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name: Aunty Brenda
comments: Hey Allison, thankyou for believing in yourself, as your world tours show what a wonderful way of showing the tallent given to such a beautiful unquie lady. Your in my heart and soul always kisses and hugs xxoo.
date: 11:01 pm - Thursday,October 6, 2005
name: Sebastian Gomez
comments: Hi Allison, wow! You have an amazing voice.. I just discovered your music and heard your rendition of Hallelujah and it's breathtaking. I couldn't believe it was live. BRAVO! Good luck in the future. Sebastian Gomez
date: 4:23 pm - Tuesday,October 4, 2005
name: Big G
comments: Hi Allison, Glad to see your doing well touring. When You get home stop by and have a chat. Come see our new studio. Am enjoying the live cd. Talk to you soon. Big G, CHLY-101.7FM, Radio Malaspina, Nanaimo, BC
date: 6:53 pm - Friday,September 30, 2005
name: Steve Harris
comments: Thank you so much for comin' to Newfoundland Allison. It was an incredible treat to see you perform. You truly blew me away and I cannot wait until you can do it again someday. From Steve Harris (Flamehead) of St. John's Newfoundland.
date: 10:30 pm - Wednesday,September 28, 2005
name: Ben Solomon
comments: Wonderful
date: 10:31 pm - Tuesday,September 27, 2005
name: Steve
comments: G'day Allison, As I write this, I am listening to your song "What About You". It touched me greatly during your concert tonight at Ivory's in Moncton. You have such a gift, such a gift. Your energy, Your soul, your voice, your lyrics. Powerful! Enjoyed meeting you all. Thanks for sharing yourself with us. Have a great time in NL, and enjoy your time back home and your trek in Europe. I applaud you, keep on loving life! Hugs, Steve :)
date: 11:51 pm - Monday,September 12, 2005
name: Kathleen
comments: Thanks to Allison for being so generous in sharing all the interviews and cute photos and mp3s especially. Playboy Mommy, Independence Day, Shine A Light, Hallelujah - to name a few all done more than justice. xxxxx
date: 7:32 pm - Saturday,September 10, 2005
name: Mathieu
comments: Merci beaucoup pour ces mélodies enchanteresses... Je suis tombé sous le charme de cette voix inoubliable et ô combien adoucissante... A quand une tournée en France???
date: 11:18 am - Saturday,September 10, 2005
name: P J Smith
comments: I saw Allison on Breakfast Television this morning in Halifax and was amazed at the heart and soul she puts into her music ability. You are truly a talented artist and you pour so much energy and make your music come alive. Thank you for your appearance and I look forward to hearing more of your music. Take care and all the best to you. P Smith in Nova Scotia.
date: 11:13 am - Friday,September 9, 2005
name: Charlene Harse
comments: Hi Allison, we were thinking about you this evening and hoping you have had a wonderful summer. We keep listening and hope you join us here again in Alert Bay. All the best, Charlene Harse & Greg Haaland
date: 1:06 am - Tuesday,September 6, 2005
name: Linda Jelicks
comments: I found your music on's free downloads. The tracks are amazing. I would love to see you in the New York area. Maybe The Performing Arts Center at SUNY Purchase?
date: 11:03 am - Monday,August 22, 2005
name: Erik Mafmoos
date: 3:31 pm - Friday,August 19, 2005
name: Amy Dunstan
comments: I just heard your music on and I have ordered an album. There is real beauty in your voice and I love your Counting Crows cover. Hearing something new and exciting always makes me sit up and listen- but you just made my soul sing..Thankyou very much, and I look forward to seeing you when you visit sunny England. Keep doing what you were obviously born to do. Love and thanks, Amy Dunstanx
date: 5:13 pm - Thursday,August 18, 2005
name: Carey Richards
comments: Allison, I just listened to some of your new stuff, wow!!!!!! You are so amazing and God has blessed you with an amazing gift, so please keep sharing your music with the world! I am from Nanaimo myself and I remember the first time you were on the radio, and you talked about eating disorders and such to introduce "Disease", I still listen to your 3 song demo all the time!! I bought Tidings when I came home for Christmas and I love it! I can't wait to buy your new CD, how exciting!!! I hope you make it big!!! I always appreciated your music and passion for your music! I hope to see you play live sometime soon!! Peace and Blessings! Carey Richards
date: 8:38 pm - Sunday,August 14, 2005
name: Deanna
comments: Hey Guys! Can't wait until you come to Ontario in September. I'm so excited :) I was just looking around your site, and I love how much you have on here... all the music clips are awesome, you've done a great job on everything (and I love the Tori covers... she's hard to do...). See you guys soon!
date: 5:26 pm - Sunday,August 7, 2005
name: Erik Mafmoos
date: 2:00 pm - Sunday,August 7, 2005
name: Christine
comments: Wow! You are a remarkable artist Allison. I had the pleasure of being at your performance in the bandroom in Ucluelet awhile ago and would certainly love to see you come back to our small town. You made us laugh, smile and cry with your beautiful music. Thank you , thank you, thank you...
date: 1:05 am - Friday,August 5, 2005
name: hi
comments: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
date: 3:55 am - Wednesday,July 27, 2005
name: hey now
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date: 6:47 am - Monday,July 25, 2005
name: udolive
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date: 4:38 pm - Friday,July 15, 2005

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