok button already!!
date: 1:36 pm - Friday,November 18, 2005
name: Greg OHara
comments: Allison made her European debut in Dublin yesterday. What a performance. Allison has a unique talent, but I suppose you all know that already. Come back soon.
date: 5:31 am - Friday,November 18, 2005
name: Mom and Dad
comments: Hi alli and all Just a note to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY If you get a chance give us a collect call at mo's tonight. If not have a great birthday.
date: 1:48 pm - Wednesday,November 16, 2005
name: Carlye Burton
comments: I just wanted to say I love you guys and wanted to thank you again for everything you have done !!! You are both ANGELS!! bless you both...I am not really religious..but I feel blessed to know you both!!!! Carlye xoxo
date: 9:49 pm - Sunday,November 13, 2005
name: Fanifau
comments: Good luck on your European tour Allison :) not that you need it :P You're going to have a fabulous time for sure and I am soo happy for you!! HOORAY FOR YOU!!! I love you tols...and so does Agnes...heh heh heh. I'M FROM DUBLIN!!! Keep those accents at bay...or rather let them out, Im sure everyone will find it amusing :) he he he honh honh honh...sorry. ummm...yeah, you're leaving and I will miss you, but I will see you when you return and all will be well, as always :) "These things I warmly wish for you Someone to love, some work to do, A bit o'sun, a bit o' cheer, And a guardian angel always near" ~irish blessing. I LOVE YOU ALLISON!!! have lots of fun!
date: 3:14 pm - Sunday,November 13, 2005
name: Angus
comments: Hi Allison Just wanted to wish you the best on your European Tour. Hope you have a great time, I'm sure your audiences will!! Remember no matter what happens you deserve this and someone is always thinking of you. Cheers! Angus
date: 11:20 am - Sunday,November 13, 2005
name: Rebecca
comments: LOVE YOU LOTS reb
date: 5:22 pm - Wednesday,November 9, 2005
name: Angus
comments: Dear Allison. I just wanted to write to thank you and tell you that I LOVE your voice!! Often I fall asleep listning to your voice and it is a great relaxer after a hard day. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with all the world and especially on behalf of myself. lok forward to seeing you again soon! Angus
date: 11:06 am - Sunday,November 6, 2005
name: HeAtHeR
comments: Hey I love your new song!!! GREAT! Happy hallowwen!!! Heather and Hailey
date: 4:00 pm - Wednesday,November 2, 2005
name: Christopher K. Daw
comments: Allison Gifts of Song Showcase Benefit Concert for Underprivileged Children Halifax The Musicroom december 4th 2005. My name is Christopher Daw and I meet you and Adrian at your concert in Halifax this September. Wicked! Clay Radcliffe and I represent MUSIC FOR GOOD which is a not for profit organization (mission and values statement attached) is sponsoring concert in association with ATV and the Christmas Daddies program for under privileged Children at the MUSIC ROOM in Halifax. Its scheduled for SUNDAY the 4th of DECEMBER and will feature some of the best and brightest musicians, singer songwriters we have to offer. The impetus for this show is to showcase 6 to 8 performers in an excellent venue raising money for this local charity at a crucial time of the year and will be named "GIFTS OF SONG." The show itself will be professionally hosted and run 2 - 3 hours long with an intermission, a bar with some meet & greet and CD selling as well as live feed to ATV Christmas Daddies fundraiser happening simultaneously. At this point Clay Radcliffe and I are contacting interested Maritime performers that include: Andrew White, Meaghan Smith,MIR (acoustic), Dave Gunning, Jill Barber,Rose Cousins,Cory Tetford, Damnhait Doyle ,Tony and Shannon Quinn,Paul Lamb, Ruth minninkin , Christina Martin, and Evan Kolvoord . We are planning to pay the musicians and Host/co-host for their expenses plus a modest fee as well as sponsored gifts for their time. Hopefully this can all fit with your schedule you could do a few songs for the cause if you are in town.It will be a great time and you would really be helping make this event a success. Please call if you have any questions, were in the midway planning stages but things are falling into place nicely.The Steinway ( and Halifax) awaits you. Cheers
date: 2:05 pm - Monday,October 31, 2005
name: Joel Mehlenbacher
comments: just came across your music today (10/25/05), some free downloads from So impressed I bought three CD's of my own. I went to SUNY Potsdam for my undergrad and had the privilege of taking some piano classes at the Crane School of Music. Would be a great place for a concert (and I would be able to attend). Thanks.
date: 9:02 pm - Tuesday,October 25, 2005
name: Robert
comments: I came across Allison by chance a few weeks ago and have since downloaded some songs. She has the most amazing voice I have ever heard. Me and Bobby McGee brings tears to my eyes. I live in London and by a stroke of luck, she'll be performing here next month. I have a ticket and can't wait to hear her beautiful voice in person.
date: 10:11 am - Tuesday,October 25, 2005
name: Don Young
comments: Thanks a lot for keeping Lisa,s page on your site it means a lot to us . Thanks again Don
date: 1:04 am - Thursday,October 20, 2005
name: Chris Craig
comments: just discovered allison on by chance on the web. great the joni mitchell and leonard cohen covers. just working my way through the rest of the albums as I type!
date: 8:06 am - Saturday,October 15, 2005
name: Angus
comments: Thanks again Allison for such a wonderful evening. Truly I feel awakened after a long sleep. You have a gift of inspiration that should be shared with the world. But I very selfishly wish you were here all the time! Thanks again from Corner Brook!
date: 2:07 pm - Thursday,October 13, 2005
name: Mary Lynn
comments: THE most EXTRODINARY voice I have EVER heard!
date: 2:34 am - Tuesday,October 11, 2005
name: Maja
comments: Fucking beautiful, Hallelujah. -Maja-
date: 11:59 am - Monday,October 10, 2005
name: Kathleen
comments: Hey, Wouldn't it be amazing if Alley covered something by Nick Cave? (I won't suggest what tracks because there are tons). But knowing how amazing she is at re-interpreting them, I can't hear a good tune now without thinking, "hmm...Allison could do that one." LOL!
date: 6:52 am - Friday,October 7, 2005

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