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name: Kate Ricketts
comments: Just a quick note to say that I have only recently started listening to Allison Crowe, and love her voice, so if you are able to keep me posted on any tour dates etc.. I would appreciate it. Many thanks Kate
date: 7:19 am - Monday,July 11, 2005
name: Nick
comments: Well, it was the most pleasant surprise. Trawling for mp3s I was just about to call it quits when a link took me to How come I've never heard this amazing voice before? And not a single record store in Stockholm knows about Allison Crowe. Do come to Stockholm on your European tour, will you?
date: 6:44 pm - Sunday,July 3, 2005
name: HeAtHeR
comments: I just wanted to say Thank-You for the cd. It's amazing and I also love the song Pray for Rain,it's so beautiful and powerful. Just like you!!! Hailey says thanks she listens to the cd with headphones and sings along and then when you are talking to the audience she talks to you like you can hear her.It's cute!! Ok,happy summer and say hi to adrian!!! :) :)
date: 4:29 pm - Thursday,June 30, 2005
name: Paullina Mills
comments: Allison, I love your music! when I hear you sing "Angel" I had goose bumps, and I cried because i was so moved. Thank-you for making music!
date: 3:22 am - Tuesday,June 28, 2005
name: Diana
comments: Hi..! I like your music and your voice so much! Please, come to Hungary once...!;-)
date: 6:42 pm - Friday,June 24, 2005
name: Myke Crowe
comments: Keep Up The Good Work Cuz!!! Mykee
date: 4:52 am - Thursday,June 23, 2005
name: Deborah
comments: We would love to see you come to the Niagara Region in Ontario. THe new Niagara casino has a wonderful new concert hall. Regards Deborah
date: 5:21 pm - Wednesday,June 22, 2005
name: Heather
comments: Hey Allison,can't wait for your new cd... Previewed a little very excited! Happy Summer Solstice!! Bye bye
date: 4:01 pm - Wednesday,June 22, 2005
name: sheila
comments: Red Earth is the Guide of the Day, effecting Outcome. Blue Hand is the Antipode of the Day, the Challenging focus. (Spectral) Red Earth is the Seal of the Day, Destiny. White Wind is the Analog of the Day, the Like-Minded power. Yellow Seed is the Occult of the Day, the Hidden power. Red Spectral Earth Red Eastern Castle of Turning Earth family- Core Clan- Sky I dissolve in order to evolve Releasing synchronicity I seal the matrix of navigation With the spectral tone of liberation I am guided by my own power doubled Thank you for playing Denman Island and sharing your soul song...your always welcome here..this is your mayan birthchart
date: 1:55 am - Sunday,June 12, 2005
name: Robert Manchester
comments: Incredible. I think she could bring a tear to my eye by singing the damn phonebook. Proof that genius and talent do exist in nature.
date: 10:05 am - Friday,June 10, 2005
name: Robert Manchester
comments: Incredible. I think she could bring a tear to my eye by singing the damn phonebook. Proof that genius and talent do exist in nature.
date: 10:05 am - Friday,June 10, 2005
name: Daniel Mahiques
comments: Hi, I'm writting from Valencia, Spain. Here your music is not very known, but I hope this situation will change and we can buy your cds in shops, and not only by internet. I have to tell that I like so much your songs, specially your lirics, I think them are greats, although is dificult to me understand some of them, because my english isn't as good as I want. I only want to encourage you to continue writing new songs, because there is people who love your music. Kisses from Spain, bye.
date: 1:44 pm - Monday,May 30, 2005
name: Melanie
comments: Hi, its your old friend from Texas. Hows it going? Me? I'm just sitting here with my friend Emily exposing her to the excellence that is Allison Crowe. Hope all is well in Canada. And, again.... When are you coming to Texas? You are aware that I will occasionally ask this every time I talk to you, right? lol Anywho... rock on, sister lou. ~Melanie
date: 1:31 am - Friday,April 22, 2005
name: Mindy
comments: Allison is wonderful! I really enjoyed listening to her music.
date: 0:23 am - Wednesday,April 20, 2005
name: Stephen Thomas
comments: Just stumbled across Allison, and am quite frankly stunned that she's stayed hidden from my ears so long! An unusually different voice, that is not only original, but truly beautiful.
date: 10:19 am - Saturday,April 9, 2005
name: Leann
comments: You inquired about Lisassong. It echoed in heart. You have supported from heart.
date: 10:30 am - Thursday,March 31, 2005
name: Richard
comments: Can anyone tell me where I can download 'Let It Be'? Cheers
date: 2:07 pm - Tuesday,March 29, 2005
name: Shawn Wells
comments: Just wanted to say hello and to say thanks for the music! And thank you for the stuff you sent in the mail to me. Totally unexpected but very appreciated. Sorry for not saying thanks to you sooner. But I'm saying it now and I guess better late than never. I'm still blown away by that surprise. Very unexpected but amazing. Thank you again so much!!
date: 4:50 pm - Friday,March 25, 2005
name: Adrienne Seel
comments: I just wanted to let you know that your rendition of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" is my favorite
date: 3:33 pm - Thursday,March 24, 2005
name: Susie
comments: CBC played one of your Christams tunes and I was blown away (again). I first saw you in Vancouver with Veda. I'm glad you are still singing and recording. If you make it out towards Montreal, there will be at least 2 fans ready and excited. I'm sure that it would be easy to garner many many more here.
date: 7:10 pm - Monday,February 28, 2005

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