Lisa's Song + 6 Songs:

 Lisa's Song+ 6 Songs Lisa's Song+ 6 Songs  The first track on this disc was recorded live-off-the-floor, in April 2003, by Rick Erickson of Seacoast Sound in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. The six songs that follow "Lisa's Song" were recorded live-off-the-floor one afternoon on analog tape by Engineer and Producer Larry Anschell, at his Turtle Studios in White Rock, B.C. Allison Crowe and bandmates, Dave Baird (bass), Kevin Clevette (drums), stopped into Turtle while on their way to perform in Seattle, Washington, USA for "Jammers" - fans of Pearl Jam converging from all across America and the world. The essential truth of the trio's July 2001 session  is captured in these live, raw, grooves. 

Please visit Lisa's Page to learn about Lisa Marie Young, the inspiration for the title song.

(NB two, earlier, EPs still in circulation, do not contain Lisa's Song ~ these recordings are titled 6 Songs, and, also, 6 Songs+  All three EP CDs contain songs 2 through 7 as listed below. )   ****REVIEWS****

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 Track Title  Length     Music/Lyrics
1 Lisa's Song
(Allison Crowe ~ Sambuca Music)

Lisa's Song - live-on-tv video

4:17  Lisa's Song performed by Allison Crowe  Lisa's Song lyrics
2 Fade Away
(Allison Crowe ~ Sambuca Music)
4:12  Fade Away performed by Allison Crowe   Fade Away lyrics
3 Midnight
(Allison Crowe ~ Sambuca Music)
3:17 Midnight performed by Allison Crowe    Midnight lyrics
4  Crayon and Ink
(Allison Crowe ~ Sambuca Music)

Crayon and Ink - live-on-tv video

4:40 Crayon and Ink performed by Allison Crowe   Crayon and Ink lyrics
5 Dark Blue
(Allison Crowe ~ Sambuca Music)
3:52 Dark Blue performed by Allison Crowe   Dark Blue lyrics
6 Scared
(Allison Crowe ~ Sambuca Music)

Scared - music video

4:31 Scared performed by Allison Crowe   Scared lyrics
7 Philosophy
(Allison Crowe ~ Sambuca Music)
4:07 Philosophy performed by Allison Crowe   Philosophy lyrics

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