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Open Minds Open WindowsOpen Minds Open Windows: Songwriters Stories A rare recording of "Fade Away", the first song written by Allison Crowe, is on this benefit compilation (released November 27, 2003).  This track was recorded in Spring 2002, with Producer Larry Anschell (Pearl Jam, Paul Rodgers, Sarah McLachlan) joining the trio on guitar. It's one of 17 tracks contributed to this CD project by a "who's who of West Coast musicians" (which includes Joelle Rabu, Valdy, Jim Byrnes, Powder Blues and many others). Open Minds Open Windows (OMOW) is a newly-formed Canadian charity dedicated to making a difference in the way society views mental illness. OMOW's mission is to reduce the stigma and prejudice surrounding people with mental health issues. In February 2008, Allison Crowe returned to Nanaimo, Canada to perform as part of OMOW's Fifth Anniversary celebration.

(Below is Fade Away as heard on the "Lisa's Song + 6 Songs" CD)

<a href="">Fade Away by Allison Crowe</a>

Fade Away lyrics as performed by Allison Crowe

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