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name: Amanda
comments: hey, i found your music on!! thank you for making music like this! it's refreshing...
date: 10:26 pm - Sunday,February 27, 2005
name: Robbie and Dan
comments: To our most respected Lady! Was gratefully introduced to Allison Crowe on Vikki Gabereau while we were living in Vancouver/Victoria. Thanks to the exposure on her show many years ago we have filled our room with your voice dozens of times, most of those moments bringing us to tears. We appreciate your talent, and introduce your voice to friends we meet along the way. Please keep on filling our hearts with your sweet songs! Now we are living in the UK, it will mean the world to us to see you perform here in Brighton. Until then we will continue following your career through the web, and look forward to many more releases. All the best Robbie and Dan xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
date: 3:26 pm - Friday,February 11, 2005
name: kristin
comments: I just recently discover your music. It is awesome and your voice is beautiful. You need to come to Iowa. Preferably Des Moines or Ames.
date: 11:22 pm - Thursday,February 10, 2005
name: Jon Morris
comments: I was looking for a copy of Hallelujah on the net and stumbled across a message board where you manager had mentioned the mp3 on your site. I found your site of course and with tears in my eyes I want to tell you thank you! That is one of the most beautiful recordings of one of the most beautiful songs ever written. Hope you make it down this way some time Good Luck! -Jon Morris Dallas TX
date: 1:52 pm - Wednesday,February 9, 2005
name: Kristina
comments: Allison your music is awesome! I love listening to it and singing with it!
date: 2:57 pm - Friday,February 4, 2005
name: fish
comments: What a beautiful voice! Oh beautiful! I love your songs Allison! :-)
date: 2:54 pm - Thursday,February 3, 2005
name: john hofmeister
comments: I've not taken such joy from a voice in a long, long time. thank you.
date: 2:42 pm - Friday,January 14, 2005
name: zhuray
comments: diy
date: 3:14 am - Thursday,January 13, 2005
name: Gem
comments: Hey Allison! Just wanted to drop you a line from hartland...once again I commend you on an amazing show!! thanks for letting me sing haha it was an honor! I listened to your CD all over christmas and I'm sure that I'll pick it up even in the heat of the summer months to come!! Anyway! have a wonderful day and year and future!
date: 3:55 pm - Monday,January 10, 2005
name: fatima almeida
comments: Hey Allison, I love your songs and you musical mind. But, unfortunatelly, ENglish isn't my first language so I'd like to ask the lyrics of your songs on your website... Thanks Fátima
date: 7:42 pm - Saturday,January 1, 2005
name: Adrian
comments: Hi Nicky! Thanks so much for asking! You can find Tidings in Nanaimo at Fascinating Rhythms or Lobelia's Lair, both of which are downtown. I hope that helps!! Happy Holidays! :o)
date: 8:10 pm - Sunday,December 26, 2004
name: nickyballistic
comments: hello all, lookin for the tidings album in nanaimo. any tips ?
date: 5:50 pm - Sunday,December 26, 2004
name: Alix
comments: OMG... I saw you on t.v. and I was completely blown away. You have an extraordinary talent and an amazing gift that you can use. You are probably the best singer I have ever heard. Your version of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah gave me chills and it was just awesome. I just bought your c.d. and can't wait for it to arrive. Good luck in your career! Happy Holidays!
date: 5:23 pm - Friday,December 24, 2004
name: Ian
comments: Allison, Your version of 'Hallelujah' is one of the best songs I have heard in my life... That is my favourite song and you made it even better!It gave me the chills hearing it. Thank you so much for sharing your talented voice for all to hear! Happy Holidays
date: 2:12 pm - Wednesday,December 22, 2004
name: Matt
comments: Heyz!, I saw your special tidings and loved your voice so quickly wrote your name down and here I am at your site. keep up the great work.
date: 9:23 am - Wednesday,December 22, 2004
name: laura
comments: I am from a small town in ontario called Coboconk and saw Allison on tv last night. What a beautiful voice!! Keep up the great work and I added one more thing to my Xmas list(your Tidings CD)!!! Merry Christmas
date: 9:02 am - Wednesday,December 22, 2004
name: Lindsay Anne
comments: Dear Allison, I have just watched the Tidings special on our local station with my mom and grandfather. I just had to let you know that I adore your talent. I started watching half way through. You were singing Angel. I was hooked then. Two winters ago I sang that song at a Christmas concert my voice teacher hosted, but you sung much better than I ever could. Thank you very much for sharing your talent. Have a safe and happy holiday season, and all the best to you in the future. I would love to see you perform one day, I will sing along with you if I ever get the chance...code word if you every read this was Jessie my grandmother who past away two winters ago. You may know who I am than, I'm not some stranger I am your newest fan! Thank you very much Lindsay Anne
date: 11:39 pm - Tuesday,December 21, 2004
name: Kim
comments: I heard your version of Halleleugha (sp ?) and it brought chills. Thanks
date: 3:58 pm - Saturday,December 18, 2004
name: Kim
comments: I heard your version of Halleleugha (sp ?) and it brought chills. Thanks
date: 3:58 pm - Saturday,December 18, 2004
name: Adrian
comments: Season's greetings! Sooooo many people are writing to ask me where they can find Tidings, here's some info: in Victoria, it's at Lyle's Place, in Sidney, B.C., you can find it at Mainly Music; in Nanaimo, B.C. you can go to Fascinating Rhythm and Lobelia's Lair (and tomorrow, Saturday, Allison will be at Music World with home-baked cookies!); and there's more stores with Alley's music ( : In theory, her CDs should be available everywhere in Canada, but, if the stores you like are sold out, or don't have it for any reason, please email me - - and, if there's ANY thing I can do to help you, I will ( : cheers, Adrian
date: 1:12 am - Saturday,December 18, 2004

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