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name: milarosa
comments: Just caught the Tidings special on the New VI as I was flipping through the channels. I had a choice between Allison's amazing music or Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Absolutely no contest!!! Allison's voice just blew me away!!! I know what I'll be getting myself for Christmas this year!
date: 1:08 am - Saturday,December 18, 2004
name: Erica
comments: Wow! I think Allison is so wonderful! She is such an inspiring person to people like me who are trying to become singers like her. She composes her own music and I think that is so cool and I would love to be just like her. My sister, Nana and I just watched her Tiding's show on the New VI and Wow! She has such a wonderful voice and I think she is the best. I am going out to be buy her cd A.S.A.P. Love you Allison...I'll come back later and write you a little note!
date: 0:16 am - Saturday,December 18, 2004
name: Alana
comments: Allie!!! Hayley and I will be at your concert tomorrow and we'll be helping out if Adrian hasent told you yet =). well good luck and i'll see you tomorrow:D
date: 11:56 pm - Friday,December 17, 2004
name: Hayley
comments: Hey Allison! Good luck at rutherford mall I'll be there to watch :)
date: 10:02 pm - Thursday,December 16, 2004
name: Briana
comments: Great website. I loved the pictures. The picture on your cd cover was taken in Departure Bay :) I had fun singing at the Nanaimo concert it was so fun! I hope to do it again
date: 5:36 pm - Sunday,December 12, 2004
name: Rob Craig
comments: Why has it taken me this long to find out about Allison? What a great voice!
date: 8:06 am - Thursday,December 9, 2004
name: Sue McKay
comments: should try playing at the Centre for the Performing Arts at Brock University in St. Catharines, Ont. The theatre has spectacular acoustics and the piano is apparently a dream to play. I think I met you about 4 years ago in Nanaimo with Tim Bollans...either that or there's another Allison Crowe from Nanaimo! Regardless, I love your voice and your music.
date: 9:36 pm - Wednesday,December 8, 2004
name: Angel Edwards
comments: lovely voice good luck to you i have a plethora of original music are you interested? thanks
date: 1:43 pm - Wednesday,December 8, 2004
name: Carey Ditmars
comments: Dear Alison, Thank you for your performance at the huron Carol tonight. Your singing is proud, fierce and intelligent. I wish you good luck, ample reward for your effort and lots of good health and oppportunities to sing. Sincerely, Carey Ditmars
date: 2:09 am - Monday,December 6, 2004
name: Sandi 13 : )
comments: Allison, I just downloaded your interpretation of Throw Your Arms Around Me and girl I just gotta say WOW. Will you sing that at my wedding? Not that I am getting married or anything but WOW! Good stuff. Hope all is well with you, Allison... & Gang! Sandi in Bellingham!
date: 9:39 pm - Monday,November 29, 2004
name: Aunty Brenda
comments: Hey Alison,I wish a very Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year. Keep the star shinning in the sky......look forward to the new Year News 2005 with your new songs and newsletters hon. love Aunty Brenda
date: 3:57 pm - Monday,November 29, 2004
name: Susie M. Herold
comments: Increadiably wonderful voice and talent. Loved every minute, and I'm a 62 year old female.
date: 10:02 pm - Saturday,November 27, 2004
name: Paul Wickline
comments: Just discovered this artist (via AMAZON freebie downloads.) What a VOICE! I downloaded several of Alison's songs and put them on my portable mp3 player...went for a run and had to stop to catch my breath! Not because I am out of shape, but because of this young woman's voice. I now know what to buy friends (and myself!) for Christmas! I can't wait to catch a concert sometime! WOW. What a voice and what an interpreter. I absolutely love this version of Hallelujah.
date: 6:58 pm - Saturday,November 27, 2004
name: Hjalti Gustavsson
comments: All the best from the land of BJORK. Greetings from Iceland. Hjalti
date: 8:36 am - Tuesday,November 23, 2004
name: John B
comments: Just want to say your version of Hallelujah is my favourite version of one of my favourite songs. And given the other versions I know are by Leonard Cohen, John Cale and k d lang, that's praise indeed! P.S. Lovely website.
date: 5:41 pm - Monday,November 22, 2004
name: Judith Yost/Carmen-FOP
comments: Happy Birthday Ally!! I forgot my password for your message board so am sending B-D wishes this dorky way! Hope you had a great day! Check out your wishes on FOP! Love ya, Carmen
date: 6:04 am - Wednesday,November 17, 2004
name: Lindsay
date: 5:43 pm - Tuesday,November 16, 2004
name: Jean
comments: Like Joe I was also scouting for "Hallelujah" covers. Yours is THE best I've found. Intense and passionate and just on the right side of overwrought.
date: 1:21 am - Monday,November 15, 2004
name: Joe
comments: Hi there I was looking for versions of L Cohen's Hallelujah. Yours was one of the best, thanks.
date: 10:47 pm - Thursday,November 11, 2004
name: Adrian (Allisons manager)
comments: Hi Jennifer ~ and everyone ( : Thanks so much for all your kind comments. Allison appreciates your support, hugely, and is inspired that her music reaches you. As for the question(s) about finding CDs - I've just updated Alley's website, to make it easier to know where to find CDs. Check the "Shop" section of the site. And, in Canada, all music stores can now order Allison's CDs through Festival Distribution. Internationally, we have a group of online etailers. And, should you still need help, email me any time c/o peace & cheers, Ad
date: 6:53 pm - Saturday,November 6, 2004

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