Allison Crowe covers Tori Amos

 Allison Crowe: Some Time in New York CityAllison Crowe's greatly inspired in her life and her career as a singer-songwriter by Tori Amos. In one interview, Alley has referred to Tori as "the goddess incarnate". In February 2003, The Dent website, (serving the Toriphile community for nine years now), kindly posted a link to an mp3 version of Allison's live performance of Tori's song, Playboy Mommy. Alley's website has been redesigned a few times over since then, but, the link is still alive, and, Alley's covers of other Tori (or Tori-associated) songs are now available here as well. Sarah Wheeler, a singer-songwriter from California, USA, has created Strange Little Covers as a special home for Tori covers by a whole range of artists. Allison is delighted to have her covers join others in tribute to Tori Amos at SLC. Be sure to walk your ears over!

NB Strange Little Covers site has been retired - after some great years! Thanks Sarah!

<a href="">Playboy Mommy by Allison Crowe</a>  

<a href="">1000 Oceans (Tori Amos) by Allison Crowe</a>  

<a href="">Josephine (Tori Amos) by Allison Crowe</a>  

<a href="">Northern Lad (Tori Amos) by Allison Crowe</a>

<a href="">Doughnut Song (Tori Amos) by Allison Crowe</a>  

<a href="">Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana) by Allison Crowe</a>  


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