secretssecrets  Allison Crowe recorded this solo, singer-songwriter, album in 2004. First setting up a home studio, Allison engineered and assisted with production (alongside Rainer Willeke of Canadian r'n'b combo, Soul Station). Allison performs all vocals (lead and harmonies), plays piano, guitar, keyboards and added percussive 'thumps' to the collection. Secrets contains a mix of tunes from Allison's "band days" (some of which are radically redefined), freshly-penned songs, and a couple of choice picks from other artists: Counting Crows' brooding "Raining in Baltimore" ~ the first song Allison performed when she launched her career as a singer-songwriter; and "Joan of Arc", a shining exemplar of Leonard Cohen's poetic brilliance. Guest artists contributing to Secrets are: Del Crowe (guitar); Jo Lundstrom (accordion); Eric Reiswig (Uilleann pipes); and Rainer Willeke (tambourine).   ****REVIEWS****

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Track Title Length Music/Lyrics
1 How Long
(Allison Crowe ~ Sambuca Music)
3:53  How Long performed by Allison Crowe   How Long lyrics
2 Raining In Baltimore
(Steve Bowman, David Bryson, Adam Duritz, Charlie Gillingham, Dave Immergluck, Matt Malley ~ Jones Falls Music)
4:50  Raining in Baltimore performed by Allison Crowe - Amazon sample   Raining In Baltimore lyrics
3 Philosophy
(Allison Crowe ~ Sambuca Music)
5:24   Philosophy performed by Allison Crowe   Philosophy lyrics
4 Midnight
(Allison Crowe ~ Sambuca Music)
3:53   Midnight performed by Allison Crowe   Midnight lyrics
5 Immersed
(Allison Crowe ~ Sambuca Music)
4:15  Immersed performed by Allison Crowe   Immersed lyrics
6 Secrets (That Aren't My Own)
(Allison Crowe ~ Sambuca Music)
6:22   Secrets performed by Allison Crowe   Secrets lyrics
7 Montreal
(Allison Crowe ~ Sambuca Music)
4:26  Montreal performed by Allison Crowe    Montreal lyrics
8 Sea of a Million Faces
(Allison Crowe ~ Sambuca Music)
3:12  Sea of a Million Faces performed by Allison Crowe    Sea of A Million Faces lyrics
9 What About You
(Allison Crowe ~ Sambuca Music)
4:53  What About You performed by Allison Crowe    What About You lyrics
10 Joan of Arc
(Leonard Cohen ~ Leonard Cohen Stranger Music Inc.)
4:51  Joan of Arc performed by Allison Crowe - Amazon sample    Joan of Arc lyrics
11 Whether I'm Wrong (live)
(Allison Crowe ~ Sambuca Music)

Whether I'm Wrong - live video

6:44 Whether I'm Wrong performed by Allison Crowe    Whether I'm Wrong lyrics

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