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name: Cheryl
comments: Hey Allison! Just thought I would send some happy thoughts your way as you start your tour out East. Looking forward to hearing about your adventures when you return :)
date: 11:12 pm - Thursday,September 23, 2004
name: Reena
comments: Darryl - Most songs, nowadays, are 4-6 minutes in length and edited down for radio. I'm sure if Alley sees fit to change her songs for the sake of commericial interest, and has the time and other necessary resources, it'll be done. :o)
date: 0:38 am - Saturday,September 18, 2004
name: Darryl Jenkins
comments: You've got the stuff! Take it all the way, -- just one thing... The songs are too long. (5-6 minutes) If you want RADIO air play... Get to the chorus! Your losing listeners, leave them wanting more. Too much of good thing, is NOT a good thing. Ex -your cover of "Imagine"(--amazing) 3.11 min long --the structure of that song is perfect. But if John had gone on and on with the first Verse, it wouldn't be as powerful or capitvating. Good Luck
date: 11:42 am - Thursday,September 16, 2004
name: Marissa
comments: Hi, Allison! I love your music and the site too!. Thank you for making such wonderful, passionate and honest music!. I just purchased your CD and I can't wait for it to arrive!. Your songs are beautiful and sung with an honesty that is rare!.
date: 9:45 pm - Thursday,September 9, 2004
name: Bill Campbell
comments: After hearing parts of the Secrets album over the net, I am definitely getting tickets for the concert at The Music Room in Hfx amd a CD or two no doubt.
date: 10:59 pm - Wednesday,September 8, 2004
name: Aunty B
comments: Hi! Movies go girl go Alison you took yourself to the top, and lady you can do anything your heart tells ya. You believed in yourself and life gave you a gift, thanks for sharing it with us. Congratulations as life keeps getting better all the time. Love ya, and a kiss on the cheek. Aunty B.
date: 3:03 am - Wednesday,September 1, 2004
name: Nevski
comments: Great Site, should hollar at me sometime Allison, and I will hook you up with some production free of charge. Great voice on you girl, sing your head off :D - Nevski
date: 4:07 pm - Friday,August 27, 2004
name: Del
comments: Goodmorning Alley. There are a lot of folks here in the east(both USA and Canada)looking forward to your tour...sounds like the venues are being arranged so yay for you guys.
date: 8:30 am - Sunday,August 22, 2004
name: Mac
comments: We can't wait to see you in Sudbury!!! Congrats on all your recent musical successes!
date: 6:16 pm - Tuesday,August 17, 2004
name: Alana
comments: Wow allie. Its soo cool to hear so many people like your singing. Im not saying its bad but i think its soo cool to have people know who you are and like you. I love your CD ad Hayley and I have to come and have some tea again with Adrian! xoxo Alana (P.S. when are you releasing your CD?)
date: 11:57 pm - Thursday,August 5, 2004

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