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comments: ya know i have been looking for you allison its me timekeeper from ppc
date: 4:00 pm - Wednesday,October 13, 2004
name: Terry Wheeler
comments: Loved your concert at "The Staircase" on Sunday. Very refreshing stuff.
date: 1:44 am - Tuesday,October 12, 2004
name: Rohan
comments: I've been a fan since I first happened across Alley on TV last December (2003), and am finally writing something here, now that I've heard Alley live!!! (At the Staircase Cafe Theatre in Hamilton, Ontario, last night.) Once again I was blown away. I and all the other fans are so lucky. I'm *particularly* lucky though because I'll also be at the Toronto show in three days! Alley, thanks for adding such excitement to my life.
date: 9:54 pm - Monday,October 11, 2004
name: Marilyn Bob Puff
comments: Hi Allison, We heard you preform in Kamloops and since we are visiting our sons in Ottawa, we hoped to see you again. Sorry to hear you "lost your voice". Hope you are getting well quickly and easily. We so enjoyed your preformance and your voice, keep going and we'll keep "singing your praises" Love Bob and Marilyn
date: 8:50 pm - Wednesday,October 6, 2004
name: Feaneefoo
comments: hey there chica :) I had a dream last night that we met randomly at some camp during the course of your tour. It was nice and sunny and I was, of course, happy to see you :) We talked about the beginning of your tour and we proceeded to walk around the camp. Actually, in the dream we went to meet Steve at the bathroom and we talked more about the latest touring events. Speaking of which, your mums says that you have laryngitis--BOOOURRRNS!!! I'll drink some extra cups of tea just for thee :) <<hug>> oh, and I just sent you a hug. Anywho, I wrote you an email, but Im not too sure if you got it. Hence the guestbook signing...which I must say is full of some great complimentos :) EXCELLENTE!!!! GET RICH QUICK...I mean GET BETTER QUICK SCHEME...I mean no scheme...just get better NOW..scheme? I love you lots and wishing you the best...~~~heal Larynx HEAL!!!!! Hi steve :) chao!
date: 4:17 am - Tuesday,October 5, 2004
name: Deidre Kelly
comments: Hi Allison! Just writing to let you know how much I enjoyed your performance in the Art Gallery at Confederation Centre last Monday. I confess that I have already listened to your Christmas CD, even though it was only September! Thanks for a great evening, Deidre Kelly
date: 4:59 pm - Friday,October 1, 2004
name: Joanne C
comments: Hi, Ally. Congrats on your very successful tour. I also enjoyed reading through some of the comments appearing in your guestbook. "Wow" is all I can say! We look forward to celebrating with you when you return home. Hope you're taking lots of video.
date: 12:17 am - Friday,October 1, 2004
name: Erica B.
comments: Heard you during your Friday taping for BT. Your voice gave me chills. Went out that night and bought your cd. It hasn't left my side since. Keep doing what you're doing. You have an amazing gift.
date: 2:23 pm - Monday,September 27, 2004
name: molly
comments: I saw Allison at the Music Room last night in Halifax, N.S. She put on a superb show! Can't wait until she comes back to visit us again! Sincerely, A.C.'s newest fan!
date: 1:11 pm - Sunday,September 26, 2004
name: Randy Ross
comments: Thanks for the great performance in Hartland on Sept 23rd. It was a true pleasure.
date: 7:32 am - Friday,September 24, 2004

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