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name: Brian Davidson
comments: WOW...I'm speechless. You know how it is when you hear a really great artist for the first time and it feels like you discovered something special that no one else knows about? I just heard you for the first time when I downloaded "Hallelujah" on Amazon. I can't believe the beauty in your voice. It's simply ethereal. Thanks for sharing that with the world. God bless.
date: 11:12 pm - Thursday,August 5, 2004
name: Brenda veasey
comments: Hey, beautiful lady love how you keep that inspiration going inside and share with the world music like no other. Love ya Ally, we are lucky to have such a great tallent in music that can trully lift, or move our spirts in every song you have sang. Love Aunty Brenda
date: 3:34 am - Thursday,July 29, 2004
name: Casi
comments: Hi Allison... I got Sercets and Tidings and I love them both... esp. the sercet song on Sercets... the one at the end of the album although Sercets(that arent mine own) is also very awesome... On Tidings I love Angel!! To me its much better than Sarah's!! :) Thank you so much!! xoxo Casi
date: 10:38 pm - Sunday,July 18, 2004
name: Jason V. Stitt
comments: I just discovered your voice tonight. You are amazing and I am now looking forward to purchasing your album. I hope that you will come to Cincinnati on tour.
date: 11:39 pm - Saturday,July 17, 2004
name: Lindsay (Chenzohs dauhter)
comments: Hey Allison and Band You guys rock! You are my favorite band in the world and it keeps on getting better! Even my 6 year old brother know all of the words to almost all of your songs! I really hope that you guys come to Windsor (like my dad said in the email that he sent you "I would sit on the ground to hear you play live")!!! Lindsay
date: 3:02 pm - Monday,July 5, 2004
name: SadWings51
comments: Allison-just found out about you while doing a Google search for Bardic records....looking for some negative vibe to show that someone was lured into the studio and then asked to change their were more courageous than others & said so long to these greedy people who think they know more than the artist...I am not familiar with your work but will now buy it based on your principles...check out and you will see what happened to my favorite group who thought Bardic was going to record their 2nd cd...not they've been dropped from the artist's list but will not be released from their contract...with no tour support they are going on the road to play for the fans...I've passed your website on to the BNS fans so they can see what a great testimony you are to not compromising your music for a greedy indie label!!!
date: 9:13 am - Monday,July 5, 2004
name: Angie
comments: I would LOVE to see Allison play in or around Madison, WI. She's got a fantastic voice!
date: 0:08 am - Tuesday,June 22, 2004
name: Allison Crowe
comments: My name is Allison Crowe too! haha
date: 4:07 pm - Friday,May 28, 2004
name: Alana
comments: Hey Im Alana and Im the girl who walked down to your house on Sunday(victoria Day) with my friend hayley. I just wanted to say thanks for talking with me and one time maybe I could hear you play. Well thanks again!
date: 7:38 pm - Monday,May 24, 2004
name: Alana
comments: Hey Im Alana and Im the girl who walked down to your house on Sunday(victoria Day) with my friend hayley. I just wanted to say thanks for talking with me and one time maybe I could hear you play. Well thanks again!
date: 7:37 pm - Monday,May 24, 2004
name: Rebecca
comments: Hi Allison, I hope you come and do a tour so that you can visit me in Toronto! I REALLY MISS YOU! Love Rebecca :)
date: 12:32 am - Friday,May 21, 2004
name: Erik
comments: Hey Allison & band. It was so great hearing you guys on the radio. You're finally getting the attention you deserve. Letting me work for you back in the 4:20 Council days really kickstarted my career too, so thanks. Keep making us Nanaimoites proud, Erik
date: 4:52 pm - Friday,May 14, 2004
name: Hayley Blakemore
comments: I'm ur number one fan! ur the best! I love you so much! I know everything about you, you're awesome! Luv Hayley
date: 0:44 am - Tuesday,May 4, 2004
name: Hayley
comments: Allison Crowe, U rock! yay! ur better than any of the singers in the world!
date: 0:36 am - Tuesday,May 4, 2004
name: Ashleigh
comments: Hey Allison, I'd love it if you came to Calgary, AB. Make the trip, please! Thanks, Ashleigh
date: 6:31 pm - Monday,May 3, 2004
name: Paul Capstick
comments: I and some other friends from online like bp fom merlin yeti nancy etc knew allison when she use to chat in chat room way back last century. Course I was in my late 20's then and allison was 17 18 19. Now she is becomimng a famous singer and I m still chatting to 17 18 19 yr olds and they still don;'t liek me Oh well Good to see your doing well allison from al the gane in your old chat haunts. If you come to nova scotia play the savoy in Glace Bay...befriend rita mcniel get on one of her specials;) and I want free tickets I'm in college now I am so broke ....It is so sad I may cry :) Great website
date: 10:50 am - Thursday,April 29, 2004
name: cathy davis
comments: Awesome website Great pictures and lots of information. GO GIRL
date: 8:51 pm - Tuesday,April 20, 2004
name: Kristen
comments: hehehehe i love you :) and not in a homosexual way........not that there's anything wrong with that. love kristen
date: 11:57 pm - Tuesday,April 13, 2004
name: Hayley
comments: You are the best singer in the world! BRAVO! BRAVO!
date: 11:55 am - Sunday,April 11, 2004
name: Lauren Strachan
comments: Hey Alli, you're wonderful and I miss ya lots :)
date: 1:45 am - Saturday,April 3, 2004

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